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Brave integrated its own cryptocurrency wallet into its browser

Brave announced its new web browser includes a native cryptocurrency-wallet. This replaces the MetaMask wallet extensions. It will allow users to trade, buy, and store cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum. They can also track the price of coins and keep track of their sales.

Brave also states its built-in wallet will use fewer CPU resources than extension-based ones (like MetaMask), and be less vulnerable to phishing attempts to steal NFTs

The wallet appears to only work with Ethereum-based or Ethereum-based Blockchains (ones that allow EVM, such as Polygon or Layer 2 systems which make transactions much faster). You can’t currently buy other popular cryptocurrency from the wallet like Dogecoin and Bitcoin. However, you can still buy wrapped Bitcoin ,, which is basically an Ethereum token whose price is tied to Bitcoin’s. But hey, given that a lot of NFTs are stored on Ethereum, you can at least use Brave Wallet to store those. Brave claims that it is working on adding support for Bitcoins and other blockchains.

Brave’s homescreen contains several crypto links out of the box. It shouldn’t surprise that it has added a wallet.

Brave has been paying attention to the blockchain, and websites built on it, for quite a while. Years ago it started recommending that people install MetaMask if they found themselves on a website that could connect to the blockchain to provide extra functionality (usually related to payments). Brave now has built-in support to these Web3 sites or “dapps” (a portmanteau for “decentralized apps”), which is a term I hope never to hear spoken out loud. It also recently added support for the decentralized tech that some hope will prevent NFTs from disappearing if an image-hosting site goes down.

Brave says that the wallet feature will currently be limited to its desktop browser, but that it hopes to add it to its Android and iOS versions (though it notes that iPhone users likely won’t be able to use blockchain-based websites on release). It’s always possible Brave will run into trouble with Apple’s App Review, though the company currently doesn’t seem to be aggressively against crypto — MetaMask has an iOS app, and Tim Cook has said that he’s invested in cryptocurrency and called NFTs “interesting.”

Given that Brave has paid users in blockchain tokens since it launched (which, obviously, can be stored in the Brave Wallet), it makes sense that it’s adding more and more features for people interested in crypto. Brave users are likely to enjoy a crypto wallet based on its long-standing support for blockchain applications and currencies since launch.

Updated November 16th, 6: 05PM ET: Added information from Brave about future support for Bitcoin and non-Ethereum blockchains.

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