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Dish’s 5G network in Vegas is now live — it also has NFTs

Dish Network made a significant step on its path to becoming the fourth wireless carrier in the country. This was something it should have done many months ago. According to Axios’ report, the 5G network, also known as Project Genesis, is now available for paying customers in Las Vegas. This follows a beta program that started late last year. It costs $30 per monthly and includes unlimited 5G data, talk and text as well as exclusive access to Project Genesis’ app, where you can earn rewards.

The FCC has given Dish Network the task of replacing Sprint as fourth carrier in T-Mobile’s acquisition of Sprint. Dish Network is taking an unusual route to reach this goal. It has built its 5G network with O-RAN technology which is open-source, and uses more off-the shelf hardware than a lot custom components. Samsung supplies software and radios.

It’s not surprising then that this network is governed by some unusual terms. You can’t bring your device right now. Project Genesis-issued… Wait for it… Motorola Edge plus (2022). will be required. This is the only supported phone. It’s delivered by a Project Genesis ambassador, who appears to be a man in a van with Project Genesis branding.

Customers have access to support via Project Genesis, which doubles up as a gamified tool to fine tune the network. Participation will earn you points and possibly NFTs. There’s a section on the terms and conditions about an “Engagement App”, which offers “exclusive offers, loyalty rewards” and tokens. A customer support representative told us that these might be only for beta testers. However, Project Genesis FAQ says that the network is appealing because it can be treated like a game.

You get more points the more you earn – from special gear to NFTs to exclusive rewards.

The company states that Project Genesis does not make any representations or warranties about the quality, merchantability, or value of these NFTs. This is just for you.

A lengthy section of the terms and conditions page also indicates that 911 dispatchers might not be able see your location or phone number. You can’t hold Dish Network liable for any bad things that happen to you. You can also see that they mean business.

You acknowledge and agree that any injury resulting from MISROUTED CALLS is not the fault or liability of PROJECT GENESIS. PROJECT GENESIS will not be held liable for any damages or liabilities.

You can also see the company’s documentation full of trademarks that will help you to understand how innovative Dish believes its network will be. We can see that Dish applied for:

Smart 5G

Smart 5G Network

Smart 5G Wireless Network

Smart Wireless Network

The American Smart Network

The First American Smart Network

America’s First Smart Network

Dish is moving towards an FCC deadline to provide service to 20% of the population by June. To that end, it has published a list of more 100 cities where it plans to expand. You can sign up to become a beta tester for the service if your area is included on this list. We may be surprised. Perhaps you’ll be able to choose from more devices than the Edge Plus by then.

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