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The Most Expensive NFT Trading Cards and Making One for Your Own

Trading cards have always been a craze for collectors. A card holding a picture of a sportsman or other prominent people has always attracted collectors to invest money for collecting it. As everything is digitalized in this era, trading cards have also been digitalized and turned into NFT trading cards. This thing is famous to the collectors just like its physical version.

What is a Trading Card?

A trading card is a tiny size card with a picture of a Famous person, place, or thing that comes with a short description of the picture. A trading card or trade card is made of paperboard, or thick paper was used initially in the late 19th century to advertise different things, including soft drinks or mouth freshener packaged with cigarettes. However, when baseball became popular as a professional sport, the trading cards became baseball cards, with baseball players’ pictures usually sold in packets of candy or tobacco products.

What is an NFT Trading Card?

An NFT trading card is a digital version of a physical trading card. NFT, which stands for non-fungible tokens, refers to the individual ownership of digital contents, including audios, videos, pictures, collectibles, etc., available on a cryptocurrency blockchain. NFT can be any digital file, and buying an NFT ensures only you are the owner of this digital file. So, NFT trading cards are cards with a picture of a famous person and a short description, but they are not tangible. They come in digital format. Buying an NFT trading card will allow you to have a digital file of the card instead of having it physically.

Some of The Most Famous and Valuable NFT Trading Cards

Many NFT trading cards are available on different blockchains, but some of them acquired extra significance due to being most famous and valuable. In this section of the article, we will learn about some NFT trading cards that hold massive value and vast popularity.

NBA Top Shot

NBA Top Shot NFT trading cards are the most expensive trading cars on the market. NBA fans can trade, sell, and purchase NFTs of memorable moments from the league NBA Top Shot NFT marketplace. NFT highlight clips serve likewise to trading cards. Fans can buy NFT packs of moments, equivalent to buying packs of classic trading cards.

NBA Top Shot trading cards NFT has sold more than $500 million. The most pricey moment of NBA Top Shot was worth $1,000,000, which described the moment of Derric Rose driving beyond the adversary team’s defenders employing his intense skills, and jumping up to perform a reverse layup for the goal. Collectors spent $535,000 for another moment, a LeBron James dunk against the Houston Rockets. This moment inspired the NBA Top Shot’s second most expensive NFT trading card.

Curio Cards

Curio Cards is a collection of 30 digital NFT trading cards with artwork by seven different artists and one of the most valuable NFT cards so far. The collection is significant for another reason as well. On the Ethereum blockchain, they were one of the first NFT art projects to be completed.

Curio Cards are valuable due to their rarity. Only 29,700 cards were printed, with an estimated 4,000 cards lost or destroyed due to various causes. As a result, the 30-card series’ supply traverses from 111 to 2,000 each card. In 2021, a full collection of cards was sold for more than $1.2 million.

Candy Digital

Major League Baseball’s official NFT platform is Candy Digital. Fans and collectors can purchase, sell, and exchange fully licensed MLB NFTs. Candy Digital also allows 13 Nascar Cup Teams to create NFTs as well by giving licenses to them.

The company also forges and sells computerized sports memorabilia pieces in addition to sports trading cards. Digital articles like jerseys and plays of the day, as well as personalized incidents like launching a pitch in your favorite team’s stadium, are among the NFT trading cards.

So Rare

So Rare’s NFT trading cards are one of the most costly, and people celebrated NFT cards. So Rare is a digital soccer game where players utilize NFT player cards to buy, barter, trade, and govern a virtual team. It makes use of Ethereum-based blockchain technology.

Users can play a virtual game with teams of five soccer players on this fantasy soccer game site. It obtained the rights to several European soccer powers and the MLS, Korean, and Japanese soccer leagues, authorizing gamers to build teams using their favorite players.

Axie Infinity

Axie Infinity is a viral NFT game that contains valuable NFT trading cards. A fictional character Axie Infinity is created by Axie. Players can collect, combat, raise species, commerce, and develop a digital kingdom for their creatures, known as Axies. Trading cards can be used to offer their Axies new skills. There are around 130 trade cards in the game, separated into six core classes and three secondary classes.

