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Fascinating Facts about the Hidden Ones NFT Movie You Must Know

He Who Lives in the Hidden Lakes is the first-ever 1-of-1 NFT movie known as the Hidden Ones movie. The Hidden One’s film franchise is the core community and the other name of Hidden Lakes Cinematic Universe that has produced the movie.

This franchise uses DAO, which means decentralized Autonomous Organization system to function, and for ensuring the establishment and execution of the organization perfectly, the creators of the Hidden One’s movie declared Hidden Ones Cryptid NFTs inspired by the characters of the He Who Lives in the Hidden Lakes movie. If someone buys a Cryptid NFT, he gets the membership of the unique community of the Hidden Lakes Cinematic Universe (HLCU) or Hidden Ones community.

If we want to know in detail about the Hidden Ones movie world, we have to know details about some things such as Hidden Ones Cryptid NFTs, NFT movies, DAO, etc. Let’s dive into the mysterious world of the Hidden Ones movie and everything related to it.

The Hidden Ones Movie

The Hidden Lakes Cinematic Universe (HLCU) is a film franchise dedicated to producing movies as NFT on the monster myths. He Who Lives in Hidden Lakes is the first film of this film franchise known as the Hidden Ones movie following the name of the core community of HLCU called Hidden Ones. This cryptographic community anointed Hidden Ones is the creator, owner, and operator of HLCU.

The advent of NFTs or non-fungible tokens has already changed the idea of currency and asset ownership. The movie and streaming industry is now entering into the NFT world through the Hidden Ones movie that will reshape the characteristics of movie ownership, movie release, streaming trend, and the NFT world. 

He Who Lives in the Hidden Lakes is trailblazing the film industry by being released as history’s first true NFT movie. This movie is a 1-of-1 token that has been minted from the director’s contract address, an example of an entire new undistributed film.

The moviemakers set a condition that this movie won’t be released to the public and won’t be available online until the first sale of the NFT. After the first sale, the film is prepared to be distributed to everyone.

The non-fungible token of the He Who Lives in the Hidden Lakes movie is an excellent thing to collect for both cinema and NFT lovers. This token will make them the owner of a high-quality indie film that is simultaneously a piece of the history of cinema and NFT with the advantage of generating passive income.

Anyone who collects this history creator NFT movie will keep receiving a 50% share of gross streaming revenue Eleusinian Productions’ will make through the film. The collector will start earning instantly when the audience initiates watching as the production house is self-financed.

Collectors with a massive group of followers who will watch the movie have the most significant chance to augment the profit. However, with the re-selling of the token, this advantage of gaining profit transfers to the new buyer.

Quick Information about He Who Lives in Hidden Lakes

The Hidden Ones movie He Who Lives in Hidden Lakes belongs to the mystery and adventure mockumentary genre directed by American multimedia artist Zach Lona. He also writes the screenplay. This movie will change the film industry by being minted from the director’s contact address as 1-of-1 NFT and initiating belonging on decentralized IP.

This history-making first NFT movie describes an adventure of an internet mystic, a cult leader, and a rookie cop. These protagonists believe a mystic creature called “hidden man” is attempting to prove its presence and reality. Being slippery in nature, this hidden man creates turbulence in a quiet suburb, and the main characters try to identify him. The story of the movie goes on with adventure, mystery and comics.

He Who Lives in Hidden Lakes is a feature film and an indie film as well. An indie film means an independent film which gets produced as a professional film mostly or entirely without the help of the mainstream film studios. The leading characters of this first NFT movie include Pagan cult member, Police Chief, Mayor, Tammy, Hidden Man Enthusiast, Fisherman, etc.

The origin country of this 96 minutes long movie is the United States, released in March of 2021. Though the original language of this movie is English, makers make this movie available with Español (Spanish) and Français (French) subtitles. The movie producer is Anthony Gibson and the Music composer is Zack Lewand. 

