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What is Axie Infinity? (AXS)

It is 2021 and you can make money playing games or breeding virtual pets. Axie Infinity can be viewed as a combination of card games, CryptoKitties, and Pokemon.

Axie Infinity, an NFT game, and ecosystem is built on the Ethereum blockchain. The native cryptocurrencies of Axie Infinity Shard and Smooth Love Potion are ERC-20 tokens (AXS and SLP). AXS can be used to establish governance, while SLP can be used to breed new Axies. On the Binance Smart Chain (BSC), AXS can also be purchased as BEP-20 tokens.

Every Axie creature is unique and has its own class. It also comes with different body parts, stats, and other attributes. You will need to have a group of Axies, which can either be purchased or given by another player. Your tokens and NFTs can be stored in an Ethereum wallet or RoninWallet. The Ronin sidechain facilitates fast transactions and allows players to transact tokens or Axies directly without the Ethereum blockchain. This reduces transaction costs.

You will be able to buy Land NFTs in the future. Both AXS, as well as SLP, can be purchased on Binance. They can also be transferred to your Ronin wallet. To send tokens from your Ethereum wallet to a Ronin Wallet, you can use the Ronin Bridge.


Axie Infinity, a continuation of the CryptoKitties concept, is an Ethereum A collectible game that is blockchain-based. It has been growing steadily since 2018. Axie Infinity Shard is a token that represents the Axie Infinity ecosystem. It has been growing since 2018. AXS is an acronym for Axie Infinity Shard (AXS). ERC-20 Governance token launched November 2020. AXS tokens are available for purchase, trading, and earning by playing the game. AXS rewards will be given to the highest-ranking players at the end of each season. ERC-721 Tokens Smooth Love Potion An ERC-20 token. SLP is a part of the play to earn movement. This allows gamers to make a steady income by simply playing Axie Infinity.

What is Axie Infinity?

The game characters in the Axie Infinity ecosystem are called Axies. They are non-fungible tokens (NFT) You own them and have full control. They can be stored in your crypto wallet or transferred to other Ethereum addresses. You can also trade them with other players through a blockchain-based market. The game also features Axies and virtual land, which can be transferred to other Ethereum addresses or traded with other players using a blockchain-based marketplace.

The Adventure mode (PvE-Player vs. Enemy) allows players to use Axie groups within the ecosystem. Environment) to defeat monsters in Lunacia, the Axie Incendiary kingdom. You can also select Arena mode (PvP-Player vs. To battle other Axie trainers, the player can also choose Arena mode (PvP – Player vs. You win an asset called Smooth Love Potion, which can be used to breed Axies. SLP can also be traded on platforms like Binance as an ERC-20 token. New players may face a barrier to entry due to the relatively high prices of Axie and sometimes high Ethereum gas prices. The Ronin Ethereum Sidechain This will help to reduce the problem.

What is the Axie Infinity Shard? (AXS)

AXS (Axie Infinity Shard), a governance token that allows holders to stake and receive AXS rewards, is the AXS coin. These rewards are paid out of the Community Treasury. This is a collection of marketplace fees and in-game purchases. There will be 270,000,000 AXS. Some tokens were reserved for the public sale, others for play-to-earn and Sky Mavis, as well as project advisors. Just under 60,000,000 was the initial supply at public sale. It is anticipated that the number of tokens will increase each year until 2026.

Use cases for AXS

Axie Infinity aims to be a mature and engaging game with strong communities and a thriving ecosystem. Axie Infinity is a great gaming experience for fans of Final Fantasy and Pokemon.

Axie Infinity had one million active users per day in August 2021. The number of daily active players grew to two million within two months. It will be a great asset to the ecosystem if the game has a larger player base. The Ronin sidechain, as we mentioned earlier, has been already implemented to encourage more growth. The future version of the sidechain that is free to play should do the same.

Axie Infinity players can earn both AXS tokens and SLP tokens by playing. These tokens can be used to exchange for other cryptocurrencies. Axie Infinity is already a popular game that makes money for many gamers.

How to store AXS

AXS can be stored in any ERC-20 compatible software wallet, such as Trust your wallet, Binance Chain Wallet Exodus, and hardware wallets like Trezor One Or Ledger Nano X . Axie Infinity wallets, such as the Ronin wallet, can be used to store AXS.

