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Bored Apes and Azuki NFT Collection Holders Bite at Each Other

The hype surrounding the Azuki NFT founder rug pulling issue has not died down. It led to a Twitter feud between Bored Apes, Azuki NFT holders and others on Twitter.

The picture shows an avatar from Azuki NFT project
The Azuki NFT project faces difficulty as its founder, Zagabond, received accusations of doing rug pull projects.

Bored Apes x Azuki NFT Holders Starts Feud on Twitter

It has only been a day since the Azuki NFT founder Zagabond posted his blog post on Twitter about the history of his failed projects. The founder may have intended to share his experiences as an NFT creator but the NFT community on Twitter saw things differently.

His revelation garnered negative attention. His revelation drew negative attention. He was accused of having “rug pulled three more times in a year” with CryptoPhunks and Tendies. These were projects Zagabond made and acknowledged as failures.

The problem didn’t end with Zagabond. The community tried to link other NFT projects to this controversy. For instance, Cool Cats got dragged into the Azuki drama. The incident occurred when @thelvlsix tweeted that Cool Cats NFT Team blackmailed Zagabond to admit his failures.

The picture shows tweets from Bored Ape Twitter users and their replies to Azuki holders
Bored Apes holders clap back to allegations thrown to BAYC by Azuki NFT holders.

Bored Apes NFT holders also got involved. Some Azuki NFT holders defended the history of their founder but also made accusations against the popular BAYC. Twitter user @robbyhammz, who has an AZUKI NFT as PFP, said that “Pretty funny how Apes are quick to critique @ZAGABOND but are quick to forget how @yugalabs wiped out 55,000 ETH from the market.”

The picture shows a tweet by Azuki NFT holder against Bored Apes NFT collection.
Does the accusations against BAYC by @0xPhaed hold hold any merit?

In addition, another Azuki holder on Twitter with username @0xPhaed said that Bored Ape holders are creating FUD using Zagabond. This post also stated that BAYC used Nazi/Hitler dog whistles as part of their project. The post stated that “This too will pass” and that they had made enemies.

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