The movie cast includes Rachel O’Connell, Sarah Kopp, Katherine Bellantone, Kevin K. Gomez, Nick Alonzo, and more artists. Familiar Pictures, Eleusinian Productions, Eleven04 Productions are this NFT movie’s production companies.

Suppose we get into the technical side of the movie. In that case, we will see that the movie’s aspect ratio is 1.78:1, and 2K resolution has been used to make this movie but used Apple Inc’s high-quality Apple ProRes 422 as the post-production video compression format designed to support up to 8K resolution. For Audio, makers used5.1 Linear PCM, 24-bit 48KHz for great sound.

He Who Lives in the Hidden Lakes will alter Hollywood’s future by releasing the pioneer NFT movie of history. By buying this NFT, the collector will own a custom-made 1-of-1 token, an exclusive physical refined art version that promotes an edition of the film free from fear of loss. I need to mention that this token is a beautiful hand-built home edition. Besides, it comes with an NFC-enabled certificate that proves the token’s originality and validates it, including a USB drive with a full resolution, which surrounds a sound copy of the film. The collector is going to get a Blu-ray copy of this movie, and an archival-quality poster will also be given to him that the directors and lead actors signed.

Through buying a Hidden Ones Cryptid NFT, you become a member of its community Hidden Ones, which owns decentralized proprietorship over the He Who Lives in Hidden Lakes’ film franchise jointly. This franchise is working on two more films, which shows their seriousness regarding NFT movies.

The Hidden Ones DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) is an exciting business model introduced by this film franchise that wants to fight with prominent studios like Disney. To compete with such powerful contenders in the film industry, HLCU gives a chance to the members of their community Hidden Ones to create and monetize their own NFTs using HLCU and even income revenue. Thus, this film franchise hopes to strengthen its community.

HLCU introduced decentralized web3-native IP. According to the whitepaper on the Hidden Ones DAO, HLCU’s tokenomics explains supply and demand traits of a new trend cryptocurrency system that works to breeze the restricted IP and centralized IP. Claiming this independent IP is best to empower creators, HLCU thinks the benefits of permissionless creation is enormous. There can be some hassle of an independent

IP, but by using DAO, everyone in the community can benefit from the advantages

of the IP.

What is a DAO?

As DAO plays a significant role in distributing the Hidden Ones movie, we should know some basic information about DAO. DAO stands for “Decentralized Autonomous Organization. It is an entity that works on the blockchain with the purpose of decentralizing the transactions of cryptocurrencies.

DAO is a system where no principal figure is involved in controlling the trade or transaction centrally. Instead, a community runs all the activities of this system. In a word, DAO is an autonomous entity free from authority run by everyone in a community.

Digital currencies use this system to ensure security and transparency at the time of trading. While using DAO, any decision, proposal, or code can be taken under public estimation. Thus, transparency of trading can be ensured.

Some developers inaugurated decentralized autonomous organizations in 2016, seeing the success of decentralizing in the cryptocurrency market. Now, the Hidden Ones movie is using this entity.

Without a central authority, DAO is owned and controlled by individual community members based on some rules and regulations set by smart contracts carried out on a blockchain. Though individuals govern everything in the system, the decisions get made through the whole community. The function framework of DAO is visible to the members of the community.

As soon as the rules are inscribed on the blockchain, it’s time to manage the funding and the organization searches for funding in this step. The funding usually gets overlooked by the token the organization issues. Through token selling, the protocol collects funds and puts them in its coffer.

Collecting tokens offers the buyers voting rights on a DAO entity which is typically determined according to their investment in token collecting. DAO gets established because the funding is confirmed now.

After final establishment, codes are put in the entity, and no one can alter the codes except the voting of the representatives of the DAO. Only token owners have the right to change the rules and regulations. No central authority can do this.

Roadmap of the Hidden Ones DAO

In this section, I will talk about Hidden Ones Cryptids complete sale or drop one which will elaborate the roadmap of Hidden Ones DAO.

We already know Dao stands for decentralized autonomous organization. Primarily, the DAO treasury was founded and authority ensured the complete fund, which is up to 400 Ethereal.

