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ARTKIVE Launches an Innovative NFT To Store Your Kids’ Art

The clutter builds up over time. It can be difficult to keep all of the macaroni Mona Lisas your child has collected over the years. Since 2012, Artkive has recognized the hassle many parents face and, through the years, has helped over 400,000 families preserve nearly 15 million pieces of childhood art. Artkive is now pushing for blockchain technology to help families preserve priceless moments through NFTs.

Artkive NFT In A Box series by Jeff Lipp & Jedd Gold
Artkive Co-Founders Jedd Gold (left) & Jeff Lipp (right)

Artkive NFT Box Series

Only a parent knows the heartbreak of losing a disproportioned drawing their kid doodled. Artkive makes it easy for families to forget about the loss of a child’s childhood drawing. Artkive’s team of experts can help you organize and enhance your child’s memories.

Available April 25th, parents can head to Artkive’s official site to purchase an “NFT In a Box” package for $99, allowing families to mint up to 10 of their children’s masterpieces as NFTs. The “NFT In a Box” package will include a shipping label that allows parents to return all of their children’s artwork to the studio for rendering. The box will also include a series of instructional guides that explain the NFT minting process as well as other materials.

Furthermore, the NFT guides will come with education videos to aid in learning while making it easier for kids to retain. After Artkive has received the artwork, the team will professionally lighten and edit each piece before rendering them to the blockchain. Once uploaded, the team will send the NFTs to the parent’s provided wallet after a small fee.

Artkive Beginnings

Founded by relatives Jeff Lipp and Jedd Gold, the Two cousins created Artkive when Jedd came home to find his wife surrounded by an evergrowing field of their child’s doodles.

While his wife tried tirelessly to collect all of the drawings into a scrapbook for her children, Jedd recognized an opportunity to create an efficient service that would eliminate clutter and preserve the family’s memories. After that, Jedd approached his cousin with an idea. The Artkive brand was born.

“Artkive for us, is about the future of art and internet. The evolution of a technological movement is only beginning with NFTs. We are about creating a trusted, safe space for parents and inquisitive kids to learn and discover about NFTs. We want to become a go-to source and destination for NFTs education for kids.”

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