What is Smooth Love Potion?

Smooth Love Potion (SLP), an ERC-20 token, is available on the Ethereum network. The main source of income for players is the SLP tokens. These tokens can be used to breed new Axies or sold. You can earn the token by completing daily quests or battling other players. Once used for breeding, the SLP tokens can be burned and you have a limit on how many you can farm each day.

Use cases for SLP

Three main applications of SLP drive their demand:

  1. This allows users to create new Axies by combining two existing Axies. It is necessary to use a certain number of Smooth Love Potions, depending on the breed count of the two-parent Axies.
  2. The token can be used to reward users for reaching higher levels with their Axies or completing quests.
  3. SLP holders have the ability to speculate on the price and trade it via crypto exchanges such as Binance.

What is a Ronin wallet?

Ronin wallet is a Crypto wallet That operates on Ronin Ethereum Sidechain . It is a browser extension that allows for interaction with the AxieInfinity Decentralized Application (DApp). . The Ronin chain makes Ethereum much more affordable than it is to play Axie Infinity or interact with its smart contract. Ethereum can have high fees and traffic. Other games that use the Ronin Blockchain are compatible with the Ronin wallet.

What is the Ronin Bridge?

You can transfer tokens from Ethereum to the Ronin sidechain with the Ronin Bridge. Sending ETH to the blockchain will result in wrapped ETH. This can then be used to purchase Axie creatures and SLP. Tokens can be transferred from the Ronin blockchain into Ethereum for sale on markets such as Binance.

These are the exact reasons we have Axie Infinity’s play-to-earn system. Farmers are willing and able to earn the token as well as users willing to pay. Anyone can earn an income by creating simple ways to farm SLP with an Axie starter group.

How to start with Axie Infinity by using the Ronin Bridge

You will need to deposit some Ethereum into your Ronin wallet if you wish to buy your first Axies team. You’ll also need Ronin, which is a sidechain. Wrap Your ETH ( WETH ) with the Ronin Bridge. Three steps are required to complete the process: 1. Buying Ethereum from Binance. 2. The Ronin bridge can help you connect your ETH to the Ronin bridge. 3. Access the Axie Marketplace using your WETH. KYC And AML .

How to transfer ETH from Ronin Wallet to your wallet

1. Log in to Binance, click on the “Trade” tab and select the [Classic] trading view.

how to connect to ronin

2. Click on the trading pair to the left, and then type ETH into the search bar. Select the appropriate ETH pair in this case: [ETH/BUSD].

trade eth to busd

3. You can purchase your Ethereum with the order type you prefer. We chose the simplest way to do this using an ATM. Market order. To submit an order, click [Buy Ethereum]

trade eth

How to connect ETH and the Ronin Bridge

1. If you don’t have one, you will need to create one. You will need a wallet capable of connecting to DApps. Both MetaMask and Binance Chain wallet are good options.

2. Click on the [Wallet] tab to begin bridging your Ethereum. Select [Fiat or Spot] from the menu.

trade eth

3. Click [Withdraw] on the search engine for Ethereum


4. Enter the Ethereum ERC-20 address that you wish to deposit to. This is the address you will use to deposit your external crypto wallet.

erc20 address

5. Click on the [Network] box and select [Ethereum (20ERC20).

select network

6. To send your Ethereum, check the details of the transaction and click “Withdraw”.


7. Next, create a Ronin wallet. It’s available only as a browser extension, and not as a desktop client. Beware of scams Ronin is currently not available for mobile users.

8. Go to the Website Ronin Bridge Click the [Deposit] link. The pop-up will prompt you to connect your MetaMask wallet.

ronin bridge

9. Connect your wallet by clicking [Next].

connect metamask

10. In the [Ronin address] field, copy your Ronin wallet’s location.

ronin bridge

11. Click the [Asset] button to select the asset that you wish to deposit. In this example, we will deposit ETH.

ronin assets

12. Click [Next] at the bottom to confirm your details. Your tokens will be transferred to your Ronin wallet.

13. You must create an Axie team before you can start playing. Log in to Axie Marketplace and select the Ronin wallet option. If you have never opened an Axie Account before, this is what you will need to do. You’ll be given instructions on how you can open an account if this is your first time logging into Axie.

login with ronin wallet

How to purchase an Axie from the Axie Marketplace

1. The Marketplace Select the Axie that you wish to buy. To view their stats, and other information, click on their avatar. To aid your search, you can also use filters to the left. We recommend that you research the game’s mechanics before purchasing your first Axies.

axie marketplace

2. To complete your purchase, go to Axie’s page and click the “Buy Now” button. To confirm the transaction, you will need to use your Ronin wallet extension.

buy axie

Remember that you need three Axies to build a complete team. You can find strategies and guides for building a team in the AxieInfinity community. Make sure you do your research before you spend any money.