Each Axie is also a one-of-a-kind NFT. Players can generate more valuable Axis by employing cards that improve their skills. A single Axie was initially worth over $800,000, while a plot of digital land in the Axie Infinity metaverse was worth over $2.3 million.

Gods Unchained

Gods Unchained is the world’s first multiplayer blockchain-based free-to-play game created on the Ethereum blockchain. This is also an NFT trade game that allows its users to get dazzling NFT cards.

Gamers must employ strategies to outplay their rivals by building trade card decks in wars with other players. Users own their digital NFT cards and can purchase, sell, trade, or use them any way they choose.

God Unchained is a play-to-earn game where users acquire in-game items (NFTs) that they may then sell for real money. The NFT trade cards that players make in the game can also be sold, which is considered an advanced feature.

Crypto Strikers

Crypto Strikers is another famous NFT trading cards collection known as Wrapped Strikers. This NFT trading card project is significant because it is the first sports NFT project on the Ethereum blockchain. Being a collection of 10,261 digital soccer trading cards, Crypto Strikers feature 100 players in the 2018 Fifa World Cup. This NFT cards collection offers a limited mint in the Iconic Set that includes 32 of the world cup players.

Launched in June 2018, for highlighting the 2018 Fifa World Cup, Crypto Strikers get another name of Wrapper Strikers because these NFTs are created using weak and early version ERC-721, which is deficient and caused these NFTs to be not compatible with plenty of the protocols of NFTs.

Due to using early technology, each NFT of this soccer trading cards collection is required to be “wrapped” to be minted on the modern NFT marketplaces like OpenSea. There is an option to unwrap the card to take it back to the old form.

Benn Gurton and Gianni Settino are the creators of this soccer NFT cards collection. These trading cards are must collectible items for sports fans. Strikers. Auction is the official website of this NFT trading card project.

Spells of Genesis (SoG)

Spells of Genesis (SoG) NFT trading cards can be found in the first blockchain-based NFT mobile game of history called Spells of Genesis (SoG). As the cards are available in this game, they are named according to them.

SoG was minted in 2017, a point-and-shoot style of the arcade game. This game holds Trading Card Game (TCG) features. Players encounter their enemies by making the most robust desk through gathering and assembling cards.

The players of SoG can have NFT trading cards in their wallets. Moreover, collecting in-game cards through buying and minting them later gives the players a great opportunity as NFT lovers.

The gameplay demands the players to collect NFT cards and assemble them to make a deck that is used to overpower enemies while discovering the fantasy realm of Askian.

Trading cards with other contesters and rearranging existing decks are also allowed in this game. Characters are found in NFT cards, and their skills help you win the game. In Spells of Genesis, every player start the game with a deck of four cards. After assembling, these four cards can be used to level them up and free the lock of blockchanization.

Need to mention here SoG includes the criteria of minting cards as blockchainization, which refers to changing in-game cards into NFT format. You can also buy gems as in-game currencies while playing SoG.

The official site of this game is SpellsofGenesis.com, and these play-to-earn NFT cards are available to purchase on their official profile at the acclaimed marketplace OpenSea.

Age of Chains

Age of Chains NFT trading cards has been available for almost six years on the blockchain after being minted in 2016. They are NFT trading cards that belong to a game, just like several other trading cards collections. Age of Chains NFT trading cards is created on the Bitcoin blockchain and available on the game’s official website AgeofChains.com.

The game players try to establish strong decks of these play to earn NFT cards. The game tells a story from the future of billion years, which describes the collisions of cultures in space. Players try to win over their opponents through the decks made with NFT trading cards in 1-on-1 wars.

The first card of The Age of Chains NFT trading cards collection is the Woodcoin’s Guardian, released in November 2016. These cards are created on the Bitcoin blockchain that utilizes Counterparty protocol. Any common address of Bitcoin can help you collect Age of Chains cards.

