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Everything You Need To Know About The Ledger Wallet

As cryptocurrency is emerging as a mainstream currency, many people are concerned about the security of their crypto wallets. And it is legit since we have seen many spams and hacking stories with cryptocurrency and its wallet in recent times.

The problem is even more significant with hot or software-based wallets. Thus, cold wallets, such as Ledger, have become popular and reliable. Thus, Ledger Live download has increased massively in the past few months, as people think it is a secure way of keeping and transacting their cryptocurrencies. Also, using a Ledger wallet is the easiest and fastest way of saving your cryptocurrency and NFTs from possible hackers with an easy transaction method.

Nonetheless, you need to know how to download Ledger live and set it up for your existing Ledger wallet to avail the improved security and easy exchange of cryptocurrencies and non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

Thus, we will show you the download process of Ledger and its setup to make your journey towards using a cold wallet happy and fun. Furthermore, we will discuss and compare Ledger Nano X and Ledger Nano S so that you can choose between these high-end cold wallets from Ledger.

Henceforth, you should stick with us if you wish to get a secured cold walstore your NFTs and cryptocurrencies without worrying about hack andrs and spooky spams anymore.

What Is Ledger and Ledger Live?

Ledger is a cold wallet for non-fungible tokens (NFTs), cryptocurrencies, and any form of digital assets you have. Unlike software-based wallets, such as Metamask, Ledger is a hardware wallet. However, it’s not like the physical wallet you use in your daily life.

A ledger wallet is a USB storage device. You can store different types of cryptocurrencies in it offline. So, you don’t keep the currencies and NFTs online.

What’s more, the wallet or the USB storage device lets you store the access keys for your hot wallets, such as Metamask. So, hackers can access those keys to hack and thieve your digital assets.

There’re two types of Ledger wallets available. These are

  1. Ledger Nano S
  2. Ledger Nano X

Even if you lose the wallet somehow or get stolen, you can still access your stored cryptocurrencies and access keys. Yes, when you buy the Ledger Nano X or S, you can set a backup recovery phrase for it and use it when required. The backup recovery phrase is 24 words long, so it is highly secured from the gasp of hackers.

Ledger Live is the app developed by Ledger to use their wallets safely and conveniently. When you buy the physical USAB devices of Ledger, you need to download the Ledger Live app and combine them for storing your cryptocurrencies and NFTs in the physical wallet from your online and software-based wallets.

Long story short, you will find Ledger wallets useless unless you download and run the Ledger Live app for the device. Thus, we will show ways for Ledger Live download and its setup process for you.

How to Download Ledger Live

Downloading the Ledger Live app is pretty easy. You don’t need to be a high-end tech-savvy person to download and run the Ledger Live app.

All you need to do is visit the Ledger Live Download page and click on the download button for the app. The app comes in the following versions:

  1. Desktop version
  2. Mobile version

We recommend you download both the mobile and desktop versions so that you can use the app from anywhere you want. When you are at home, you can use the desktop version. And when you are at work or away from home, carry the app on your smartphone.

Nonetheless, when you download the Ledger Live app for your smartphone, you must first assess which Ledger wallet you have. Also, you need to assess your Windows version and GPU compatibility for the app to run for the desktop version.

Ledger Live mobile version

Usually, you will find Ledger Nano S and Nano wallets. These two wallets have different usability of the live app. It follows as:

  1. Ledger Nano S supports the Live app both on Android and iOS platforms. It is compatible with the Android 8.1 version or over. You will need to connect the USB device with a USB cable if you download this live app version. iOS supports iOS 13 and above versions for consultation mode only. It lets you connect your iOS device with the desktop to import accounts only.   
  2. On the contrary, the Ledger Nano X wallet is only compatible with Bluetooth applications. It is used with the iOS version 13 or above and Android 8.1 or above versions of the Ledger Live app. If you download this version of the Ledger Live app, you will need to work with the Bluetooth function of your device. So, ensure that you have a Bluetooth facility on your desktop.

When you download and use the Ledger Live app, you must understand that Ledger has developed the app only for desktop and mobile users. Although it might be compatible with a few tablets and even iPad models, Ledger currently doesn’t provide any support for the tablets.

Desktop Version

Ledger Live app is also available for use on desktops. However, there’re a few prerequisites that you must assess before downloading and running the live app for your Ledger wallet on your desktop. Like the mobile versions, the Ledger Live desktop version is also compatible with both Ledger Nano S and Ledger Nano X.

However, the live app needs different requirements for usability on your desktop, depending on the type of Ledger wallet you have. The following table will highlight these prerequisites.

Ledger Wallet TypeCompatibility of Ledger Live App
Ledger Nano XWindows 8.1+macOS 10.14+Linux. 64-bits Not compatible with the ARM processors
Ledger Nano SWindows 8.1+macOS 10.14+Linux. 64-bits Not compatible with the ARM processors

As you see, both Ledger Nano S and X wallets are compatible with the desktop version. You need to connect the Ledger USB storage with the desktop using a USB cable.

