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Cool Cats signs with CAA to Grow From NFTs to Licensing and Merchandising

Cool Cats have partnered up with Creative Artists Agency to move from NFTs to broader licensing and merchandising. This is similar to other blue-chip NFT projects like Bored Ape Yacht club, Cryptopunks, and World of Women who made similar moves in recent years.

cool cats caa
Blue-chip NFT project, Cool Cats, have signed a deal with a talent agency, CAA.

About the CAA Move

Currently, holders of Cool Cats hold a non-exclusive license to use their images for many commercial purposes, including creating merchandise. The images are still the property of Cool Cats creators.

Now the Cool Cats project has a deal with CAA to explore potential licensing and merchandising possibilities. In the future, this could include animated content and brand deals. The Hollywood Reporter was told by ‘Clon, a Cool Cats artist, that the world they are creating is rich in imagination and full with things to explore. This deal between Cool Cats & CAA is similar to the one that Larva Labs (the creators of Cryptopunks & Meebits) signed last August with United Talent Agency (UTA). The goal of this deal is to distribute the NFTs through other entertainment media. It is not known what will happen with this deal after the sale of Cryptopunks to Yuga Labs.

Alongside Cool Cats, CAA has also signed a deal with the anonymous NFT collector, 0xb1. They also have agreements with celebrities such as Shakira and Beyonce.

About Cool Cats

Cool Cats is an NFT project, which now has blue-chip status, that was launched in July 2021. The first generation of NFTs consists of 9,999 Cool Cats, and they have since released more secondary collections under the Cool Cats name. At first, the project gained a lot of popularity in July, when former boxing superstar, Mike Tyson changed his Twitter profile picture to Cool Cats #2724. His page has more than 5 million followers. The floor price at that time was approximately 1-1.5ETH.

Cool Cats has been highly praised since its launch. It is considered the most popular NFT collection. At the time of writing, the floor price for the project on OpenSea was 9. 39 ETH, or $29,000.

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