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Another gaming company has given up on NFTs

Yesterday Team 17,, the developer and publisher many beloved indie games announced a “MetaWorms” project. It is tied to its series, which spans over 23 decades and has sold more than 75 millions of copies. Team 17 stated that the generative NFTs would give fans “the chance to own a piece of videogame memorabilia.” 24 hours later Team 17 announced that it was “annoucing an end to the MetaWorms NFT Project.” We have listened carefully to our Teamsters and development partners and to the concerns of our communities and decided to withdraw from the NFT space.

How could things have changed so rapidly? We’ve seen the reaction to the announcement about NFTs for S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 2. Ubisoft’s Ghost Recon Items, as well as an NFT project for voice-acting, were all part of the swift and strong backlash. Perhaps most importantly, it did not stop with tweets from anonymous Twitter accounts or posts on the publisher’s forums — at least three developers behind prominent Team17-published games spoke out in opposition to the plans.

Ghost Town Games, the developer of Overcooked 2, promised its fans that no future games would ever involve NFTs. They claim they are too costly and have too many environmental and social consequences.

Playtonic Games published Yooka–Laylee, Yooka–Laylee, and the Impossible Lair via Team 17. They also stated that “[w]e are not interested in using NFTs in any part of their business now or in the future. We also do not endorse NFTs being used in the wider community.

Aggro Crab Games, developer of Going Under, tweeted a statement condemning Team 17’s decision for producing and engaging with NFTs. NFTs are not environmentally friendly and cannot be used for any purpose. They are a fucking grift.

Many fan communities have reacted against companies that launch items purportedly to be digital collectibles after 2021 witnessed an unprecedented rise in projects using non-fungible tokens. Although Web3 companies are still appearing by the hundreds, most of them funded by venture capitalists, traction is very limited among ordinary end users who have not chosen to trade.

Today Team 17 announces the end of the MetaWorms NFT Project.

We have listened carefully to our Teamsters and development partners and to the concerns of our communities and have taken the decision not to continue in the NFT space.

— Team 17 @Team 17) February 1, 2022

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