Streamstars UG, a company from Berlin, developed the Age of Chains game where you will find those attractive cards. Age of Chains NFT trading cards is not as active as other NFT trading cards collections.

But creators of the game are currently working on making a 3D enabled kinaesthetic communicator, a prototype of Age of Chains. This prototype will contribute to the development of the game.

Age of Chains official site offers to buy their NFTs. These cards can also be found at NFT marketplace OpenSea.

Bitcorn Crops

Bitcorn Crops NFT trading cards are the valuable parts of the Bitcorn game, a game of accumulation. Minted for the first time on January 30, 2018, there are 278 NFT trading cards in the Bitcorn game, which a player tries to collect to win the game.

These NFT trading cards are created by on the Counterparty protocol, and their official site is Bitcorns.com. These NFT cards are meme cards accessible to the players of the Bitcorn.

The story of the game is simple. The player needs to collect as much Bitcorn as possible. The most bicorn collector is the winner. For collecting bitcorns a player needs to have crops. NFT cards of this game help players get crops from the peasants.

The Bitcorn game gives you the opportunity to build Bitcorn farm addresses on Bitcorns.com. Harvesting corn to gain a Bitcorn reward can be possible if you have a farm. When playing, which means harvesting crops, the game allows players to customize their farm’s appearance, name, settings, and game’s assets.

The Rare Pepe

The Rare Pepe NFT trading cards collection is one of the oldest NFTs, minted in 2016 on the Bitcoin blockchain. This collection includes the popular Pepe memes and is interchanged as XCP assets.

Matt Furie created this Pepe frog in 2005, which became so popular quickly. He didn’t know memes at that time, but his created Pepe frog is considered one of the coolest memes of history now.

After minting in 2016, the first Rare Pepe trading card of Series 1 and Card 1 with the picture of a green Satoshi Nakamoto, named RARE PEPE NAKAMOTO, was sold for 111.1 ETH, which is 352,626.96 in dollars on August 29, 2021.

There are 36 series in the Rare Pepe collection with different scarcities and quantities. These NFT trading cards are available on the blockchain using the Counterparty protocol.

These NFTs also need to be wrapped to function at the OpeanSea platform. Buyers can use Emblem Vault, a decentralized wallet, to keep together different blockchain tokens into one token. This allows the collectors to buy and sell NFT tokens from any blockchain on any Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM).

Due to vast supplies of over 100,000 units, Rare Pepe cards lost their uniqueness and demand.

Creating Your Own NFT Trading Cards

With the increasing popularity of NFT trading cards, you can also want to make your own cards, and it’s not that hard. You can create your own NFT trading cards using the SettleMint platform, a blockchain platform. Creating smart contracts for your NFT trading cards and minting them using this platform is near at hand. Keep reading the article, and you will know how to create SettleMint’s “Meta dogs” NFT trading cards step by step.

The first task you have to do is choose a network to create trading cards, and joining a public blockchain network is the right decision. There are plenty of networks that are SettleMint allowed, including all Enterprise Ethereum supported networks, along with the public Ethereum, Avalanche, Binance Smart Chain, and Polygon Mainnets and Testnets. The authority of SettleMint is planning to support Tezos, Hyperledger Fabric, and others shortly.

Now you have to pick a mainnet and Testnet to create trading cards. As OpenSea, the biggest NFT marketplace where we will mint your cards, supports both Polygon and Ethereum; you can use any one of them as Mainnet and Testnet. But we advise you to use Polygon because it is comparatively faster and contains low gas fees. So, you will use the Polygon Mainnet and Polygon Mumbai Testnet to create your NFT trading cards.

Now it’s time to select your infrastructure for creating your meta dogs trading card. You have to choose a specific kind of infrastructure to utilize for your Mainnet and Testnet, where you will establish the network of your blockchain and nodes. The Mainnet and Testnet can be shared, dedicated, on-premise, or Bring Your Own Cloud (BYOC) according to the types you will use for your infrastructure.

