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With crypto prices falling badly, NFTs seem to be on a sale which makes it difficult for collectors to resist a good deal. Notable projects like World of Women have recorded their largest sale at 260 Ether ($627,755 at current value. )

In contrast, the total volume sales of Cool Cats decreased by nearly 30% in the last seven days. Yet, newly released projects like Azuki are up over 122%, according to data from OpenSea.

Another day, another record breaking wow royalty club sale 260 eth. Congrats @worldofwomennft and congrats @WoWPixiesNFT for picking one up on Friday for 135. Savvy investment

— Konop (@konop) January 24, 2022

While blue chips are gaining fresh traction, new releases are also making moves and raising excitement among NFT investors. These are three NFT projects worth watching.

Cool Pets

The price of Cool Cats might have simmered down since its partnering project, Cool Pets is slated to release on January 28, 2022. Cool Cats has amassed over 100,000 followers on Twitter, CoolPets seems to be a gateway into the community for those priced out of the Cool Cats collection. Cool Pets will cost 0.5 Ether.

Cool pet owners will have the ability to interact with their elemental animals, similar to Japanese digital pets Tamagotchi. Cool Pets will also include gamification elements to enhance the experience. They will also be able set off on quests that offer rewards and the chance to earn more points. This will make it yet another “play to win” (P2E).

One of the biggest things coming to the Cool Cat ecosystem alongside Pets? Tokens! Here’s an overview: $GOLD will be a Polygon ($MATIC) based token.

It will drive in-game transactions and allow for gas fee FREE gameplay. $MILK will be an ETH-based pairing for use on exchanges.

— Tacticool.eth gm (@TacticoolCat) December 11, 2021

Following a similar model to Axie Infinity’s scholarship program, Cool Cat owners are able to rent out their Cool Pets to non-Cool Cat owners in exchange for a small percentage of the earned rewards.

Cool Pets runs on the Polygon network, where its native GOLD token can be used in Cool Pets ecosystem. Cool Pets will have an Ether-based pairing token called MILK which will allow for transactions for higher ticket items such as Cool Pets or Cool Cats. MILK will be used as a utility token by its NFT counterpart, The Littles and its ecosystem.

Ethalien VOX

Ethalien VOX is the 3D pixelated version of the Ethalien genesis collection with a supply of 7,500. For five years, each Ethalien will generate 5 STAR tokens per day with a total supply of 69,420,000. Collectors who held an Ethalien before January 20, 2022, are guaranteed a whitelist spot for the pre-sale of Ethalien VOX which is scheduled for January 28, 2022.

— 5Dot0NT (@NFTNewbie2) November 7, 2021

Following the pre-sale, the public mint will launch with a minting price of 0. 055 Ether which is more than half of Ethalien’s current 0. 09 Ether cost, meaning the upcoming launch is relatively reasonable. What makes Ethalien special is that it allows its collectors to get STAR tokens, beyond just holding a genesis NFT. Ethalien can be earned by holders through the “Starcade”, which allows them to earn more tokens, and potentially breed Baby Ethaliens. The project encourages users to buy more Ethaliens. A set amount of stardust is awarded depending on how many Ethaliens are owned.

Stardust tokens are casino-chip-like tokens that can be used to gamble in the “Ethercasino” and for merchandise or shopping.


KaraFuru is one of the latest highly anticipated drops and the project’s Twitter account has amassed over 50,000 followers in just eight days. Project creators Museum of Toys, and digital artists WD.Willy are winning over many collectors’ hearts and pockets.

Hey Furus!

Get up and put your hands up as we welcome the

12 Official Characters from the Karafuru Universe!

Karafuru NFTs will have over 1000+ possible combinations of traits.

Which Karafuru is your favourite? #KarafuruNFT

— Karafuru NFT (@KarafuruNft) January 25, 2022

Created in 2019, The Museum of Toys became the first and largest museum of toys in Indonesia. NFT collectors are attracted to the vibrant colors and, based on social media excitement, it seems that NFT collectors have reached the edge of their seats.

Hey Furus!

We can’t wait to show everyone what Karafuru is really about. We’ll be releasing a lot of cool stuff this week, which is all you’ve been waiting for.


Because this week will be the most colourful week of our lives! #KarafuruNFT

— Karafuru NFT (@KarafuruNft) January 24, 2022

In the past week, the team has cryptically advised its followers to “GET READY!,” stating it will be the “most colorful week of our lives,” leaving hopeful holders wondering how to get on the whitelist.

To be more precise, there are roughly 60,000 Discord members hoping to snag a spot on the whitelist. Although CyberKongz was granted whitelist spots, potential buyers need to be more active within KaraFuru. While this may not be true, it is still competitive.

With an increasing number NFT projects, it seems that more people are integrating and building their points of entry with community involvement as a key focus for whitelisting.

Rumor suggests that Discord members who interact with others and participate actively in community initiatives will be given priority for whitelist spots. However, this is not a guarantee.

The views and opinions expressed here are solely those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of You should do your research before making any investment or trading decision.

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