How to Download Axie Infinity

Axie Infinity is available on Windows, macOS, and Android. You can download the game from the following link: Axie infinity Homepage

Click the [PLAY HERE] button at the top right.

axie infinity

The client will be automatically downloaded to your laptop or desktop computer. You will need TestFlight installed on your iPhone if you select the iOS version.

This will enable you to install apps still in development. You will need to download the.apk file from the splash screen for Android.

download axie client

Overview of the Axies

Each Axie is a small fantasy creature that combines a variety of attributes and characteristics. These include their stats and body parts, as well as their class. There are now 9 classes of Axies as of October 2021.

What are the base classes of Axie?

Axie Infinity offers nine classes. Three are special classes (shown in bold below) that do not have unique Body parts or Class Cards.

AquaticGroup 1
BirdGroup 1
DawnGroup 1
BugGroup 2
BeastGroup 2
MechGroup 2
PlantGroup 3
ReptileGroup 3
DuskGroup 3
Axie Classes

The class of an Axie is a key part of how it fights. Each class has weaknesses against other types of class but is stronger against the rest. Cards can also be associated with certain classes. They get a 10% attack bonus when they are used against weaker types.

Aquatic, Bird, and Dawn Axies can do more damage to Bug, Beast, and Mech Axies but take additional damage from Plant, Reptile, and Dusk classes. In other words, the Group 1 classes are stronger against Group 2 but weaker against Group 3.

The Group 2 Axies are strong in their fight against Group 3 but weak against Group 1. Final note: The Group 3 Axies are strong in their fight against Group 1 but weak against Group 2.

What are Axie Abilities/Cards and how do they work?

Axie Infinity has 132 cards that are associated with six of nine classes. The cards can be divided into their related body parts, range, cost, and cost. Any Axie class may use a card. However, bonus damage is available if the card is associated with their particular class.

What are Axie statistics?

There are many stats available to Axies that can be used to determine certain characteristics.

HPThis provides each Axie with their total health and hit points. More HP means that Axies can inflict more damage.
SkillCombination attacks are given bonus damage.
MoraleEvery Axie’s crucial strike chance depends on its Morale as well as how many Last Stands it has.
SpeedAxie’s that are faster in battle attack first. You are less likely to get a critical hit while defending if you have speed.
Axie Abilities

What are the body parts of Axie?

Each Axie is made up of six parts: the ears, eyes, horns, tail, back, mouth, and horns. These four body parts determine which cards your Axie may use in battle and also impact the creature’s stats.

What is the cost of playing Axie Infinity?

The cheapest Axies currently cost $130 US Dollars (in WETH) as of October 2021. You can start playing Axies with three creatures. To find out how much it costs for you to get started playing, visit the Axie Marketplace Sort by price

How to get Axies for free through scholarships

Two ways to get Axies for free are possible. You can also get scholarships from other players who offer free teams. The scholarship will give a portion of the Smooth Love Potion that they have earned to the donor. This is a very popular way to give out Axie accounts. It makes sense to put your Axie to good use.

Scholarships are managed and provided by other players and not the Axie Infinity group. You should exercise caution when deciding to enter one. CoinGecko You can find all available scholarships at this site. Once you have created your team, you will be able to use it in Adventure or Arena mode.

Only the Axies owner (the scholar manager) can claim the SLP tokens that you farm. It is up to them, however, to send your portion of the deal. Most cases, the earnings are split between scholars and managers.

You can also wait for Battles Version 2.0 to be released. The update will unlock new game modes and give you a free Axie that you can use to fight. These creatures can’t earn tokens for sale. You will need to either buy the team or receive a scholarship if you want to use Axie Infinity for a pay-to-earn strategy.

What factors affect Axie’s prices?

