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Check Out The Top 10 Best Places To Buy NFT Art in 2022

Pak sold his digital art “Merge” at a staggering US$91.8 million. Beeple, another top NFT seller, has sold his artwork ‘Everyday – The First 5000 Days’ at US$69.3 million. Thus, it is easy to assess that the NFT art market is growing far faster than we imagine.

Thus, you might be interested in buying the NFT arts and owning them to sell and make a fortune in the future. But, where do you buy the NFT arts from safely and affordably? We will present the best place to buy NFT arts with an easy purchasing process.

The list will help you find the right NFT art marketplace from where you can buy your favorite digital artwork soon. We have looked at the user convenience, usability, security, and numbers of NFT present in all popular and reliable marketplaces to buy NFT artwork to create this list. So, it will be one heck of an addition to your database to purchase high-quality NFT artworks.

What is NFT Art?

NFT, as we know, stands for non-fungible tokens. But what is NFT art? Well, NFT art refers to any digital and virtual artwork, sports collectibles, celebrity’s special items, etc., that you can buy or sell using the Ethereum, blockchain, and Bitcoin platforms. The ownership of the NFT art is traceable using a digital certificate. Thus, NFT art is all about digital assets that range from valuable and memorable tweets to Instagram stories and many more.

It may even include virtual land, country, or gameplay maps. Thus, the non-fungible token art actually refers to anything you buy on the digital platform using cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum. It gives digital ownership of the item you buy.

The Best Marketplaces to Buy NFT Art: Top 10 Selections

You can mint NFT in any form. Similarly, it is possible to buy NFTs in any form, from sports collectibles to digital art or virtual asset traceable through the blockchain platform. Also, it gives a guaranteed royalty on the resale of the original artwork for the artists.

But where do you buy NFT artworks from with affordable pricing and security?

Don’t worry; we have mentioned the top 10 marketplaces to buy your favorite NFT arts in the following section. These marketplaces are easy to access, offer flexible fund transfers to pay for the artwork value, and ensure maximum security from hackers.


Foundation was established as an NFT platform and community for online NFT enthusiasts in 2021. So, it has hardly crossed one year, and yet, Foundation has found its place at number “1” in our list. And there are enough reasons to put it at the top of our best NFT art marketplace list.

The founders established the Foundation platform to offer a unique marketplace for the NFT artists to sell their arts at reasonable pricing. It is an invite-only community. However, it has different rules for NFT buyers.

You don’t need an invitation or sign-up process to buy non-fungible tokens from the Foundation. The community aims to connect and reduce the gap between culture, NFT artists, and the ever-growing crypto world to help both NFT sellers and buyers get their proper value and right NFT art, respectively.

First, you will need a Web.3 wallet. We recommend you sing MetaMask wallet as it offers quick and easy accessibility, flexible transaction, and premium security for each transaction.

When you enter the Foundation community, you can conveniently scroll through the limitless NFT artworks. Also, you can bid for your favorite artist-posted NFT artworks. What’s more, Foundation keeps the bidding process open for 24 hours. So, you can bid for the arts you want to buy in Foundation anytime.

But, that’s not all. The auction period will automatically extend for another if you bid for any NFT art during the last 15 minutes of its bidding time. That’s a unique benefit to the Foundation that makes it so popular within 1-year of its establishment.

The platform will transfer the artwork to your NFT wallet once you win any auction and pay the price for the NFT. Also, the artwork will be in your “Collector Profile” of Foundation.

However, Foundation isn’t a great marketplace for sellers as it only gives the NFT artist, aka, sales, only 85% of the actual price. It offers a 10% royalty for every sale, and so you may choose it for your NFT selling platform too. But that’s not something we will recommend since there are a few good-value NFT selling marketplaces out there.

Category: Digital art

Location: Los Angeles

Top benefits:

  •  The community-based marketplace is trendy and user-convenient
  • It has a Collector Profile where you can display your bought artworks
  • The auction remains open for 24 hours and is extendable for 15 minutes with last-minute bidding
  • It doesn’t need any additional sign up and is also pretty flexible


  • It will charge you a minimal processing fee for each purchase you make on the platform.


