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Musicians Are Very Interested in NFT Music – Find Out Why

NFTs are the trending craze of this modern era. People are getting so addicted to the NFT world that it is growing rapidly over time. The profit artists don’t earn from the real world is provided to them by the NFT platform. No wonder it has created a huge impact among people in the present world. 

Anything and everything can be an NFT artwork as long as it has uniqueness. Music is one such NFT artwork. The growing trend of the NFTs music industry is remarkable. Musicians are prioritizing the NFT world over the real world these days. 

Through NFT platforms, the audience can buy the unique music of their favorite artists. They can participate in the auctions of the arts of their favorite musician. Fans and musicians can both get extra privileges through NFT. The continuous growth of the 

NFTs music industry has the potential to leave behind the traditional music industry. 

This article will demonstrate to you the details regarding the NFT music world and where you can start trading your works. 

What Does NFT Music Mean?

NFT’s are known worldwide as Non-fungible Tokens. It is another form of cryptocurrency. NFT stays in the blockchain network working as a certificate of people’s ownership. It earned fame when digital arts began to sell for million bucks a few years back. 

So what does NFT mean? NFT refers to arts that are absolutely unique and resistant to copy. Anything being a masterpiece and irreplaceable is known as NFT. NFT music is no different than this. 

Any music which implies uniqueness and non-interchangeable feature by another is a piece of NFT music. You can take the original recordings of music as an example. The original recordings of any music are the masterpieces termed NFT. But when it comes to their copy, those are not NFTs as they are copy-prone. 

What Benefits Can You Earn through NFT Music?

In this world, only the music industry has the power to bring people together irrespective of nation, religion, caste, and creed. A person can get international recognition through his pieces of music if it’s a hit. But, the profit they earn is less in contrast to the popularity it earns. And NFT music industry came forward to make up for the gap between these two things. 

Here are some of the positive sides of NFT music that you need to know. 

1. Gives You a Chance to Reach More Audiences

The prime advantage of NFT music is that it can boost access for you. You can reach out to your desired fanbase and audiences more through NFT music. Earlier, the musicians had to publish their arts depending on the record levels. Now, they can simply convert it into an NFT and sell it to their fans. 

There is a plus point for you if you are already a famous musician with a separate fanbase. Popular musicians these days choose the NFT marketplace as a platform to grow more. They sell their work, labeling it a unique masterpiece that is not copy-prone. If you are not a famous one, you can still grow over time with NFT. 

2. It Helps in the Authentication of Tickets

Did you know among all the sources of earning concerts was one of the most effective ones? Musicians also found a chance to meet and interact with their fans. Unfortunately, this ongoing pandemic harmed this: the swindler’s scam musicians and their fans in the case of digital concerts. 

You can convert your concert ticket into NFT. This will help your ticket to be authentic. Also, the buyer and sellers will get the profit they deserve. 

3. It Motivates the Rising Stars

Artists who are emerging in the NFTs music industry can benefit a lot through NFT. Emerging artists of real life don’t get the appreciation they deserve. But in the NFT world, artists sell their work in the marketplaces and earn profits. The value of arts keeps increasing in NFT. 

4. Proof of Ownership

As you know, there are too many copyrights and plagiarism issues these days. People can work hard but lose their work if there’s the slightest similarity with any other work. In the case of NFT music, it can prove your ownership. It keeps the originality of your music preserved so no one can plagiarize your work. 

5. It Ensures You with Smart Contracts and Licenses

This is the biggest advantage of NFT music you can ever come across. Any musician can release their song or digital file and NFT to earn money. Later on, the buyer gains this file. However, the seller can issue a smart card and license to reuse the song as per the buyer’s conditions. 

6. Helps You with the Distribution Cost

NFT music can cut down your distribution cost. As the musicians in the real world depend on producers for distribution purposes, they get a small amount of profit. But through the NFT music world, you can explore your work by signing up. It will grow both your profit and work’s value along with cutting down distribution costs. 

How Can You Create an NFT for Your Music? 

NFTs are quite profitable for high-standard musicians or artists. It has brought about a storming effect in the music industry. Musicians are working hard to use NFT to establish themselves and earn money. NFT music industry is a must to grow smoothly day by day.

NFT world allows you to showcase your talent for music creations. You can make NFTs of unreleased tracks or create concert tickets. Anything and everything is possible as long as you have a passion for music. You can also save your music works from swindlers through NFT. 

You may take the following steps to build NFT for your music. 

1) You can choose to go to rarible.com as this site is one of the best for this operation. You will find a form out there. Fill out that form as it requires. 

