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Blockchain Detective Reveals the Secret Behind NFT Rugpull Project Shura

Twitter User and blockchain detective @zachxbt did a deep dive into Project Shura. He was particularly interested in the $1.7 million rugpull and the reasons the anon team had abandoned the project.

project shura
Who’s behind the Project Shura rugpull? It all was revealed by a blockchain detective.

What is Project Shura?

Project Shura is a collection of 5,500 NFTs, created by the Japanese underground artist Akihiro. In January, the minting began. There were 5,500 pfp NFTs, each costing 0. 09 ETH. People were drawn to it quickly because the roadmap offered perks like free merchandise, a game of P2E, and a social token. JRNY was even used by the team to market Project Shura!

The team vanished for a month after the launch. They returned in March, claiming that they had taken a break, but they still closed all Discord chat channels due backlash. On the 18th of March, there were zero new updates, and the floor was at 0 ETH.

@zachxbt’s detective work

This was when @zachxbt smelled a rat. He found the $1. 75m to see where they money went. According to @zachxbt, “Majority of the 495 ETH was split between 4 wallets & transferred directly to CEXs. However 133 ETH+ of it led to someone’s public wallet.”

project shura flow of transactions
Flow of transactions, as laid out by @zachxbt.

@zachxbt connected this public wallet to @RoySaito_ETH (0x6a), who received 26% of the Project Shura funds. @RoySaito_ETH (0x6a), in turn, used the money to purchase Azuki NFTs from his wallet in January.

@zachxbt informed everyone that @RoySaito_ETH (0x6a), had recently started a new project called SHOUNEN. This serial scammer seems to have met his match. Hopefully, @zachxbt’s warning means that no one else is scammed by @RoySaito_ETH (0x6a).

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