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Cere x Biconomy Partners To Make NFTs Faster and Cheaper

Cere x Biconomy might be the catalyst for a new NFT landscape. Biconomy is now partnering with Cere Network, the Decentralized Data Cloud platform (DDC). This partnership aims to make web 3.0 more user-friendly and frictionless. Both networks will benefit from the unique integration between them.

Significantly, it will improve the onboarding experiences for new users, making it easy for people to join web 3.0.

Image of the Biconomy x Cere
The partnership between Cere Network and Biconomy could help to solve numerous issues in the Web 3.0 space.

“We look forward to integrating Biconomy as we approach the next major milestone of our 2022 roadmap. Adoption is possible only if there are competitive fees. “We look forward to seeing the partnership and integration improve the functionalities,” said Kenzi Wang (Cere co-founder).

How does the Cere integration work

The remarkable integration will take place on Cere DaVinci, but it is powered by DDC as well as the Mainnet. It is part of the transition to the full functioning mainnet, which will be completed in May.

However, the integration will be a huge benefit to the Cere Mainnet’s Decentralized Apps. They will also be more accessible through the integration of Cere Network’s DDC security and infrastructure protocol from Biconomy.

“Decentralization must be accessible by everyone. “Our partnership is an important milestone in developing a multi-chain ecosystem.”

Finally, this alliance between Cere Network and Biconomy could help the wider NFT space. Cere is vital in the security and availability of NFTs, metaverses, gaming content, among other things. Whereas, Biconomy can convert any dApp to make it easy to use for those new to the technology.

Together, they share the goal of creating a safer and more accessible entrance for new digital apps to exist.

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