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Bella Hadid Releases an NFT allowing fans to meet her and more

Bella Hadid is a well-known activist and supermodel. In partnership with reBASE, (REB4S3), the unique collection of NFTs is soon to be released. CY-B3LLA is a long-term project that aims to offer Bella fans unique opportunities and tons of utility. There is no official date yet, but we know the drop will consist of ten series of 1,111 NFTs (11,111). The official website allows you to register for the whitelist.

Image of the Bella Hadid NFT drop
Bella Hadid has released a unique collection of NFTs in collaboration with reBASE.

What is the Bella Hadid NFT collection?

CY-B3LLA is an NFT project that aims to connect fans of the supermodel with her fans in a more intimate way whilst also providing them with exclusive perks. Excitingly, NFT Collectors will be able to go to “real-life venues and events worldwide where Bella may and will meet holders.”

We also know that the Bella Hadid NFT project will bring unique digital experiences. These include access to exclusive Bella Hadid brand collaborations and private Bella Hadid metaverse mansions.

Geolocation NFT element

reBASE develops geolocation minting technologies. This fascinating idea will be incorporated into the Bella Hadid NFT. They plan to drop NFTs worldwide in geo-fenced locations. These special NFTs will come with rewards and hidden utility, making them extra special.

Significantly, to get your hands on one of these, you must physically travel to the destination. Whilst not everyone can do this, it also opens up a fantastic NFT adventure element for those able to travel.

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