Although we have put SuperRare in the 2nd position of our list, it can easily go to the top and give Foundation unthinkable competition. It is a peer-to-peer marketplace. It means the buyers can directly contact the sellers. Also, SuperRare offers the most unique and rarest NFT arts you are looking for on the internet.

You can buy single-edition NFT arts in the marketplace. When you enter the SuperRare marketplace, you will find tiles of windows. It is quite similar to your Instagram profile. In the windows, you will find the following options:

  • Art
  • Listed pricing
  • Sale Price of the sold arts
  • Time of auction

The NFT marketplace has pretty high traffic and an excellent reputation among NFT sellers and buyers. What’s more, the marketplace has carefully selected uniquely curated NFT arts. The selection has all famous NFT artists and their arts. So, you will get almost limitless options to choose from for your favorite NFT arts. Also, you get that too within your budget.

Also, the NFT art marketplace is highly user-friendly. Its top advantages include an interactive social feed and an amazing editorial page. In fact, the editorial page includes statements from the top artists and their arts. So, scrawling through the marketplace feels like reading and browsing a classic online magazine.

Moreover, you will find the future auction times in a calendar. It enlists all the future exhibitions. So, you can prepare early and better for the possible auctions and bid for the exhibition.

The transaction medium is blockchain. So, it is 100% safe and offers great flexibility for transactions to own your favorite digital art or collectibles.

Category: Digital art

Location: Newark, Delaware

Top benefits:

  • The marketplace has unique collections of collectibles, including first-time arts of different NFT artists.
  • You will undoubtedly find the best collection of digital arts in the marketplace. Also, browsing through them is made easy with an Instagram-like design.
  • There’s an option of a calendar to look for the future auctions of different exhibits.


  • SuperRare will charge a 3% of the total transaction fee for every NFT purchase you make on the platform. It is truly expensive and not suitable for entry-level buyers.

NBA Top Shot

If you are an NBA fan and love owning NBA collectibles, the NBA Top Shot is the best place to buy NFT arts for you. You will get collectibles from famous matches or your favorite NBA players, including Lebron James, James Harden, etc.

Dapper Labs launched the NBA Top Shot as a beta version platform in 2020. Also, it is an NBA-licensed game. You can quickly trade for the NBA moments in the digital and virtual platforms. There’re two options for trading or buying your favorite digital NBA moments in the marketplace.

  1. The limited-edition sets of digital NBA moments are gettable from $9 to $230. So, it is highly affordable for beginners to buy their NBA moments in NFT arts.
  2. The alternative will allow you to buy the top NBA moments from the open markets through an open bidding process.

You might be wondering about the moments and their types that you buy on the platform. It includes the following ones:

  • Box scores
  • Players’ stat
  • Match highlight
  • Any memorable and special moment, etc.

When you buy the moment you want, you will get digital ownership.

But that’s not all; NBA Top Shot has even created its blockchain platform. You can display all of your NBA collectibles following teams and players. Also, the marketplace is highly engaging and growing with over 1-million users. Coin Desk reports that 150000 t 2500000 users login to the NFT marketplace every day. So, it is a dynamic marketplace to buy and trade your NFT arts.

Category: Sports, specifically, NBA collectibles

Location: Vancouver, Canada

Top benefits:

  • It is  a great platform for NBA lovers to enrich their collectible list
  • The limited-edition will allow you to get the NBA moments at affordable pricing
  • Over 1-million users make the platform dynamic and vibrant with rare collections


  • It is only limited to NBA moments

Nifty Gateway

Nifty Gateway has also risen to popularity recently, and you will find different types of NFT creations within a few thousand dollars. Thus, the pricing of the NFT arts makes Nifty Gateway a great option for entry-level collectors with a tight budget.

The marketplace has collaboration with renowned businesses and top NFT artists. Thus, you will find a limited edition of unique NFT arts in Nifty Gateway. The collections are available for a specific period in the platform. Each NFT art is open for auction at a set time.

Also, the limited period for each NFT is known as the drop. The marketplace will continue fresh drop for the auction once every 3 weeks. When the drop period gets over, you can get the collections in the marketplace and ready for buying.

