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CyberKongz Recreate Their 2D NFT Art Fully On-Chain

CyberKongz collaborated with crypto developer, 0xInuarashi and recreated their original 2DNFT art completely on-chain They created the first “NFT-Bound” token.

According to 0xInuarashi, CyberKongz holders received a token called “On Chain Kongz” in their wallets on March 26. This token is a replica of their CyberKongz counterpart.

He also stated that the “On Chain Kongz”, are KongzBound. Basically, these tokens are completely gasless and non-user-transferrable. The token will automatically jump to the new owner’s wallet on any transfer of CyberKongz. This makes it “NFT Bound”.

The picture depicts CyberKongz On-Chain NFT art
CyberKongz holders received a token called “On Chain Kongz” in their wallets on March 26.

Cyberkongz and The Creation of Their On-Chain Kongz

The creation of the “On Chain Kongz” is definitely hard work. OxInuarashi detailed the long process of how they made the on-chain NFT-bound token. It is necessary to decode the NFTs, map out the assets on the chain, then rebuild and render the “On Chain Kongz”, which we now see.

All of it is worth it though, considering how they successfully created the 5,000 on-chain NFT-bound tokens. This is yet another accomplishment in the NFT space.

The picture depicts on-chain Kongz by Cyberkongz
Crypto developer 0xInuarashi collaborated with Cyberkongz to create the first-ever NFT-bound token.

It has been a year since Cyberkongz started its NFT projects. They have created one of the most sought-after NFT collections in the business.

Later, they expressed an interest in mixed martial art. The thriving NFT project promised to host multiple events, sponsor fighters, and provide equipment to local gyms.

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