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Artist Beeple Gives Away Physical Copies of His Early NFTs to Holders

Beeple will be giving away physical copies his early NFTs starting this week. Yesterday, he announced the exciting news via a tweet.

The popular NFT artist said: “In October 2020, weeks before the election as part of my genesis drop, I released an edition of 100 for $1 called ‘Politics is Bullshit’. This did not include a physical (copy) until now.”

The picture depicts Beeple's first NFT called Politics is Bullshit which will also have a physical copy
All of Beeple’s “Politics is Bullshit” NFT holders will receive its free physical copy starting this week.

Beeple Gives Free Physical Copy for His “Politics is Bullshit” NFT Holders

In a short video posted along with the tweet, Beeple proudly shows off the physical copy of his NFTs. Each holder will also receive a signed, limited edition custom dollar that he created. He said that “Politics is Bullshit” was the first NFT he released in an effort to highlight the “ridiculousness and state of politics”.

The 100 copies of the NFTs were sold for only $1 each two years ago on Niftygateway. Its current value has increased significantly. As of writing, the current floor price of Beeple’s “Politics is Bullshit” Collection is 84 Eth.

The picture shows the physical copy of Beeple's physical NFT
The physical version of “Politics is Bullshit” comes in a box, with animation and sound effects.

Beeple said that NFTs work as a subscription for art that evolves over time. Artists can add utilities such as airdrops and physical copies to their proof of ownership.

“It is exciting to be able give people who own the NFT a physical copy and a way of sort of appreciation that piece of art,” Beeple stated. That’s the best thing about NFTs. There is this way to prove ownership so you can almost have this subscription to art where people can continually sort of get (more) art as they hold these pieces over time.”

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