The best thing about Nifty Gateway is its intuitive and user-friendly options. You will find the scrolling facility of the browser highly convenient. Plus, Nifty Gateway has collaborated with the top NFT artists worldwide. So, you may get the rarest NFT arts in its collection that will surely enrich your virtual gallery with amazing products.

Category: Digital art

Location: New York

Top benefits:

  • You will get the rarest NFT arts in Nifty Gateway from the world-famous artists
  • Its limited edition collection is truly praiseworthy, and you won’t find them erstwhile


  • The arts for collection are available only during the drop period. You might not always get to access and bid for them.


If you have been in the NFT marketplace for some time now, you might have already heard about OpenSea. It is one of the best marketplaces for NFT transactions. Also, OpenSea offers the largest collection of NFT and digital collections.

Among the top features of the OpenSea includes the following:

  • Over 300000 users
  • More than 354 million NFT collectibles
  • A marketplace worth than $4 billion

Thus, you see that OpenSea is among the fastest-growing NFT art marketplaces. Also, it has exciting features and offers for NFT buyers. You can filter the collectibles in the platform with their pricing and sales status. So, you will quickly find your favorite NFT arts within your budget.

What’s more, there’s a status tab on OpenSea. It will rank the sellers in terms of sales volume, the number of digital assets sold, and the average sale price. Thus, you will scroll down the marketplace and find your favorite NFT collectibles with ease.

Lastly, there’s an option to buy fixed-price NFT arts directly from the seller or the auction. The platform supports payment in more than 150 NFT tokens. SO, you will surely find the marketplace a great savior for your thirst to meet your NFT arts.

Categories: Digital art, virtual worlds, music, sports collectibles, online games, domain names, etc. 

Location: New York

Top benefits:

  • OpenSea has the largest and most versatile NFT arts for collections
  •  It offers the most widespread transaction facilities with over 150 NFT tokens
  • More than 34 million of NFT arts to collect from for your requirements


  • The NFT collectibles are always over-priced in OpenSea, even during direct buys.
  • The platform isn’t highly user-friendly

Known Origin:

The Known Origin marketplace was originally established to help the real NFT, and digital artists quickly and conveniently display, verify and sell their unique NFT arts. Thus, the platform is more artist-centric than NFT buyers.

Nonetheless, its user-friendly design and massive collection of the NFT arts make it a perfect choice for buyers. As digital artisans come together in the platform to monetize their arts and collections, you will quickly find rare collectibles. Also, the marketplace has great intuitive features for both sellers and buyers.

In fact, Known Origin aims to develop a community-based platform for the members. It will, therefore, empower both buyers and the NFT artists. Henceforth, the community-based NFT marketplace is a great alternative for you to pick your favorite NFT within moments.

Artists need to apply to sell their arts on the platform. It goes through a series of verification. Thus, Known Origin has selective but invaluable NFT collections that you will surely love and appreciate. Also, it ensures the best quality NFT arts for buyers.

Categories: Digital art, photographs, etc.

Location: Not specified

Top benefits:

  • The platform has an intuitive design and is super-easy to use for buyers
  • The curated NFT items are highly selective and ensure quality
  • The NFT drops are rare and limited time edition


  •  The NFTs are highly expensive


Among the best places to buy NFT arts on our list, Mintable has the most versatile and unique offerings for both buyers and sellers. To begin with, Mintable doesn’t have any fixed “Home Currency” for the transaction.

Thus, you can pay for the bought NFTs in any form. The list includes Dogecoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin, or even in cards. So, it liberates you from the limitations of paying for the NFT arts in a fixed currency. So, many NFT buyers will truly find it convenient.

The site has Zilliqa and Ethereum based blockchain format, and it is integrated safely with MetaMask. So, you can easily connect your wallet with Mintable through MetaMask to pay for the collectibles you will buy.

You can buy the NFT items from the auction or directly from the sellers. The marketplace has buyers’ listings for conventional NFT arts and modern printable items.

Categories: Digital art, videos, online games, domain names, photography, etc.

