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Coolman’s Universe Announces a New “Babies” NFT Drop

Coolman’s Universe NFT Project announced a new NFT drops, which will expand their universe. The holders-only airdrop will take place in June. The roadmap for the project has always included a holders airdrop in Q2 2022. Community members are thrilled to announce a date for the holders’ airdrop.

Coolman’s Universe was designed by Danny Casale in order to expand his brand and art into the world NFTs. It is well-known for its distinctive art and “cute “feel” .. The community has grown substantially, with 5.7K unique holders, or 57% as a ratio.

Coolman Universe baby pets
Coolman’s Universe’s new NFT drop – Credit: Twitter

Coolman’s Universe Utilizes a Community Airdrop

Normally an NFT project sticks to a very similar playbook. The first drop the collection. Second, build the community and third, deliver something of value for holders. This isn’t the first companion drop by an NFT project and it will not be the last.

Coolman holders will be airdropped with ETH in May. On a specific date, the project will host a snapshot of all Coolman’s Universe holders. This will help determine who is eligible and who isn’t for the airdrop.

The “BABIES” collection will feature current Coolman creatures in “baby” form. Community members believe the new collection will be a big hit because of the sentiment behind it. There is concern that the airdrop could dilute the original collection.

The Coolman team wanted to offer non-holders the chance to join the Coolman community at a lower price. The new collection will be available for public purchase, and not just an airdrop.

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