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_unstablecoins is another dimension of NFTs

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unstablecoins banner another dimension of NFTs
Unstablecoins take a new approach to NFTs, dropping theirs with a boatload of mystery

This morning I did a dozen different impossible things, or so they would have thought just 50 years ago. Indeed, going back just 200 years, the powers that be would have burned me at the stake for most of them. The truth is, like Sci-fi master Arthur C Clarke once quipped, “any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic,” and today I came across some wizardry I’ve never seen before.

Now, it’s important you get this story the way it came to me. Take what I have to say and let your imagination decide if it is fact or fiction. But I can tell you this: I almost believe that the vision I saw this morning was from the future.

Today, I stumbled upon a project which claims to be able to visually capture the very essence of blockchain code. Today I was able to see Eth in a quantum state. It’s quite beautiful. You don’t need to shoot the messenger, as I said.

This project’s roots lie in the spoiled, privileged, and unashamedly over-resourced laboratories of late ’80s academia. Somewhere in a secured lab in a remote, undisclosed location somewhere in Europe a small team built a mainframe in what was pretty much a bunker. It was equipped with all the modern conveniences. They added power to the project, and eventually the CPU needed a ten-tonne cooling unit just to turn on.

So, the team wrapped the supercomputer in thermal film. Legend has it that the supercomputer generated enough heat to power a small generator. The engineers then used the heat to power the computer or at least partially.

Now, I know what you’re thinking, I thought the same thing: Perpetual motion is impossible right? Then I thought back to all the things I did this morning. The power thing was also a bonus. This is just a sideshow. You won’t believe what happened next.

It turns out that the team of computer scientists kept seeing weird stuff through the thermal film. The phenomenon was more apparent on some days than others. These strange halos eventually stabilized around the processor. The team was soon able to see nearly all of the time. The auras, halos, or whatever they were, appeared to congregate around the tape drives and CPUs. The team decided to try and capture a visual record. After many failed attempts, one of the scientists, a hobbyist photograph, finally captured one of these halos on film after weeks of failures. What happened next will shock you.

When the film was developed, he presented the images to the others and a hush fell over the room as they each gazed in awe at them. The 2d prints’ halos appeared to be moving in three dimensions. The team had unintentionally, and quite accidentally, stumbled upon a new plane. It was a dimension of pure quantum flux.

I’ve probably said too much already, so, I’ll let you fill in the blanks yourselves. It’s enough to say that today, I found out what happened to the forgotten project. This is how I saw Eth as pure quantum flux. Next, I considered the nature of blockchain and asked myself the exact same question that you are probably asking.

Is it possible to possess a moment of time? The answer is not yet known. But I bet these guys do…

Where to find more information on the Unstablecoins NFT Project

Check out the unstablecoins website here to get involved with this NFT project. Or, check out their latest giveaways on the unstable coins twitter or discord server.

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