Then Hidden Ones team made the codex of NFTs, which means IP shares NFT by involving law experts to create a blueprint of documents related to licensing.

The team inaugurated advertising, promoting and marketing to sponsor the HLCU to become famous. This campaign ignited the popularity of HLCU that led to increased demand for the future artworks of the team. The marketing campaign included constructing a community through discord events, genesis movies’ exhibition for free, and the list goes on.

In this circumstance, it’s time to drop two. This time Hidden Ones gives access to the codex, which means NFTs in a sense.

Then the Hidden Ones team introduced public sales for available codex tokens with the rule that 50% profit will go to DAO. When someone buys a codex token, he becomes part of the HLCU community and creates arts on the HCLU blockchain.

This time DAO names codex tasks and makes decisions on the primary subsidizing exertion. The Hidden Ones team dispatches vampire Fern continuation gathering pledges crusade. Codex projects start to send off, DAO procures income, and Cryptid tokens send off for Hidden Ones Cryptids.

Hidden Ones Cryptids NFTs

Hidden Ones Cryptid NFTs are closely related to the Hidden Ones movie as the Hidden Ones community’s survival depends on it primarily. You will find important information about Cryptid NFTs. So, keep reading the article.

If you are a horror lover or a fantasy lover, you must have heard about cryptids. Cryptids are never seen creatures, but people believe in their existence. It’s kind of a legend. Some famous names of cryptids are Loveland frogs, Yeti, Bigfoot, Jersey Devil, Mokele-mbembe, Mothman, Chupacabra, Brosno dragon, etc. They reside in

different areas and roam on woodlands, forests, or mountains.

As everything is being digitized in this time, cryptids have been started to be found in our digital life. NFTs or non-fungible tokens are a unique extension of the digital world. Images, audio, video, collectibles, celebrated parts of a sports match are available as NFTs on the blockchain. So, why would cryptids stay behind? Cryptids are also available now as NFTs that you can buy and own as your unique digital assets.

The Hidden Ones movie makers released their own Hidden Ones Cryptid NFTs inspired by the mysterious characters of the He Who Lives in the Hidden Lakes movie for running the Hidden Ones community. The moviemakers encourage the collectors to buy Cryptid NFTs by offering membership to the Hidden Lakes Cinematic Universe (HLCU) or Hidden Ones community.

Hidden Ones Cryptid NFT collection includes 10,151 cryptids hidden in the forests of the metaverse, just like the tangible world’s cryptids stay larked in the tree made forests. Though it’s an avatar collection like many other NFT collections, one unique feature that separates Hidden ones from other NFT collections is it has been created based on a crypto-native monster movie called He who lives in Hidden Lakes. This

feature film is the first movie of history that has been released through a

solo version NFT on the Ethereum based blockchain.

These 10,151 cryptids are mysterious, ghostly, and sinister found in Hidden Ones network, the NFT film franchise. These cryptids are free to move on the blockchain because someone broke the spell that used to keep them shackled. Now you can own these cryptids and can have your tour to the mysterious digital jungle of the metaverse.

The makers of the movie and the makers of the NFTs are the same. Zachabstract, an American multimedia artist, makes these NFTs, and his real name is Zach Lona.

This NFT collection is created utilizing chainlink VRF which stands for Verifiable Randomness Function for desultory disclosure. The characters of this NFT collection have been portrayed according to He who Lives in Hidden Lakes, a full-length mockumentary movie available on Amazon Prime. Being NFT makes this movie’s IP decentralized to holders.

The movie has the criteria of having Built-in revenue streams for the community DAO as known as Decentralized Autonomous Organization. The community treasury of the movie receives the funds from half of the max 800E sale, and half of the max 800E sale funds the production company of He Who Lives in Hidden Lake. All the funds are used to advance the project and IP Doxed team ultimately.

This Hidden Ones Cryptid NFT collection includes history’s first 1-of-1 feature film released as NFT, He Who Lives in Hidden Lakes. A custom-made smart contract holds the Cryptid tokens. Video files are stored on Arweave permaweb and IPFS, and the Ethereum main net contains the text explanations of the movie.

