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CyberKongz Announces Whitelist Pass Rewards for Play & Kollect Game

CyberKongz officially launched a new method to earn whitelist pass rewards. Collectors will be able to earn whitelist vouchers by playing the Play & Kollect video game. Anyone can then exchange their vouchers to purchase a Whitelist of choice.

This innovative feature solves problems like grinding on Discord servers and joining in vain Twitter giveaways.

image of a CyberKongz NFT
CyberKongz launched a new revolutionary concept allowing players to join Whitelists via the Play & Kollect game. Credits: CyberKongz

How does CyberKongz’s whitelist pass rewards system work?

The new concept is called PlayToWL. The CyberKongz team devised a new method of grinding in order to obtain a whitelist pass.

Play the Play & Kollect Blockchain game. You will be able to earn whitelist vouchers as you play the game. You can then use the vouchers to get a whitelist pass reward. You can enter the whitelist by simply playing the game.

Surprisingly, players can choose which whitelist to join too. In order to make this happen, CyberKongz launched a Whitelist Marketplace. You can view the available whitelists and exchange your vouchers for a chance to join one.

Each whitelist contains valuable information. You can view your voucher balance and see how many assets you have purchased. They can also view a description of each whitelist.

image of the CyberKongz PlayToWL Whitelist Marketplace
CyberKongz shared a glimpse of their Whitelist Marketplace with their social media community. Credits: Twitter

Why did the project launch PlayToWL?

CyberKongz’s new whitelist voucher concept aims to solve a real issue in the NFT community. Collectors are having difficulty obtaining a whitelist pass via social media at the moment.

For instance, many NFT projects offer Twitter giveaways. Others ask Discord users to be active on their Discord servers.

It’s becoming more difficult to get a whitelist pass with so many collectors. The CyberKongz PlayToWL idea is a big hit with the NFT community.

“Thank you, CyberKongz! I lost so many WL opportunities because I don’t have 3 friends to tag,” wrote Twitter user @MumfordThorgal.

PlayToWL could revolutionize the idea of grinding to join an NFT whitelist. This innovative feature follows another breakthrough by CyberKongz. At the end of March, the project recreated their 2D NFT artworks fully on-chain; in fact, this was the first “NFT-Bound” token ever.

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