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Cryptomories NFT Collection: What You Should Know

The Cryptomories NFT collection are one of the earlier players in the space, minting back in October 2021. Their all-time trading volume places them in the top 10 today. Let’s see what sets them apart from other companies.

Cryptomories NFT
Join the FaMorie Credit: @CryptoMories

All about the Cryptomories NFT collection

This NFT project circles around 10k Mories living on the Ethereum blockchain. Although it is commonly represented by a skull symbol, it possesses many unique characteristics. The Cryptomories NFT collection has a huge community, reaching 58.7k on Twitter alone.

Holding an Morie grants holders access to a wonderful community of dreamers and thinkers as well as lovers and peaceful revolutionaries. All of them share one thing: they believe in education, growth and sharing. This type of inclusive, creative, and kind community is something I truly appreciate.

The artist behind this fantastic 10k collection is iwwon. The 32 year old dropped out of medical school to pursue his love for art. From being a painter to creating his own video games studio and now taking over the NFT space, he has made a lot of progress. His talent is evident in the community. His Los Samos NFT sold out in seconds, while the 10k Cryptomories NFTs sold out in a little over an hour. It was truly inspiring.

Cryptomories NFT #3579 - Telemori
Cryptomories #3579 – Telemori sold for 30 ETH! Credit: OpenSea

But wait, are you Morie material though?

The Latin saying ‘Memento Mori’ simply means ‘Remember you die’. Also, you only live once. These are the Mories’ motto. Being a Morie is to make happiness a priority. Everybody should take the time to be who they really are to learn, grow, develop, discover their passions and feel fulfilled and happy. The Cryptomories NFT community needs to create a safe space for everyone to share their traumas and fears.

Earning a living can be exhausting, time-consuming, and overwhelming for many people. Many of us find it difficult to pursue our passions and dreams. The team is exploring the technology revolution around NFTs and hopes to give collectors a daily income. This will help alleviate some anxiety and eventually have an impact on mental healthcare issues worldwide.

Building on that, Cryptomories are now partnering with Impact Suite to advocate mental health. All owners and their immediate family members will receive individualized, professional mental health support. Unlimited teletherapy, coaching, as well as well-being tracking are all included.

Moving forward…

Nobody knows what the final roadmap looks like, not even the iwwon team. The team, together with the community will see the beautiful results of their artistic or philosophical choices.

Iwwon started Cryptomories NFT as a fun PFP initiative. They are now transitioning to a global brand from Cryptomories NFT collection. They are currently developing their website, 3D gaming, and Morie-merchandise. They are also working on a $MORI token as well as a MorieCity metaverse. Keep checking their social media channels for the most recent updates.

If this is something that you feel comfortable being associated with, then join the Cryptomories FFT FaMorie!

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