More Details of the Hidden Ones Cryptid NFT Project 

On October 20, 2021, Hidden Ones Cryptid NFTs were available on the NFT marketplace for buyers to purchase, which are digital assets from the first-ever NFT film He Who Lives in Hidden Lakes.

Through buying a Cryptid NFT, the collector will get an airdropped poster NFT, staking capabilities, along with the permission to monetize his own artwork. Hidden Ones DAO system will even help him with the trading of his own content. He will also have the rights to his contents.

This film franchise offers members of its community license agreement for concrete evidence. Hidden Ones DAO contains around 400 Ethereum in its treasury, and buyers of the NFTs receive access to this DAO system.

Besides, using the Hidden Ones brand to create own artwork and monetize it attract the NFT buyers largely for a valid reason. In the DAO system, every member share stake in your project’s outcome, which is identified by evaluating their contributions to the Hidden Lakes Cinematic Universe community.

When someone buys a cryptid NFT, HLCU gets assistance in promoting and generating profit from their monster memes and other products as well.

HLCU exercises IPFS, which means the Interplanetary File System, for storing and pinning their NFTs, and it gives an unmatched content hash for every cryptid NFT.

The creators of these Cryptid NFTs want to say that collectors can imagine Hidden Man from the movie as anyone; his face and identity should not be limited to any specific reality. Hidden Lakes Cinematic Universe (HLCU) gives tokens to the collectors while dropping NFTs, in a way, none can get a hint who is getting which NFT. For ensuring this confidentiality, HLCU takes the help of chainlink VRF. VRF stands for Verifiable Random Function, which is proven trustworthy and confirms

unpredictability regarding smart contracts of the NFTs.

At first, the NFT creators thought about releasing the 10,069 tokens, but 10,151 were released at last because they wanted to give some NFTs to the advisors. Besides, the creators wanted to provide some NFTs free to people for promotional purposes or use them in different competitions.

Life Cycle of Hidden Ones NFTs or Codex:

In general, NFTs and Codex can be used as the same term. Codex is an exclusive collection of artworks created digitally available on the Ethereum blockchain and cannot be ruined and changed. This section will put light on the process of the Lifecycle of Hidden Ones NFTs alive in the Hidden Lakes Cinematic Universe step by step.

1. You have to buy a Hidden Ones Cryptid NFT and hold it during the snapshot at first.

2. Then, you will get a Hidden Ones Codex poster NFT through an airdrop. Airdrop transmits cryptocurrency, tokens, or NFTs to a web3 wallet address and regulates these digital assets’ distribution by doing so.

3. Now it’s time to register your project with Eleusinian Productions.

4. If you venture out Codexis, Hidden Lakes Cinematic Universe will provide you with an unrestricted commercial license to its community.

5. Now, you can make and issue your own NFTs with the absolute right on them encouraged by HLCU content. Hidden Ones decentralized Automation Organization, which is run by a community rather than any central command, will play an essential role in creating and releasing these NFTs.

6. After the Codex is removed from the stack, every DAO member will access the new IP and take profits in and empower the HLCU.

The Hidden Ones codex is marketable by every means. These codices will be exhibited for communal trading if they remain undesignated by cryptids.

Wrapping Up

The Hidden Ones movie He Who Lives in Hidden Lakes created by the Hidden Ones community has opened the door for moviemakers to make new movies as NFT and become a part of the era where arts are getting digitized. This movie, as NFT, will leave a significant impact on the system of film ownership and film distribution.

The Hidden Ones community has a plan to produce more NFT movies that will help them to dominate the NFT movie world. Their dominance will be robust through Hidden Ones cryptid NFTs which are made being inspired by the characters of the movies and also another production of the Hidden Ones community.

Buying Cryptid NFTs gives the buyers the chance to finance the community and become a member of it. This NFT movie is really epoch-making from many angles and brought on an unprecedented sensation in the NFT network.

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