When you visit the Ledger Live download page, you will get all the information on the compatibility of the Live app with different devices. So, please read them carefully and download the right version for your mobile and desktop devices.

Once you have downloaded the app from Ledger’s website, you can initiate the setup process.

Things Required to Set Up Ledger Live App

You can easily prepare your Nano S and Nano X cold wallets when you have downloaded the Ledger Live app. You need to set up the app, and for this, you will need a few things. It includes:

  1. Download the Ledger Live app (As we described in the above section)
  2. Metamask account to transfer your cryptocurrency from the software wallet
  3. USB connector
  4. Your Ledger wallet
  5. A few ETH in your Metamask account

The USB connector is required to connect your Ledger Wallet with the desktop. Also, the ETH is required to pay for the transaction of your digital assets from the got wallets to the cold wallet of Ledger.

How to Set Up Your Ledger Wallet With Ledger Live App

When you have bought your Ledger cold wallet, you can’t just use it straightforwardly. You will need to set up the wallet with the Live app to safely and securely transfer cryptocurrencies and NFTs. Thankfully, the setup of the Ledger wallet and transferring your chosen cryptocurrency is a brisk and easy task.

Step 1: Start the Ledger wallet

When you have brought the Ledger Nano S or Ledger Nano X, they come in switched-off condition. So, you need to turn the USB device to work with it securely. When you look at the bottom of the Ledger USB device, you will find two buttons there.

One button is white and located on the right side of the device. The other button is on the left side and is colored black. You need to press and hold both the white and black buttons simultaneously to turn on the Ledger wallet.

When the device switches on, you will see its basic functions. It will also show you the Ledger Live App. It will help if you read the guidelines to use the cold wallet and the associated app properly and without inconvenience.

Step 2: Setup your new USB device

You will need to set the pin code for your USB device, aka Ledger wallet. Also, you have to choose and save your 24 words long-secret phrases to protect your cryptocurrency and NFT from hackers. It will also allow you to recover the data even if your Ledger wallet is stolen or gets lost.

The setup process follows as:

  1. Press the two buttons and hold them simultaneously again. It will ask you to create the new pin code. After that, you will have to record and verify the 24-word secret phrase. You must ensure that the secret code matches and you have verified it appropriately.
  2. When you are done with the secret code verification, you may open the Ledger Live app. If you haven’t downloaded it, you can follow the steps mentioned in the above section. When you run the Ledger Live app, it will ask you to record and verify your 24 words long secret code again. As you have already set up your secret and pin code, you can press the “Skip Device Set Up” button and proceed to the next step.
  3. Now, select the device you want to set up. It will be either the Ledger Nano S or Ledger Nano X devices. Here, I will present you the setup and use of the process of the Ledger Nano X device since it is the more popular one between the two.
  4. Now, you will need to go through the security checklist as the guidelines pop up on the device screen. You need to confirm your pin and secret code phrase setup and verification here before proceeding to the next step.
  5. To verify and confirm your genuine Ledger wallet, you need to connect the device with your desktop. Use the USB cable to connect the physical wallet with the desktop.
  6. Now, select the “Check Now” option and provide access to the Ledger Manager option to check and verify your wallet. For this, you need to press the option “Allow Ledger Manager” on the device. When the verification completes, a message wrote “Your device is genuine” will pop up on your device.
  7. Now, follow the on-screen instructions to create a strong password. Although creating a password to use the Ledger wallet is optional, you mustn’t ignore this step. Creating a strong password for the device will further secure your device—NFTs and cryptocurrencies from hackers.
  8. Finally, enable Ledger’s option to collect any possible bugs reports and analytical information about your NFTs and cryptocurrency. You may enable the option from the menu bar on the device. Also, please write down your secret phrase code on a piece of paper and keep it securely if you forget it.

Your Ledger device and Live App are ready for use now. You will need to create your Ledger account and download the cryptocurrency app you want to use for transferring NFTs and digital assets.

Step 3: Create your account and download the app for blockchain application

You will have to create your Ledger account to download your favorite blockchain app to use it. However, you can create an account and download the blockchain app with a few quick and easy steps. It follows as:

  1. Go to the Ledger Live app and accept the terms and conditions on the pop-up screen. Now, press on the “Add Account” and follow the instructions on the device’s app to create the Ledger wallet account.
  2. Now, from the Manager tab of the app, update the firmware. It will improve the security firewall and safeguard the blockchain app you will download.
  3. From the Ledger Live app, choose the manager mode and access the App Catalog option from there. Here, you will find a list of the supported apps for the Ledger wallet.
  4. Scroll to find your preferred blockchain app. Once you find the app, click on the “Install” button to initiate the download and installation process of the blockchain app.
  5. When you have downloaded and run the blockchain app in your Ledger wallet, you can start transferring your cryptocurrency in the cold wallet to increase its security.

