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China Metaverse Week 2022 To Explore AR, VR, AI and much more

It has recently been announced that China Metaverse Week will be held from May 20th-May 21st. This event will be held in Shanghai and aims to bring together metaverse enthusiasts and practitioners.

China Metaverse Week
To clarify, China’s first ‘metaverse week’ will be held in May of this year.

About China Metaverse Week

2022 China Metaverse Week is initiated by the platform CC Global. This event brings together builders, entrepreneurs and investors from the metaverse, gaming, social, and other areas. Avatars, NFTs and 3D are all included.

It will cover many subjects and cater to all levels of knowledge in the space, from beginners to experts.

Speakers will be present at the event over the two-day period. The event will discuss marketing in the metaverse and mixed reality. It will also address avatars within the metaverse.

An awards ceremony, the ‘MetaUp Awards Ceremony,’ will also be held. This awards ceremony gives pros awards to recognize the value of metaverse-marketing. Avatars New Talent Award, Most Valuable NFT Platform Award are just a few of the awards.

China’s Saga with Crypto and NFTs

China’s dealings with NFTs and crypto have certainly been up and down. They have changed from allowing them to banning many of them. Previously, in September 2021, the Chinese state banned crypto. They wanted to “curtail financial crime” and prevent economic instability, so they made all crypto trades illegal.

Later, China launched its own BSN–DDC. This is China’s blockchain tech. This means that the Chinese government is capable of handling crypto currency in the country. Only if the systems are adopted and used.

Now is a Chinese social media platform that has begun banning accounts it believes promote NFTs. The platform spoke out to say that it had recently “standardised and corrected public accounts, small programmes for speculation, and secondary sales of digital collection collections”.

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