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Axiom Space to Mint NFTs in Space

Leader of spaceflight and station development, Axiom Space will open its first NFT marketplace prior to the historic Ax-1 Mission (ISS) to the International Space Station (ISS). In the coming days, NFTs will be released. The mission will launch the first batch of NFTs, and then additional NFTs will be created from space.

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Basically, Axiom Space has announced its plans to launch an NFT from space.

Minting an NFT in Space

As a part of the Axiom Space NFTs’ debut, they will be minting an NFT in space. Axiom will start minting several NFTs during the mission. Space enthusiasts of all types can now purchase their first NFTs and get updates about the future drops. Digital artwork related to the Ax-1 mission will be featured on the NFT marketplace.

The crew’s commander and mission specialists, along with Michael Kagan, will create their own NFTs. Each member will share a message that is unique to them, ranging from peace and unity to pushing the limits. Kagan is well-known for his sculptures and paintings of iconic images from space exploration. He has created special pieces to mark the Ax-1 mission.

Further said that the company’s CRO Tejpaul Bhatia was pleased to present the official Axiom Spa NFTs to all members of the international space community. Our mission is to make the dream to travel to space a reality for all humanity. Our digital artwork offering is a first step in getting everyone involved.”

To buy the NFTs on launch, users can visit the NFT website.

About Axiom Space

Axiom Space is guided by the vision of a thriving home in space that benefits every human, everywhere. They are the leading provider of human spaceflight services, and they also develop human-rated space infrastructure. Also, Axiom runs end-to-end missions to the ISS.

To clarify, more details about Axiom Space, and what they’re doing can be found on their website.

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