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Why Everyone Wants to Make NFT Art and Make a Living

NFT artworks are a thing in the world now. You might find a work worthless by its visual. But this work earns millions of bucks out there in the NFT world. And this has become one of the most trending topics across the globe now.  

You can start your career through NFT artworks. You might find it a bit hectic and troublesome at the start. However, once you get familiar with it, you can find it very addicting. NFT artworks can give you the motivation and confidence you missed in your life. 

This writing will let you know about the details regarding NFT, how to make nft art, and many more things. So, let us kick off the conversation. 

Do You Know All about NFT?

NFT has taken over the world recently. It created a craze in the world that you probably do not realize yet. In fact, you can also hear this term for the first time. While some people are in a dilemma regarding NFT, others already took the taken very seriously. 

Many people have already earned a handsome amount of digital tokens through NFT. Unfortunately, others are lagging behind owing to their hesitance. But you can start anytime you want. The faster you get in, the more recognition you earn.

 NFT is the short form for Non-Fungible Token which means it is irreplaceable. NFT is a certificate of your authorization. It gives you the capability of owning unique pieces of valuables. For instance, you can buy a unique piece of art or a masterpiece of music or games, etc. 

Also, it is said to save your metadata stored in a blockchain. Here metadata means the date, day, size, encoding system, etc., details of yours. You can use NFT to retrieve original data later on. For instance, photos, videos, etc.

Note: Your transaction through NFT requires no central authority to carry it out. You can conclude the process directly with the involved person. And so, your transaction gets quicker and easier through NFT.

How Did NFT Create a Craze among the Crowd?

There are many such advantages of having an NFT. You might not have realized this till now. But these advantages can help you learn a little bit regarding the importance of NFT. 

We all have an artist hidden inside us. Unfortunately, we don’t get the desired place to flex our talent. This platform allows us to show our talent. You might not have a chance to sell your artworks in all marketplaces. NFT provides you with benefits here. You can publish your piece of work in the blockchain world. You should generate your brain with cool and unique ideas regarding arts. This way you can sell your work faster.

This might sound weird to you for a moment. But, this scenario is taking place around you at present. Some of you get motivated by different artists in the world. And you surely want to buy their works or things related to them. Well, the NFT platform gives you this opportunity. Also, your favorite artist earns some profits, all thanks to you. Apart from this, it gives you the right to post images as you prefer. And not to mention, you being the owner of an artwork is already your plus point.

You can see people craving profit in almost every field. It is not a bad thing, though. Do you think what’s wrong with selling something for profit? You earn extra money, and that’s okay. Add artworks to your collections. Wait for its resale value to go up. Sell it for more value when you feel it’s the right time. 

What’s the Benefit of Learning NFT Artwork?

Let’s assume you are a digital artist. Now you have a plan to flex your talent in the digital marketplace. And what’s better than publishing your work in the NFT world? The first thing you need to do for this is to learn how to create nft art.

You might think NFT artwork is a complicated process for the heaviness in its name. But it should be a piece of cake for you if you know the crypto world. Also, it is easier for you if you know how blockchain works. However, as a fresher, you can indeed find it tough to cope with at the start. 

You can ask now, why? Why should you learn NFT artwork? Is there even any benefit? Yes, there are plenty of benefits of learning NFT artwork. Some are given below for you. 

1. You Can Present Your Talent amidst a New Audience

When you are already an artist in the first place, you can have that exposure factor by entering into the NFT world. You know that NFT created hype in the world. Also, the government announced it as an official currency. It obviously has that importance for which it is recognized this much.  

People are getting more involved with the NFT world day by day. This field is having a smooth growth. When you get into this field, you establish yourself among a new audience. And not to mention, you already have your previous audiences with you. 

Also, if you are a beginner, you can add a spark to your career with the help of the NFT market. You can face difficulty in starting to make your work eye-catching to others. But with time, you can excel both in creating an NFT artwork and grabbing public attention.

2. You Get the Opportunity to Earn Money Forever

Every time you sell your artwork, you earn a handsome amount of money. And if your work is worth appreciation, people will surely recommend them to others. If you learn the NFT artwork and start selling it, the process will go on forever. And so you will continue earning the money you deserve. 

You need to know that the pricing of every NFT marketplace is not the same. You might sometimes get fewer payments or sometimes limited payments. However, there is also a possibility that you get a huge payment. Thus there is no loss if you take a chance.

