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Ashanti Partners with EQ Exchange to Launch an NFT of Her Album Cover

Ashanti re-creates her album cover in her latest venture into Web3. Ashanti is launching an NFT collection. This deal makes her the first Black female artist co-founder of a Web3 business.

Ashanti broke onto the scene in the early 2000s making her solo debut. She has continued to develop her skills and brand over the past two decades. She has partnered up with EQ Exchange, a woman-owned Web3 company.

Album CD Disc
Ashanti partners with EQ Exchange to drop an NFT collection recreating her first album

EQ Exchange allows artists to monetize their IP without experiencing any hidden costs. This partnership is very well received by both parties.

Ashanti Transitions Her Focus to Launching an NFT Collection

Its been 20 years since her debut album and for this NFT drop she has recreated her first album drop cover. As mentioned, EQ allows artists to use their IP. Ashanti commented on this, “it’s so crucial to get the message out that artists should their IP The music industry has been unfair for a long period with record labels effectively owning artists rights. With the advent of NFTs, and Web3, this will hopefully change. Ashanti is a proponent for change and wants to inspire people to take action.

For too long now artist’s have been receiving an unfair cut of royalty fees and haven’t been able to produce 100% what they want. Ashanti is aware of this fact and is optimistic about the future for a more equitable music industry.

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