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How To Properly Display Your NFT Art in 2022

NFT art is now mainstream. It has gained a lot of credibility with prominent auction houses such as Christie’s moving into digital artwork. Beeple’s artwork auction has also caught the attention of the public. We are seeing more people buying NFT art and entering the NFT marketplace.

Many buyers discover that they don’t have an elegant display for their NFT art after they purchase it. They leave their prized possessions on their computer or phone, undeserving. However, there are ways to display your NFT collection.

How to Display Your Digital Art

“How do I display my NFT artworks?” This question is becoming more and more common among NFT communities. What’s worse, the widespread confusion about how to display NFT artworks often delays people from purchasing the piece of art they had been eyeing for weeks.

But it doesn’t have to be that way. 

Today, we’re going to be learning about totally everything there is to exhibit your digital NFT assets. From displaying NFTs in the real world to showing them off in the metaverse, this article covers it all!

And to top it all off, we have also included the supreme guide to displaying NFT artworks at zero to no cost in the end.

I was astonished at the possibilities of how I could display my NFT when I first bought it. After a lot of searching on the internet, I found a variety of options to display your NFTs.

There are many ways to display your non-fungible artwork, but some may be more difficult than others.

What Are Some Ways to Display Your NFTS, Physically or Virtually?

When it comes to displaying NFTs, there are two ways to do it: physically and virtually. The former means showcasing your collection in the real world, and the latter is about doing it online or in the metaverse. 

While there are numerous ways to go about that, the ones we’re going to be discussing today are – 

  • Specialized digital frames for NFT: The best option for displaying digital artworks in the real world – can easily be hung on the walls. 
  • Online galleries: Websites that let you showcase your digital assets. 
  • Metaverse: The most exciting way to exhibit your NFTs – build a virtual gallery in the metaverse!

These are the most common digital ways to display your NFT artwork:

  • LED TV monitors and LCD screens
  • Tablet or iPad
  • Websites and social media platforms
  • Physical copies
  • Digital frames
  • Metaverse galleries

The challenges of displaying your digital NFT art

While some options may look great, other options can be quite frustrating. Your NFTs displayed on your computer or TV lacks class. These are some possible problems you might face when displaying NFTs with more common options.

Monitors, TV and Computer

To continue playing your NFT art, you can set your current monitor up. You can do this on any monitor. If you have a loop of your artwork or a collection from your laptop, the display screen can show it.

This has the disadvantage that you cannot use your existing equipment. It may also consume a lot more electricity, and setup can be difficult. What about multiple collections? This can lead to multiple wires and monitors being set up, which can make it messy and time-consuming.

Social media platforms

Social media platforms can be used to share your artwork and let others know about you. You can post your NFTs on social media and grow your audience. It is not as easy to present as other options. It may not be the best way to present your NFTs.


Many people have their own websites that allow people to browse their digital art and collectibles. Although this is a great option, you might not have many visitors to your site unless you promote it.

Some NFT collectors may not find this appealing. A website might be the best option if you’re looking to simply display your collection, and not necessarily sell it.

Printed copies

You can print copies of your crypto art, and put them in frames like traditional art. Your art can be displayed and a QR code can be used to verify token details. Printing on canvas or paper can be problematic as it may not display the NFT art’s quality.

Tablets and iPads

NFT art can be displayed on an iPad or tablet, but you may need to set up multiple tablets. These accessories are not capable of displaying your precious NFTs.

The Top NFT Art Display Solutions

A display must be able to run on batteries. The display must also have the owner’s information and rights. A third aspect of the display is its need to be durable and not need to be recharged often.

These options are more flexible and exciting than the ones listed above. As we speak, there are many new options and innovative solutions on the market. Let’s take a look at some of these below.

Digital frames are now the new way to display NFT art. Digital frames were specifically designed to meet the display requirements of NFT collectors and enthusiasts. These digital frames can be connected to your crypto wallet and display any NFT that you have.

Tokenframe NFT Display

Tokenframe allows you to connect your web3 wallet through the Tokenframe app and cast your NFTs from your wallet. This makes sure that all tokens displayed are owned by the user.

One of the best things about Tokenframe displays is the many options you have for frames. You can choose from four beautiful frame options: mahogany (birch), black (black), and white (white). You can also choose between the 2k and 4k display options, which each include an antiglare screen that is specifically designed for NFTs.

The tabletop display or the wall-mounted display are your options. No matter which displays you choose they all have a rotating wall mounting that allows you to rotate the display 90 degrees like your smartphone. Every display comes with custom software that supports the blockchain and stereo speakers as well as headphone/speaker ports.

