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An Investment Advisor warns that it’s a mistake to ignore crypto assets, and predicts that Cryptocurrencies will outperform Equities

Blueprint Capital Advisors CEO Jacob Walthour believes it is a mistake not to consider crypto an asset class. He predicts that crypto will outperform equity in the near future.

An Investment Advisor Expects Crypto To Outperform Equities
Blueprint Capital Advisors CEO Jacob Walthour spoke to CNBC Wednesday about his outlook on the equity and crypto markets. Walthour has more 25 years experience in capital markets, traditional asset management, and other investment strategies.

He said, “At this point, we need to look back at how it all began.” When we look back at our lives, we can see that we began buying things with cash. Then someone suggested using checks. Next, someone thought of plastics. Finally, someone thought of e-payments. The future of crypto, and the concept of a wallet in general, I believe is the use of cryptocurrency. That bodes well overall for crypto in terms of its adoption over the next five to 10years.

He stressed that cryptocurrency is accepted by many companies as a payment method and said:

It would be a mistake for this asset class to be ignored, which has been the wild west for the past five years.

He said: “But, if there is a stall on the U.S. Equity market and a rise of crypto, I think that the herd mentality might take over here, so you could see a lot more liquidity being shifted from stocks to cryptocurrencies.”

Walthour added that “if crypto outperforms equity it I think it legitimizes cryptocurrency as an asset class for diversification.”

Although he acknowledged that cryptocurrencies can fall further when stocks are sold off due to greater volatility, he stated: “I don’t believe that necessarily holds into the future.”

Given that crypto has experienced a lot of selling in the past quarter, I believe that it will outperform equities in 2022. in the future.

Are you in agreement with Walthour’s views? Comment below to let us know your thoughts.

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