3. You Become a Part of an Advancing Industry

With the continuous growth rate of the NFT world, you can rest assured that it is permanent. If you enter into this world a bit earlier, you earn extra benefits. For instance, you earn a name and fame for yourself with your works. The earlier you start off, the faster you achieve your goal.

The NFT world is becoming more and more popular with time. It is considered to be a platform where artists like you can shine brighter over the years. And this platform will grow more and become more prominent than ever. Thus, you being a part of this industry can never be a loss. 

4. You Don’t Have to Spend Your Money

As you know, you sell your NFT artwork online. You need to follow up with some online procedures to go on with your sale. Since you go through the peer-to-peer NFT marketplaces, it saves you some money because it requires no extra spending. 

Isn’t it pathetic when you lose half of your earnings on any process? But to sell your NFT artwork, you don’t need to lose your money. You keep the money you earn because there is no auction house or artwork gallery expenses here. 

5. You Get Verification and Authentication of Your Ownership

NFT world is a certified world of ownership. As long as you have the token, you are an accredited owner of everything related to that token. And the blockchain verifies this ownership of yours. Your identity is not mistaken anyway out there. 

Anyone can go through your digital artwork. Anyone can interlink to your work. In fact, anyone can download your masterpiece. However, the ownership still remains to you all this time and no one else. 

6. Your Token Can Get Valuable with Time

Even the nft, which seems worthless to you now, will earn a large buck in the future. This is one of the prime reasons why people choose to create NFT work. Even if it seems less valuable, it can get expensive if the collector is pleased with your work. 

This is the only field where your artwork adds to its value with passing the time. Because NFT arts are claimed to be rare and limited, also, they are unique in nature. Blockchain checks the authenticity and rarity of your artwork. 

7. You Can Easily Transfer NFT

You can get a flawless transfer of NFT. There are some financial terms and conditions you need to go through. Once you are done with it, it gets transferred from you to the next owner. And it requires no third party for your transaction process. 

Is It Only the Advantages? Are There Absolutely No Disadvantages of an NFT Artwork?

Yes, everything indeed comes with both advantages and disadvantages. Similarly, NFT tokens have some disadvantages too. The cons are given below for you. 

1. A Sense of Partiality

Unless you are a new artist, you face trouble in getting recognition. NFT world prioritizes artists who are famous and renowned. And their work is published in the topmost position. As a result, buyers find their work quickly. 

When you are a beginner, you will get no attention or probably a tiny amount of attention. So, you have to struggle a lot. In the beginning, you will find it very hard to cope with the competition. But keep on going to race up your game. 

2. The Value of Your Work Can Decrease

The value of your work depends on the collectors. Your artwork can be extremely expensive. But if the collectors name a price lower than yours, your artwork value decreases. So, in this way, your work can lose its original value. 

3. Your NFT Can Get Stolen

You need to secure your NFT properly. Otherwise, your NFT can get stolen. With the increasing value of NFT, hackers are going a step further to steal your asset. You need to store them carefully in your crypto wallet to secure them. 

You can also secure your NFT somewhere offline. It is a safer way. Make sure to save your hard work from thefts. 

4. NFT’s Are Risky

Since NFTs are a new chapter in the crypto world, they are riskier. You have to find buyers for buying your work. It is time-consuming. 

It can take days, months, or even years for your art to get the right buyer. 

How Can You Make NFT Art?

NFT is gaining increasing popularity with time. Its fame is surely tempting you. You definitely want to create artworks for recognition and money. And thus, you need to know how to create nft art. Here’s how you can create an NFT artwork in easy steps. 

1. You Need to Select an NFT Marketplace

This is the basic and prime step you need to follow for the creation of NFT artwork. Different marketplaces have different rules. However, the terms and conditions you should follow are the same. And these marketplaces are of two types. 

  • Curated Platforms for Authorized Artists

This marketplace is not for amateurs. It requires artists with experience to use the platform. If you are a fresher, this platform is not for you. You need to be an authorized artist for minting or creating your artwork. 

The main focus you need to put on is that this platform requires a relatively larger amount of fee. Also, it has a low level of flexibility. 

  • Self-Service Platforms for Everyone

This platform makes way for everyone and absolutely anyone of you to flex your work. And you can do it however or with whatever you want. There is no restriction for you to create works with images, videos, or audio. You can place your asking price on this platform. 

