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DappRadar Releases the Latest Blockchain Games Report. Here are the Highlights


DappRadar, BGA Games just released their most anticipated report on blockchain games. This report clearly shows that, despite the bear markets, blockchain games are the most successful blockchain vertical to navigate the bear season. These are the key takeaways from this detailed report.

blockchain games dappradar
DappRadar’s latest report gives us an insight into the future of blockchain gaming.

Let’s talk about the bear market

According to the Dapp Rader and BGA Games report, 1. 15 million UAW interacted with blockchain games on average in May. This is only a 5% decrease from April. This shows that blockchain games are one of the most exciting dApp categories.

Splinterlands is currently the top blockchain game.

Splinterlands maintains its position as the top blockchain game, with 350,000 daily UAW in May. Splinterlands has attracted thousands of players for eight consecutive months with its dynamic trading card system. Not only that, but the first 2,000 validators node licenses sold out in less than 15 minutes. This resulted in contributions exceeding $4 million to the DAO.

Illuvium generates $72 million from its first land sale

Despite current market conditions, Illuvium sold its first land plots. The 20,000 land plots sold generate 4,018 ETH, or about $72 million at the time of sale. Illuvium also announced the release of Illuvium Zero, a mobile version. This mobile version will let players build an industrial virtual compound to mine resources.

gala games grit
Gala Games’ GRIT will be one of the first Web3 games on the Epic Games Store.

Gala Games reveals major plans for the Galaverse ecosystem

Fresh from the Galaverse conference in Malta, the team unveiled exciting partnerships and shed light on upcoming milestones for its ecosystem. GRIT, a shooter game, was announced. It will now be available at the Epic Games Store.

Project Saturn will be a Battlestar Galactic Blockchain game that runs on the Gala Games ecosystem. Gala Games will also host Forever Winter and Last Expedition. Mirandus Exemplars will soon be available for airdrop. This will reward MTRM, and you may be eligible for Mirandus’ next play test.

STEPN registers 2 million monthly users

Move-to-earn (M2E) games are emerging as the next big category of blockchain games. STEPN is the most popular M2E platform on the market with 2 million monthly users. Due to the decrease in the Sneakers’ floor prices and the lower price of SOL, there is a lower barrier to entry to the STEPN community.

Blockchain games raised $1.4 billion in funding since May

So far this year, the blockchain gaming sector has raised $4.9 billion. This amount does not take into account the $600 million a16z has committed to the creation of the Games Fund One. A significant investment is the $725 million Dapper Labs raised to expand the Flow ecosystem.

Since May, companies have raised $1.4 billion. At the time of writing, 25.3% of this amount was raised by metaverse gaming projects themselves. 33.9% of the capital raised this year went to infrastructure projects.

This investment continues to solidify the importance of blockchain gaming in web3. This report by DappRadar & BGA Games shows that there are many innovative blockchain games that appeal to a broad audience.

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