Tips On How to Transfer NFT To Ledger Wallet

Although storing your non-fungible tokens in a hot wallet, aka software-based wallet, is popular and more convenient, many people use cold wallets or hardware-based wallets to add an extra layer of security for their digital assets. It saves your cryptocurrencies from hackers. Also, you can regain access to all of your accounts with the secret code even if you lost the Ledger device.

What’s more promising is transferring your NFTs and cryptocurrencies in the Ledger wallet is pretty easy and convenient. Even a person with little to no knowledge of tech and app can complete the transfer process within a few seconds.

Step 1: Connect the Ledger app and device

From the mobile or desktop version of your Ledger Live app, you need to connect it with the Ledger device. Depending on the Ledger Live app version and hardware type, use the USB cable or Bluetooth option for the secure connection.

Now, update the firmware to secure the firewall. When the app is updated, it improves better security for your NFTs. Now, from the app screen, scroll down and select the Receive button to transfer NFTs from the Metamask wallet.

Step 2: Verify your wallet address

When you open the Receive option in the Ledger Live app screen, you select your preferred account for sending the NFTs. When you have inserted the right account on the Receive button, you proceed to verify and confirm it.

Now, your account’s “Public Wallet Address” will pop up on the device screen. Copy the address securely. Also, check that the public address is similar in your Ledger device and Live app. Once you are confirmed, press the ‘confirm and verify’ button. If the public address of your NFT account matches both in the device and app, you will see a message on the screen, “Address Shared Successfully.”

Step 3: Transfer and receive your NFTs

Before you press the Send button for the NFT transfer, make sure you have enough ETH required for the transfer fee of the cryptocurrency. If you don’t have enough currency in your hot wallet, your NFT transfer will fail, and you will still be charged for the failed transaction. So, it is crucial to ensure that your wallet has enough currencies to pay for the associate transfer fee.

You can send your required amount of cryptocurrencies from any online or software-based NFT platform to your Ledger wallet. The common apps are:

  1. Metamask
  2. OpenSea
  3. Raible

You should check these platforms to know about their transfer fees. Once assured, you can press the Send button on the device screen to complete the transfer process. When the transfer completes, you will see a green tick on the receive button.

That’s how you can quickly transfer your cryptocurrencies from hot wallets to the cold wallet of your Ledger device-based wallet.

Supported Crypto Assets By Ledger

One of the main reasons for Ledger’s popularity is its wide range of supportability for different crypto assets and coins. The most popular and usable cryptocurrencies supported by Ledger wallet are:

  1. Bitcoin
  2. Ethereum
  3. XRP|Ripple
  4. USD Tether (ERC20)
  5. Bitcoin Cash
  6. Polkadot
  7. Tezos

But that’s not all. These days, the Ledger hardware wallet supports the storing and transaction of almost all the available cryptocurrencies in the NFT and blockchain market. You may visit their crypto-asset support page for the complete list of Ledger wallet-supported cryptocurrencies. It will help you know which cryptocurrency the hardware wallet supports and which currency you can transfer.

Ledger Nano S vs. Ledger Nano X: Which One You Should Choose

Ledger has built both Nano X and Nano S offline wallets to store your crypto assets securely. No doubt, both device types are incredibly well-functioning and high-performing. But, you need to consider a few facts for these devices when choosing one.

Comparison PointLedger Nano XLedger Nano S
Wallet typeNano X is an offline and hardware-based cold walletLikewise, Nano X, Ledger Nano S is also a cold wallet
Supported currency1800 plusMore than 1800
PricingNano X is priced at $119Nano S is priced slightly lower at $59
Mobile compatibilityIt works both with iOS and Android devicesIt is mainly compatible with iOS devices
Size of the device72mm x 18.6mm x 11.75mm; 34 grams56.95mm x 17.4mm x 9.1mm; 16.2 grams

Although Ledger Nano X is a bit expensive, it has a larger screen and better battery backup. It runs up to 8-hours on a single charge and supports a cordless option. On the contrary, Ledger Nano S is a compact and affordable USB device. However, it has limited storage capacity and doesn’t work with iOS devices. So, you have to check these points while deciding which Ledger USB device you need to secure your cryptocurrency.

Final Words

Ledger wallet is a brilliant innovation to securely store and manage your NFTs and cryptocurrencies in the offline wallet. Thus, ledger Live download is a key concerning issue for cryptocurrency users when they buy their Ledger USB device for the first time. Therefore, we have comprehensively discussed the ways to download Ledger Live app.

What’s more, we have also discussed how you should set up your Ledger USB wallet and set the secret phrase code. The secret phrase of the Ledger device is 24 words long and is difficult to remember. So, we suggest you strongly write down the secret phrase code on a piece of paper and store it in a convenient location.

Finally, we have shown you the steps to transfer your cryptocurrency from your hot wallet to the Ledger wallet. Henceforth, we expect that this comprehensive discussion on the Ledger USB device and Live app will make your cryptocurrency life fun, easy and secure. 

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