Location: Singapore

Top benefits:

  • The payment can be made through MetaMask wallet in different cryptocurrencies
  • Outstanding collections of different NFT arts to buy from for buyers
  • Easily accessible for both the NFT artists and buyers


  • The transaction fees for different NFT items are significantly higher in Mintable. It charges 10%, 5%, and 2.5% of the total transactions as a fee for physical items, gasless-fee arts, and regular NFTs. So, it is an expensive platform to buy NFT arts.


If you are a fan of sports and follow different sports worldwide, you will surely love the NFT arts in SoRare. It is one of the largest NFT buying and selling platforms for sports collectibles. It is, in fact, a fantasy soccer league based on cryptocurrency and blockchain.

You can conveniently collect your favorite players’ cards in the form of NFTs. These NFT players’ cards are usable for online competition in the soccer league. Also, there are at least 180 licensed clubs on the Sorare platform. There’re even teams from the Major Soccer League from the USA. Thus, you will surely find your favorite team and players on their list.

You can pay for the competition with the low-cost players’ card. However, you will need Ethereum to make the transactions to buy these cards. But, you can get the rare and exclusive NFTs in Sorare to multiply its value. For instance, a players’ card was sold at a staggering $65000 that has Kylian Mbappe embossed on the card.

Currently, Sorare has over $4.3 billion of market value, making it one of the top places to buy NFT arts. Also, it is highly secured.

Category: Sports collectibles

Location: Paris

Top benefits:

  • Best place to collect sports collectibles for soccer lovers
  • It has great value for money of exclusive cards as the marketplace is growing rapidly


  • Only limited to sports, more specifically for soccer NFT art items

Axie Infinity

You might become confused when you see the Axie Infinity in this list. It is not as well-known as other options to buy NFT arts in this list. However, in the past year, Axie Infinity has seen tremendous progress.

Pokemon inspires the online game. Sky Mavis, a Vietnamese start-up, has developed the online game. You can play the game and may get:

  • Farming kingdom
  • Cartoon pets

Also, it lets you battle different players to win rare and exclusive collections. Moreover, the game has a great number of players. As the latest report on Axie Infinity’s website suggests, more than 20 million players have logged in and played the games in the past 1-month.

The average price of the farming kingdoms can be $20000, and you can buy your favorite pets from other players during the gameplay for a few hundred dollars.

Category: Video game

Location: Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Top benefits:

  • The online gaming platform has more than 20 million months users
  • The price of the digital kingdoms and pet cartoons are still low, but it is growing fast


  • Not well-known to Western peoples
  • Only limited to online-based gaming for NFT arts


The final recommendation for the best place to buy NFT arts is the Zora. It is mainly an auction house with excellent decentralization. It aims to offer digital artists the best value for their digital and virtual arts. Similarly, buyers will also get their favorite digital arts at reasonable pricing. So, it is a profitable platform to buy and sell NFT arts.

You can get the following items to buy from Zora:

  • Music,
  • Video,
  • Images,
  • Gifs
  • Texts

What’s more, Zora serves as an open-source protocol for the blockchain platform. Thus, you can resell your bought NFT items of Zora linked with any marketplace developed on the ERC-721 standard. You may even claim royalties.

Category: Digital art

Location: Los Angeles

Top benefits:

  •  It supports an open-protocol based platform for the buyers and sellers
  • You can quickly link your MetaMask or Coinbase Ethereum wallet with Zora for transaction


  • Limited collection of digital arts


The NFT art marketplace is growing rapidly. Therefore, it’s high time you get your favorite NFT items and store them for the future before it turns into a million-dollar artwork. And to aid you with the purchase, we have enlisted the best place to buy NFT arts in this comprehensive article. The list includes the top ten selections for NFT art purchases.

These sites are reliable, well-established, have multiple transaction features, and most importantly, limitless NFT art collections. You may choose from digital arts to photographs and players’ cards to NBA moments and display them in your gallery as a certificate of ownership.

A few honorable mentions for the best NFT marketplaces may include Decentraland, Rarible, The Sandbox, Valuables, and Venly. So, you may also visit them to find your desired NFT arts.

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