2) You will find an option on the right side of the top corner. The option gives you a create button. Tap on that option. 

3) For musicians, there are two options of creating single collectibles or several collectibles. Choose the one you prefer. 

  • What are single and several collectibles? 

Single collectibles refer to the creation of creating just one piece of collectible that results in a unique NFT. You will need to pay a one-time minting fee only. 

Several collectibles refer to more than one music, and you can release multiple copies of the same asset. You are bound to pay the minting fee at once. 

4) Once you upload your file, add as maximum information as possible. For instance, fill in the title of your track, a detailed description. Also, add your asking royalties for secondary sales. You can add optional details like the file and alternative NFT text. 

You must mention the price for your work. 

5) Conclude by linking wallets (MetaMask is the preferable one). And, so, you will create the NFT. 

However, you can follow a better way of turning your music into an NFT. Let’s delve deeper and learn how to do it:

Step to Step Guide to Make Your Music an NFT

1. Decide on Your Music

You need to first decide on your music type. Some people prefer to turn their album into an NFT, while others prefer mixtape or EP . So. you need to choose what you are willing to convert into an NFT. 

2. Go to Your Preferred Blockchain

There are too many blockchains out there for you to use in the NFT world. The blockchain you will choose will have its own NFT token protocol. Also, every blockchain has its own marketplace and wallet service. So, choose the one you think is easier for you. 

3. Connect Your Wallet

 If you want to use the NFT marketplaces, Wallet is a must. You can use TrustWallet at the start to remove your fear or stress. Later on, you need to connect your Wallet to the NFT marketplace. You can use the built-in DApp browser for completing this task. 

4. Make a Deposit

You need to make a deposit in your Wallet. Especially when you use the BSC, you need to make sure that your Wallet contains 0.03 BNB. 

5. Mint the Music You Selected

You should fill up the required details for your music. You will find the details at the Mint Artwork option in the BSC area for the artist. Go through the agreement area. You need to authorize the transaction once you are done uploading your file. And so, you successfully released your first NFT music in the NFT music industry. 

You can choose the price for your NFT overtime. You can virtually keep all the money you earn through music to yourself—shoutout to NFT. Musicians have been surviving this pandemic through their arts. Musicians find the golden opportunity to get acknowledged by audiences worldwide through NFT. 

Top 13 NFT Music Sites at Present

Recently approximately 80 billion USD came from the primary sales of NFT music. And this is proof that NFT music possesses the potential to dominate the NFT world in the upcoming years. They say NFT already showed its capability to reshape the music industry.

NFT music industry is getting more popular day by day because it allows artists to interact more efficiently and independently with their fans than the traditional ones. 

If you are a music artist who needs knowledge regarding NFT music marketplaces and platforms, this is for you. Here’s a list of the top 12 NFT sites you need to discover for yourself. 

1. OpenSea

This is the number one marketplace in the NFT world, the largest of all. Their NFT music industry is the most active one at present. There is no restriction to its access as anyone can do so. Not only that, you can create and sell your NFT without any dilemma because it requires no gas fee at all. 

The blockchain type for this platform is Ethereum blockchain. They provide you with three payment systems. These are ETH, WETH, and DAI payment methods. You have to give a platform fee which is 2,5%. 

The best part about OpenSea is that it is suitable for any creator with any size and budget. You will have the option for Buy it now and Timed auction styles. 

2. Origin Protocol

Last year this platform earned the second-biggest marketplace recognition in the NFT world. Another mentionable achievement of this site is that it became the official partner of one of the biggest platforms in the world, Amazon. They work toward a higher degree of NFT products customization. Also, they intend to lower the fees so that every category of creators can gain access to it. 

The type of blockchain of Origin Protocol is Ethereum. You can pay by ETH, DAI, or OGN methods. It prefers users who have a specific campaign in their minds. Besides, if you are a proficient tech and crypto user, you are on the right platform.  

3. NFT Showroom

It is a cheap platform providing fast service built on Hive. It makes the collection and creation of rare NFT pretty much easier. It is easy to operate and open for everyone to use. You can work with any style of art and skill you have. 

You can create tokens through private options or limited reproduction rights. It asks you to pay a 10% commission charge when you sell your first art. Also, you have to give off a 5% commission for your secondary sale. So, you can get started by creating a Hive account and keychain. 

4. Super Rare

This digital platform works for the betterment and maintenance of the NFT music section. It is curated in nature and is not accessible for all creators. It has a selective creator acceptance tendency.

It provides you with the ETH payment system. However, the platform fee can be an issue for many creators. It requires you to pay a fee of 15% to the gallery and 3% to the marketplace. It will allow you access only if you are an established artist or a creator who has a sizable fanbase.   