2. You Need to Set Up a Digital Wallet

In this step, create a digital wallet for your artwork. You can store your digital assets in this wallet. You can store the NFT’s you minted or bought here. Make sure the wallet you choose to use is compatible with your blockchain. 

You will see a ‘create new wallet’ button when you have the app installed. Provide it with your username. And you also have to put forward your password. Finally, you will get the required seed phrase of 12 random words. 

Keep this seed phrase secret. Don’t let it pass to anyone. What’s the task of a seed phrase? It helps you to recover your lost account. 

Save the phrase into any safe location, especially offline. 

You need to re-enter this phrase when the system asks you to. If you lose your passcode and phrase both, you can no way recover your account. And so, you will lose the assets you stored in this wallet. After that, you gain access to your wallet. 

3. Make Sure to Connect Your Wallet

Once you are done with setting up your wallet, connect it to the marketplace. You will notice a create button on the left prompts. Click on this option to connect your wallet. Finally, you need to choose your desired wallet among the options they provide you with. 

You can face a question like; do you want to connect your wallet? You can conclude this with a few clicks. In fact, you can find the QR scanner in some wallets. You can find it on the right of your screen.

Note: You can get a request to connect your wallet at an unexpected time. It would be best if you did not fall into this trap. Be wise enough to realize; it’s a trick from the hackers. So, reconsider your decision while using any unknown sites. 

4. Create Your Collection File

You will see a page used for creating NFT. In case you don’t find it, click on the create button to reach there. You can create a collection of your NFT’s for better results. The NFT you are making will be added to the NFT collection. 

Go to your profile picture in the topmost corner. You will find my collection option out there. Create a collection of yours in there. Name it with a description, and you can save an image. 

5. Create Your Digital Art Token

You have to make an NFT token now. You will find a ‘add new item’ option. You can upload your artwork as per your desire. You have the opportunity to mint any number of tokens you want but once at a time. 

There is an edition system for creating your token. These are given below for you.

  • Stand-Alone Edition System

In this case, you create only a single copy of a specific art token. And it makes it more valuable than before. 

  • The Edition Token System

In the case of this system, you can create any number of tokens you want by copying. For your better identification, add the edition number to each. 

You can add some additional pieces of information with your token. Readers might find it interesting or necessary to go through. After that, click on the create button. This adds your token to the blockchain. After this, choose the tokens that you want for your art. 

6. List Your Art for Sale

You are done with creating your NFT’s. Now you have to list them up for sale. You need to pay a gas fee if it’s your first time selling an NFT. There are so many ways by which you can place the pricing for your art. 

You can name a fixed price for your artwork. There is also an option of placing a bid for your artwork. It is similar to that of auctions. Also, you can just name a price and let your buyers bargain. You can choose either way you prefer. 

7. Promote Your Work on Different Social Sites

You need to find ways by which you can increase the chance of your sales more. And what is better than social media to promote your work? So share your work with your social media friends. You might find buyers from there. 

What Do You Need to Consider When Selling Your NFT?

  • You need to consider the minting fee you need to pay. Because if the minting price is more than your selling price, you encounter a loss. So, be very careful with choosing your minting fee and selling price. 
  • You should consider which stage you are in. If you already have customers who bought your work, you should have a clear idea regarding their pricing system. But if you kick off as an amateur, consider lowering your price. This has to be a good idea for your starting.
  • Think about the benefits you are providing your customer with. If the crypto-collectibles have extra bonuses, it can boost your pricing. 
  • Analyze how unique your artwork is. If you have a limited edition collection, there will be more buyers. Because when it’s scarce, they can sell it for more later on. And if your artwork is easily available, you are likely to get negative results. 
  • While selling your NFT, keep these factors in mind. It will help you to do better with your sales. Also, it will boost your confidence in certain ways. 

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Does It Require Codes to Make NFT Art?

No, you can create NFT art without using codes. In fact, the guidance given above to create NFT requires no coding. This process is friendly to beginners. Some marketplaces have their own easy ways of creating and selling NFT.

You need no extra technical knowledge to create your work. But there are ways to create complex NFT. In that case, you can require the help of professionals. 

To Sum Up

If you want to be a part of this crazy yet worthy world, start creating your artwork. Have confidence in yourself and start off right away. Hopefully, this writing lets you know how you can process your own art. Thus, go on and explore yourself in the NFT world. 

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