The Tokenframe display’s best feature is its app. It puts the user in complete control. You can adjust your NFT’s fill/fit and border color as well as width. Logging into your web3 wallet via Metamask or Fortmatic is all you need to access your NFT collection.

Infinite Objects

Infinite Objects Inc creates digital frames that display NFT art and animations. They are called video print-on-demand services. They can display memes, gifs and other types of animations.

Infinite Objects incorporated is a Netgear company that makes video prints. These prints include QR codes that link directly to unique verification details. These codes are embedded in the frames’ reverse. These displays can last approximately 2 hours on a single battery. The display is of high quality and brings out all the features and actions in your crypto art.


Moe Levin created Qonos to meet the growing demand from NFTs art collectors. Qonos is more flexible than other digital frames. You can choose from a set of inactive works, load it as a playlist and run them in a loop. Qonos is a purpose-built display that integrates seamlessly with a platform to display crypto art and other NFT collectibles. This allows galleries and individuals to quickly curate and share their favorite NFTs.

Display of details and owner attribution are possible. Animations are fluid and display of high quality is possible. It supports IOS, Android, and Windows.

Meural Canvas

Meural Canvas was developed by Netgear, and is available in multiple sizes.

  • 13.5″*7.5″
  • 16″*24″
  • 19″*29″

You can connect to Apple or Android devices to select the images and videos you wish to display.

Display entire collections. You may also use the Meural App to adjust the settings. The vibrant colors are compatible with crypto art. You can program it to display multiple pieces at different times throughout the day.

Uploading your art and photos to the servers is required. This may pose a problem for some. It is a great way to showcase your NFT art.


Pixeos has teamed up with Canvia to create a digital frame that is both innovative and practical. This frame can be used to display any artwork, as well as the user’s own. It is simple to set up both in homes and offices. The frame is beautifully handcrafted and has excellent display quality.

Canvia allows you to loop all collections in one frame. Multiple frames are not necessary as multiple art pieces can be looped in one frame. You also have access to thousands more artwork at the Pixeos Gallery.

Tokencast devices let you display your artwork and the QR code to prove ownership. It is basically a digital picture frame with software that loops the artwork and helps verify the QR codes.

TokenCast software allows users to display artworks. It is open-source and can be downloaded here. Cody Born, a web3 developer, created Tokencast. TokenCast is able to display NFTs regardless of where they were minted.

Tokencast software can be used open-source. It can be used to cast images on both the LED TVs and the smartphones. It is an extremely powerful application that can remove major obstacles to the display of crypto-art. The higher configuration allows for more features such as richer colors and contrasting colors. It is sharp and clear.

Best Online NFT Galleries

A new trend is the creation of virtual and online galleries. Cryptovoxels and Decentraland are two major destinations for NFT lovers who are looking to buy space to exhibit their art. Even metaverse marketplaces like SuperRare, OpenSea, and MakersSpace have galleries.

You can display your art at home or office as well as in online galleries, where collectors and art enthusiasts gather. You can also browse artwork and meet like-minded people online. There are also many events and exhibitions.

NFT owners can become members of certain platforms and have their collections displayed in galleries and forums. is an online platform that allows its users to curate and display their collections. It’s a great place to showcase your collection online.

Collectors Hub

Collector Hub provides an online gallery of crypto art. Collectors of digital art can share their collections with the community. The curated list allows NFT owners to curate their art with no additional fees. This web application is free and allows for ownership checks as well as free display.

It has been reported that Mark Cuban, a billionaire, is developing an online platform for art. This platform will enable collectors and NFT owners to display and promote their digital art. Mark Cuban says that people are often curious about other people’s collections. An online gallery can help them see what is popular and what is not. His website is being built. It allows people to show off their pride possessions in a “lazy way”.

Displaying your NFTs in The Metaverse

Because they are blockchain-based, virtual worlds have been added to the list. They offer a way for people to see them. Here’s a primer for those who don’t know much about the metaverse:

What is a virtual universe or metaverse?

These online spaces are places where social networking, gaming, and commerce can all co-exist and are managed by the community. Although it is very similar to the real world, it is just a collection of pixel that is coded.

What is the working principle of virtual worlds?

These worlds are built on platforms that use the Ethereum blockchain. NFTs are used to buy land. These parcels of land can be purchased with NFT tokens. The owner can easily be verified.

You can build on your metaverse land once it is there. You can enjoy the same activities as in the real world, such as nightclubs and art galleries, or conferences and meetings. It all happens in virtual reality.

To access the world, all you need is a web browser as well as a cryptocurrency wallet like Metamask.

