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Akumu Dragonz NFT Contract Is Completely Exploitable, Must Be Replaced

The long-awaited Akumu Dragonz launch was a failure after devs discovered their NFT contract was exploitable. The error allowed hackers to exploit the contract, affecting 5% of the supply. The team paused the mint while the reputable NFT creator MouseDev offered a solution. Right now, minting is live again on their website.

The Akumu Dragonz NFT team paused the mint because its contract was apparently exploitable. Credits: Akumu Dragonz

How was Akumu Dragonz’s NFT contract exploited?

On May 31st at 5 pm EST, Akumu Dragonz launched its NFT collection. Unfortunately, the admin team had to pause the mint because its NFT contract was allegedly “loopable”.

To clarify, the NFT collection was exploited due to a flaw in its smart contract.

“There was a loophole found that may have made the contract loopable. A fix is currently being deployed. The total affected is slightly below 5%,” the team wrote in a tweet.

digital poster of an Akumu Dragonz NFT alongside the project logo
The project admins resumed minting today, June 2nd, after re-submitting their smart contract. Credits: Akumu Dragonz

What solution did the team come up with?

Shortly after revealing their NFT contract issue, Akumu Dragonz received a potential solution from MouseDev. The content creator and NFT influencer wrote a Twitter thread advising the team to write another smart contract. Here’s the step-by-step guide explained:

Twitter screenshot of a MouseDev message on the Akumu Dragonz exploitable NFT contract
The NFT content creator MouseDev posted a Twitter thread to advise the Akumu Dragonz devs regarding their exploitable contract. Credits: Twitter

Nevertheless, the founding team announced that Akumu Dragonz NFTs “will stay in the current contract”. In addition, admins confirmed that 5% of the minting supply was exploited.

At this moment, Akumu Dragonz NFT minting is live on the official platform, much to collectors’ delight. You can still get your own collectible for 0.169 ETH per piece!

To conclude, the Akumu Dragonz admin team managed to solve its smart contract issue in a timely manner. In addition, the team posted a tweet to thank MouseDev for their public advice. Of course, project devs also promised to reveal all Akumu Dragonz NFTs right after closing the minting session. The decision comes to thank the community for their patience and support.

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