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Polish Ex-Head of Crypto Exchange Wex released

Dmitry Vasiliev was the former chief executive of Wex, a Russian cryptocurrency exchange. He was released from detention in Warsaw earlier this year. While he is still being prosecuted in Poland, the ex-head of the now defunct cryptocurrency trading platform Wex has returned to Russia.

Polish Court rejects extradition of Wex Executive from Kazakhstan
Dmitry Vasiliev was released by Polish authorities. He was once Russia’s biggest cryptocurrency exchange. The 34-year-old native of Belarus was detained at the Warsaw airport on Aug. 11, initially for a period of 40 days but he remained in custody for almost four months.

According to the Russian business news portal RBC, Vasiliev was allowed to leave Russia on December 7, and has since returned home to Russia. His Polish lawyer explained that although the court had dismissed Vasiliev’s extradition to Kazakhstan, it is still considering his case.

After $450 millions disappeared from accounts connected to the exchange, the former Wex executive was taken into custody. Gazeta Wyborcza in Poland claims that the exchange’s management was responsible for the disappearance of $450 million from accounts linked to it. This included money belonging to citizens of EU member countries, such as Poland.

Wex was launched in September of 2017. It is considered the successor to the well-known BTC-e exchange. Alexander Vinnik, a U.S. warrant holder, was detained in Greece and taken from the exchange’s activities.

American prosecutors claim that the Russian IT specialist was involved in laundering over $9 billion via BTC-e. France sentenced him to five years imprisonment last December. France’s judicial authorities rejected his extradition from Russia where he was implicated in other criminal acts.

Dmitry Vasiliev was also held in Italy in the summer of 2019,, following a request by Interpol to be released in connection with the criminal case in Kazakhstan against him. He is being wanted for fraud charges. In August, Vasiliev was released by the Italian authorities despite continuing criminal proceedings in several other countries, including Russia, Belarus, and China.

Reports revealed in September that 100 Ethereum had been withdrawn by a Wex wallet. This was the first move of the funds for three years. A few days later, the remaining 9 ,916 Ethereum, which was worth $30 millions, was transferred to a different address. The Russian interior ministry, MVD was charged in November with failing to respond to a request by victims of the exchange for its assets to be seized.

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