Prices for axes can vary from $130 to over $100,000. Their value is largely dependent on their utility and in-game power, but there is also speculation. Origin Axies that were created in the early days of the game are often worth more. Mythical axes that are more colorful and rarer are also available. Rarer attributes are more useful in-game, so they tend to be more expensive. The massive success of Axie Infinity has affected the market for creatures not only by players but also by NFT collectors.

How to start farming SLP with Axie Infinity

You can either farm SLP in Arena matches (PvP), or Adventure mode (PvE). You will need to spend energy if you engage in either of these activities. You’ll be unable to continue adventures to farm your SLP once your energy runs out.

The number of Axies that you have will determine how much energy you have. The main menu at top of the screen shows how much energy you have.

axie energy

1. Daily quests You will be rewarded 25 SLP. These tasks include completing a daily check-in, completing 10 Adventure modes levels, and winning five Arena matches.

2. The Adventure Mode (PvE). You can earn up to 50 SLP per day. You can earn up to 50 SLP per day depending on your level. SLP is awarded the first time you play a level. But, SLP is not guaranteed for future levels. You can be rewarded with SLP if you defeat bosses.

3. Arena (PvP). Your ranking determines how you are matched up against other players. Your ranking can also affect the amount of SLP that you earn per win. Every match costs energy so the SLP you can earn per day will depend on how many matches you play.

You can still play the game, even if your energy runs out. You won’t get any SLP rewards in PvP matches, nor will you get experience from PvE matches. You can still climb up the ranks and complete daily quests.

How to claim your SLP at Axie Infinity

You will need to manually claim your SLP once you have earned it. Your SLP can only be claimed once per 14 days.

1. Connect your Ronin wallet to the Axie Infinity homepage and choose [Claim Tokens] in the menu. Click [Claim SSL] to send the tokens to your Ronin account.

2. Check your account to make sure that your Ronin wallet has been connected. Click on [Claim Tokens] and then [Claim SLP].

claim slp

3. If you wish to sell your SLP, you can transfer it to your Ethereum wallet at this point. To avoid paying Ethereum gas fees, you can send the SLP directly to your Binance Roin wallet.

What is Axie Lands?

Axie Land is a parcel of land in Lunacia where the Axie creatures reside. The universe is a 301×301 grid that will be sold in multiple sales. 25% discount on the first sale. All prices will go up by 10% for future sales.

axie land

The pink squares will be home to world events, dungeons and chimera spawn sites. Luna’s Landing is an area on the map that can be used to create content and provide roads for travelers. You can purchase chests that contain different land types. Multiple chests purchased together will also include land in adjacent spaces.

How to transfer AXS from Ronin wallet to your own account

AXS can also be used to stake, breed, and manage governance. AXS can be sent directly from Binance to your Ronin account if you are a breeder, or want to start breeding Axies. This will help you save money on Ethereum gas and avoid the need to transfer funds to an external wallet. AXS can be purchased on Binance just like ETH.

1. Log in to Binance, hover over “Trade” and select either the [Classic] view or the [Advanced] view.

2. Next, hover your cursor over the trading pair displayed and then type AXS into the dropdown menu. Choose one of the available pairs. We’ll use [AXS/BUSD] in our example.

3. Select the order type you prefer and the amount that you wish to buy. This is a market order. After you confirm your order details, click [Buy AXS].

4. To withdraw to your Ronin wallet you will need to hover over [Wallet] and choose [Fiat or Spot].

5. Click [Withdraw] on the search results for AXS

6. Select the field “Network”.

7. Select the Ronin network from this selection.

8. You must ensure that you have read and understood the warning. The warning will need to be replaced. ronin: Prefix with 0x before proceeding.

9. Next, enter the amount that you wish to send and click “Withdraw”.

10. After the withdrawal is complete, you will see your WETH or AXS in your Ronin wallet. The tokens can be used to breed or buy Axies on their marketplace.

Closing thoughts

The continued popularity and playability of Axie Infinity are key to the future of SLP and AXS tokens. It is fun and well-designed, with plenty of potential for growth due to its reputation as a game that can be earned. It has been a success over the years.

The team is always working on new features and updates to attract more players. It is uncertain if Axie Infinity can continue to grow its userbase successfully, but it is definitely one of the most interesting NFT games available in the blockchain space.

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