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Alien Frens Announces a Secret Airdrop for NFT Collection

NFT collection Alien Frens announced a new airdrop to prepare for V2. Alien Frens V2 is a new collection of 10,000 NFTs just for the current holders. To claim their V2, holders will need to register for the upcoming incubator airdrop.

An incubator NFT with an Alien Fren inside
Alien Frens will airdrop Incubators to holders this month.

“The incubator airdrop snapshot is getting closer frens,” the project tweeted earlier today. It has yet to disclose the details of the airdrop.

Alien Frens NFT airdrop: What we know so far

Incubators and Alien Frens V2 are significant milestones of the project’s Q2 roadmap. Both are available for free to holders, it is obvious. As per the roadmap the project shared on its Discord server, Incubator mint will happen on April 13. Each Fren can have one Incubator. They can then either keep the Incubator, or claim a V2.

Later, on April 15, V2 mint will go live. You will need to keep your Alien Fren in the Incubator while you wait for it transform into V2. You can keep the original Fren as well as the V2 variant, but the Incubator will be destroyed.

Sounds familiar? It is, it is! Actually, Alien Frens’ new collection drop is quite similar to the Mutant Ape Yacht Club launched last year. Only difference? Yuga Labs provided three types of serums for mutating Bored Apes. Holders could also keep the Mutant Ape and Bored Ape while the serum was burned.

Since then, Mutant Apes have become a blue-chip collection in their own right. Can Alien Frenz V2 enjoy similar success? We’ll just have to watch and wait.

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