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Beeple’s Twitter Account Has been Hacked! Do not click on any dubious links

Digital artist Beeple has been the latest victim of a NFT phishing scam. To steal funds, someone hacked into the Twitter account of the most-sold NFT artist. The link took you to a fake website that featured a fraudulent collaboration with Louis Vuitton. Here’s a closer look at Beeple’s Twitter hack.

Beeple's Twitter account hacked to feature Louis Vuitton NFT collaboration
Someone hacked Beeple’s Twitter account earlier today. Credit: Harry

What Happened With Beeple’s Twitter Account Hack?

“Been working on this with LV for a long time behind the scenes,” Beeple tweeted today. “1000 total unique pieces…Official raffle below”. The tweet also contained a link to a fake website, which was deleted.

Soon after, several prominent figures in the NFT space took to Twitter to warn others of the NFT phishing scam.

“Beeple’s Twitter account has been compromised (ATO) to post a phishing website to steal funds,” tweeted Harry.ETH, a security researcher from MetaMask/MyCrypto.

Similarly, NFT influencer, Zeneca wrote, “BEEPLE’S TWITTER ACCOUNT HACKED. Please spread the word.”

Zeneca's tweet on Beeple's twitter hack
Zeneca joined several others to warn the NFT community.

How Does the NFT Phishing Scam Work?

According to Harry, once someone connects their wallet to the website shared by Beeple, it will initiate the mint and send 1 ETH to the contract. The website does not appear to drain wallets as in other similar NFT scams.

Unfortunately, several NFT collectors, who did not realise Beeple’s Twitter account was hacked, fell victim to the NFT phishing scam. Furthermore, the victims reportedly lost 35 ETH or about $71,000 (at the time of writing).

Beeple’s Twitter bio still features the link to the malicious website. As Zeneca pointed out, always remember the golden rule–“don’t click on any links or connect your wallet to any website you don’t understand and can trust/verify from multiple sources.”

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