When choosing shared infrastructure, you will require selecting the cloud provider. You better choose Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud, and Azure as your cloud provider because SettleMint only supports them.

You will also select a region with the cloud provider, and these three providers have options for different regions and cities.

The resource pack that includes memory, vCPU, and disk space will need to be selected while executing this step.

Now it’s time to Set up storage with IPFS. IPFS stands for InterPlanetary File System and contains the NFT trading cards and all types of NFTs. That’s why you need to assemble your cards’ storage with IPFS in this stage by building an IPFS node. You have to choose the type of infrastructure, cloud provider and region, and a suitable resource pack just like the previous stage.

You are now required to perform another step. To accomplish this step, you will need to create and fund private keys because it ensures the security of your funds and smart contracts of NFTs. Though you can use keys built not in the SettleMint platform, the best option is to create private keys in this platform as it eases the way to interact with the nodes you started on the same platform, SettleMint. HSM keys and Accessible keys are most popular due to having lots of exciting features.

Keys created on the SettleMint platform demand funding. Using a controller, the Polygon Mumbai testnet will give you the chance to have a free Matic, which is SettleMint’s native cryptocurrency. But using keys on the mainnet will require your own fund and transfer of true Matic to your NFT wallet.

You are about to perform another step now. This step will ask you to check the status and metrics of your networks, nodes, smart contract sets, and storage. The SettleMint platform has a wide range of metrics, and it gives you access to all the data to link to your node, with the chance to accomplish JSON-RPC calls easily.

Now, you will write a smart contract of your NFT trading cards using the IDE of SettleMint. IDE is software used to join all popular dev tools into one graphical user interface (GUI) to construct applications.

The unique IDE of SettleMint owns a collection of smart contract templates, including an ERC-721 token and trading cards already created that can be used instantly. ERC-721 trading card template provides you with the opportunity to put traits of the cards that deal with scarcity. Choosing infrastructure, cloud provider and region, and resource pack is also essential even in this stage of creating your own NFT trading cards.

Defining the diverse aspects of your cards, including their scarcity, is possible with the ERC-721 trading card smart contract template. Each non-fungible token uses a JSON file to cache metadata.

Now, this is the last step. In this stage, you are now ready to create your valuable NFT trading cards and mint these NFTs. The IDE possesses packaged scripts to examine, organize, and deploy the smart contract to your preferred Testnet or Mainnet. Setting up a Testnet and verifying the contract on that Testnet is important for you before arranging the production.

With the deployment of the smart contract, generating distinct trading cards gets ensured, and minting of every NFT on the smart contract occurs. You’ll be able to see the individual images, and SettleMint stores the metadata files in the File Manager in its Storage department, thoroughly ready to transfer into a marketplace like OpenSea.

All procedures to create an NFT trading card are over. Now it’s high time you listed your NFT trading card on an NFT marketplace. A wallet customized with the right network is needed to list your trading cards in big marketplaces. For instance, you can use Metamask as your wallet.

Copy your smart contract address and register your smart contract at any marketplace after copying its address, and you are ready to sell your NFT trading cards. And yes! Don’t forget to set the price of your cards.

Is Investing in NFT Trading Cards a Good Idea?

NFT trading cards become more costly and desirable according to their scarcity and uniqueness. Based on this trait, digital cards are not different from physical cards. You have to learn lots of features and trends of the NFT marketplace before investing money on NFT trading cards via buying them in the hope you will make profits selling the cards. Without enough knowledge about the NFT marketplaces and NFT trading cards, you can buy ordinary cards that won’t return your money, being not attractive. However, if you can identify which NFT trading card will shake the market, invest in it without hesitation. You are going to make a considerable fortune.

Wrapping Up

Plenty of NFT trading cards exists on the NFT marketplaces that are valuable and popular. If you are interested in trading the NFT cards, you must have sound knowledge about the cards as unique cards will help you profit, while ordinary cards will make you lose your invested money. Creating your own NFT trading cards will also work if you are an expert in NFT technology.

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