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COWGIRLDAO Will Donate $3M of NFT Sales to Support Reproductive Rights

The charitable project COWGIRLDAO will donate $3M to support reproductive rights organizations. In fact, the money will come from COWGIRLDAO’s new NFT collection of 10,000 digital assets. Molly Dickinson was also the founder of the organization and partnered with Endaoment to launch the initiative.

image of a Computer COWGIRLs NFT via COWGIRLDAO
The COWGIRLDAO organisation will donate a staggering $3M to women’s reproductive rights charities Credits: Computer COWGIRLs

What is the COWGIRLs NFT drop all about?

On May 18th, NFT artist and photographer Molly Dickinson launched a collection of 10,000 Computer COWGIRLs NFTs. These digital artworks are collages that celebrate female empowerment. The collection was created by Molly to support female reproductive rights in America .

To clarify, there are three types of NFTs. They cost between 0. 03 ETH and 0.9 ETH for the most expensive pieces.

All in all, the 10K collectibles will generate $3 million when they’ll have been fully minted. COWGIRLDAO, a charity arm of Computer COWGIRLs, will receive the proceeds.

image of a Computer COWGIRLs NFT
The Computer COWGIRLs NFT collection comes in three tiers. Credits: COWGIRLDAO

Where will COWGIRLDAO donate the NFT sale proceeds?

Accordingly, Molly Dickinson’s COWGIRLDAO will support organizations fighting for American women’s reproductive rights.

Surprisingly, COWGIRLDAO has a group of voting members (who are in fact Bad Habits Pack collectors). Each member can vote on which organizations receive funding. The project will then offer funding in form of grants.

The grants will be distributed through Endaoment, the first on-chain public charity. Endaoment will allow COWGIRLDAO to donate funds from NFTs.

Furthermore, the platform came up with its own initiative: the Protect Reproductive Rights Community Fund. This platform allows anyone to make crypto donations to support women’s reproductive rights organizations. At this moment, the team accepts donations in more than 1,000 cryptocurrencies.

“As Web3 takes on an increasingly important role in our daily lives, it’s important that we recognize the ways in which it can and should be used to engage with our most pressing social issues,” says Endaoment Strategic Partnerships Lead Alex Miller. “We’re also working together to build a social good infrastructure on the blockchain to support this and similar initiatives moving forward.”

How did Molly Dickinson found COWGIRLDAO?

To begin with, Molly Dickinson created Computer COWGIRLs first. Her NFTs were created in response to the Texas abortion ban that was passed back in February. At the time, she raised a whopping $30K which she donated to FundTexasChoice.

Her NFT collection was very popular. Molly decided to expand her project after the Roe vs Wade draft leaked by the Supreme Court. COWGIRLDAO was launched on May 2, to raise additional funds for the cause.

“In my opinion, what makes fundraising especially interesting in web3, is the ability to organize quickly and create long-term funding through secondary sales,” she said. “Not only can COWGIRLDAO organize to raise initial funds and vote on how they are granted, but they can continue to plan longer-term efforts with these royalties.”

To conclude, Molly’s COWGIRLDAO is a great example of how anyone can use web3 tech to donate to charities safely. The artist’s Computer COWGIRLs NFTs are now available for purchase on the official website. Molly and Endaoment continue to work together in support of female reproductive rights in America.

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