Once you have an exchange medium, you can exhibit the NFT you have obtained at the galleries. It is costly to set up a building in real life. However, it is not as expensive in the digital world. You can list them in virtual galleries by Async Art or KnownOrigin for a cheaper route.

Why choose Galleries in The Metaverse?

The Metaverse is a collection of virtual shared spaces. The Metaverse will continue to grow as NFTs and blockchain technology evolve. Already, the Metaverse is showing promising signs of interaction and development with large companies as well as individuals who either purchase their own parcels or take advantage of existing galleries. Is the Metaverse a good place to display your NFTs?

The Metaverse is the ideal place to showcase your NFT collection. The virtual world is already being used by many large corporations, collectors, and creators to showcase their virtual assets. Many people will make use of the Metaverse to showcase digital assets and start businesses.

Collectors and art lovers love virtual galleries. Your art can be displayed in a gallery created by SuperRare or KnownOrigin. These galleries are well-known in the Metaverse and draw a wider audience.

These virtual worlds are without a doubt the best place to display your NFT collection.

If you’re a serious collector, you can purchase virtual land to build your gallery. You can hire someone from the NFT community to help you if you don’t have the time or skills to build your gallery. Virtual real estate developers can help you with these projects.

  • SuperRare and Async Art are currently building galleries.
  • MakersSpace is an online NFT marketplace with multiple galleries in Decentraland.
  • KnownOrigin has a gallery that displays both animated and static NFTs.
  • The Decentraland Museum is an art and fine-art exhibition center.

CryptoVoxels is another virtual universe. It uses the Ethereum blockchain. Origin city is a virtual city that has streets run by corporations, and smaller parcels of land owned by individuals. The parcel owner can make whatever they like and sell the land.

Bonus: The Definitive Guide to Displaying NFT Artworks on a Shoestring Budget!

Print them out

Yes, you can print your NFT artworks on paper or canvas and frame them like traditional paintings. While some might say that digital printing assets defeats the purpose of them being digital, they can actually double as a tribute to the conventional media of artworks if you think about it. 

The only caveat is that printed copies may not reflect the actual quality of the NFT artwork, which was intended to be displayed on high-resolution monitors.

Repurpose the Old Tablet or Ipad

Any tablet or iPad you have lying around can serve as an NFT display on the cheap. Especially if the model is anything newer than an iPad 2, it probably has a retina display which will bring out the details of your art really well.

Although if you don’t have any unused tablets lying around, purchasing purpose-built digital frames might be a more economical option.

Set Them as Wallpapers on Your Phone

Just because you enjoy creating or collecting NFT arts doesn’t mean you have to exhibit your collection. If you want to enjoy your collection privately, you can just set them as rotating wallpapers on your phone – a device you carry with you all the time anyway. 

There are plenty of decent automatic wallpaper changer apps for Android and iOS; take your pick.

Use the Smart TV You Already Have

Any smart TV can be turned into a digital NFT display using the TokenCast app, as we’ve seen above. Since you can turn it back into a TV whenever you want, it can be a good choice for those who wish to display their digital artwork on occasions but are not ready for a dedicated device yet. 

The limitation with this method is that you would only be able to display your NFT artwork at one location in your home.

Maybe as the Video Conference Background?

As amusing as it sounds, using your favorite NFT artwork as your video conference background can be a very creative way to show off your digital assets. Not only does it show your taste in art, but it also portrays you as a true NFT enthusiast.

Social Media Platforms

Last but not least, platforms like Instagram and Facebook are some fantastic places to display your prized possessions at totally zero cost. 

It’s certainly not the most stylish way to exhibit NFT artworks, that’s for sure. However, if all you want is to share them with your followers, social media platforms will get the job done just fine.

Closing Thoughts

The best way to display your NFT collection is to build walls or galleries on the land you buy.

Async Gallery is located in Gangnam and is also a CryptoVoxels gallery. It is located in the same area as MakersPlace. Async gallery has programmable art, which is one of the newest trends within NFTs.

Corporations are rushing to purchase virtual land, and virtual worlds are experiencing a boom. Dominos is one example. It launched the first augmented-reality pizza shop. Many other companies are also taking the augmented reality route, just like Dominos. Virtual galleries have the potential to thrive as more people go online for shopping, networking, and work.

Displaying your NFT art can be done in many ways. The choice you make will depend on your personal preferences, financial situation, and availability. The display of NFT art is in rapid development.

NFTs can be displayed on digital frames and monitors, but the future seems to lie in virtual worlds. If you are looking to show your artwork to a wider audience, it may be worth focusing on virtual reality.

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