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Baby Shark will be receiving a second set

of NFTs
Pinkfong, the company behind the hit song “Baby Shark”, has announced a NFT project called “Baby Shark: Collection No. 2″. 2.” The NFTs in the collection, all 10,000 of them, will feature generative art of the titular baby shark and the rest of his shark family. Generative NFTs can be compared to the Bored Ape Yacht Club where there are many random traits that are shared across a collection.

Two thoughts came to my mind when I heard the news. One was that I would use up all of my daily allowance.

Please assure me that they aren’t trying to sell NFTs for children

Wait, Collection TWO?
This is the second set of NFTs with Brooklyn (TIL, the baby shark’s nickname) and his family. Pinkfong claims that the first set was released late last year, and sold out instantly. Although the first sale of these NFTs took place in December 2021., I regret to inform that so many people have spent hundreds or even thousands of dollars. NonFungible’s market tracker shows that this was riiiight before NFT markets began to plummet. Unfortunately, this means that there are still some Baby Shark bag holders.

Pinkfong may be trying to attract kids’ interest in this… I don’t know where I stand on that. Its roadmap, which does indeed include the development of “Baby Shark’s footprint and the universe within the metaverse”, seems primarily written for adults and investors. It also relies on you caring about and knowing the characters of “Baby Shark” and wanting to be part the community. This is not something I believe to be true for adults. However, I can always be wrong.

The “Baby Shark Party” at NFT.NYC, Pinkfong’s second round of NFTs, is not suitable for children. Pinkfong describes the event at NFT.NYC as “a night of fantastic entertainment, music and networking.” I’m dying to find out what kind of networking takes place at a party for “Baby Sharks” NFTs. Do I have the curiosity to go through NFT.NYC and find out? Unfortunately, I am too busy to do anything else on that day (plus, I was not invited for some reason). If you do end up going, let me know by email.

Don’t worry if you missed the Baby Shark party in Austin! We’ll be bigger next week in NYC!

Our party, Baby Shark Nite @ The Nolcha Shows: NFT Edition, is going down next Monday 6/20 during

This event is invitation-only. Please DM us for more information! 🙂

— Baby Shark NFT (@nft_babyshark June 2022

This invitation doesn’t look geared towards children, I would not say that.

It comes down to it. I won’t make any judgements about adults who decide to join the “Baby Shark NFT” bandwagon. The collection will be out later in the year. (I don’t judge people who buy NFTs but it is because I do it quietly. Pinkfong’s website states that the company is all about “defining the early moments of childhood.” Please, parents: Don’t define your children’s first moments with speculative investments.

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