It gives you four auction styles options. You can go for scheduled auctions or reserve auctions. You can also choose between open-ended offers or buy it now auction. You need to maintain 10% royalties of the secondary sales. 

5. Nifty Gateway

It concluded approximately 50% of NFT music sales from the start till now. However, this platform is one of the toughest of all. The reason is it requires you to be one of the highest caliber artists and celebrities for getting acceptance. The blockchain type of Nifty gateway is Ethereum. 

For the payment, you can choose any type you prefer. Their payment system includes ETH, debit card, and credit card. Note that you need to pay a platform fee of 5% plus 30 cents for every secondary sale. They have three auction styles (Buy it now, Timed and Silent). 

6. Rarible

You can easily gain access to this platform. It mainly focuses on digital artwork collectibles. However, at present, this platform has gained a huge volume of NFT music sales. You need to pay a platform fee of 2,5% here. 

The payment methods are of 4 types. You can choose anyone between ETH, WETH, DAI, RARI, or ATRI. They provide you with the auction styles, namely buy it now and open-ended offers. As you already know, any creator with any budget and size can use it. 

7. Foundation

It came into existence this year. It is a creative community platform for people who wants to work in the NFT music industry. Being opened recently, they already succeeded in selling art for $590,000. They have the option to pick artists and invite other artists. 

This platform allows you to collaborate with others and get split payments. However, you have to pay a small amount of gas fee. Also, the marketplace fee you got to pay is 15%. The sale type you will find here is only that of auction styles. 

8. Makersplace

It focuses on collecting unique NFT artworks. Any category artist can find their required facilities out here. They are working toward simplifying the blockchain so that artists earn maximum profit. You need to pay a 15% profit of your each earning to them. 

You will earn 10% royalties if your work gets resold. However, you need to pay 2.5% to the platform. You need to pay gas fees and credit card fees. You can place auctions or fixed prices for your artworks. 

9. Mintable 

It is a popular platform to trade your music with a gasless minting system. This platform is Ethereum-Blockchain-based, allowing only ETH payment methods. It has three auction styles. These are Traditional ones, buy it now and timed auctions. 

When you conclude your secondary sales, you will receive a royalty of 5% for each of them. The blockchain type for mintable is Ethereum and Zilliqa. There is no collaboration payment available. You will have to pay a 10% platform fee.

10. Decentraland

This platform aims to pass ownership to the real owners for their creations. It is a decentralized platform providing artists money for the things they create on their own. If the community feels the urge to change the privacy policy, they can vote for it. There are many assets available in the marketplace of Decentraland. 

It allows you to buy virtual lands or sell them as per your wish. It saves your assets in the smart contract. 

11. Opulous

This NFT music platform came into existence through Ditto music. Ditto music wants to create a platform for the artists and their fanbase to earn money. It wants its users to sell royalties embedded in songs or albums so that their fans can become stakeholders in musical arts. 

This will help in the promotion of NFT music to a great extent. 

This exists in the blockchain Algorand. You have only one payment choice, and it is $OPUL. It doesn’t focus on every artist. Opulous strive for artists who want to grow closer to their fanbase. 

12. Audius

This platform helps the artists in streaming purposes. Artists get revenue from the live streams as their payment. It helps by creating timestamps of the artist’s contents. Not only that, you and your fans can become the node operators through this platform. 

The payment system of Audius is $AUDIO. It mainly focuses on becoming the largest B-side content platform. It made a collaboration with Tiktok last year for further growth. The blockchain consists of Ethereum and Solana. 

13. OneOf 

It is an NFT music exchange that requires a low fee from its users. The blockchain of one of has more democracy of the energy than others. You can get a vast range of buying options here. Even a person with a low budget can get enthusiastic about connecting to the NFT music industry through this site.  

The blockchain type of one is known as Tezos. You can either go through the payment process with credit cards or debit cards. This platform didn’t set any high standards for you to gain access to it. You can use it if you are a high-profile artist and just a music enthusiast. 

In a Few Words

The pace at which the NFT world grows can soon win over the traditional music industry. The more people will learn about the benefits of the NFTs music industry, the more they will get attracted to it. The fact that NFTs growth is enhancing so rapidly is not surprising as it has many benefits. Anyone who has a passion for publishing amazing works can earn a million bucks through NFT. 

This writing has answers to why you should join the NFTs music platform and how. Also, it has detailed information on where you can publish your works. You should hurry and get into action to earn maximum profits. Hopefully, you earned enough benefits by reading this. 

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