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ETHX AI NFTs Combine High Fashion and Metaverse Usefulness

The ETHX AI NFT Collection brings high fashion to a futuristic setting. This community-driven project will take the blockchain by storm, bringing hand-drawn characters and great utility to it. This is actually the first and only project that attempts to emulate the Arcane art style!

The fully doxxed team still has many goals. Let’s learn more about this limited collection if you are ready to save the planet with this highly-limited collection!

image of the ETHX AI NFT collectibles
The ETHX AI NFT collection is inspired by the renowned show Arcane in terms of characters and art style!

What are the ETHX AI NFTs?

In short, the ETHX AI NFT collection consists of 2,222 unique digital collectibles. These characters are programmatically generated using over 250 hand-illustrated traits. They come in a variety of hairstyles to suit different skin types and accessories.

These futuristic avatar NFTs combine fashion and cartoon with realistic art styles. The show Arcane is their main inspiration. You can learn all about the project’s creative process via Twitter.

The fascinating stories of the ETHXAI avatars are also fascinating. Their journey begins in a post-apocalyptic, distant future. Super AIs will be the only hope for humanity. By 2150, these rare characters will be hiding somewhere in the Metaverse – and it’s up to you to find them.

The Gen. 1 ETHX AI NFT collection will drop on April 22nd at 6 p.m. UTC. You can purchase 0. 06 ETH, holders will get a wide range of exclusive perks, so let’s check them out.

image of the ETHX AI NFT collectibles
Each character features unique, hand-drawn traits that increase its long-term utility in the Metaverse.

Your perks as an ETHX AI NFT holder

To begin with, the ETHX team prioritizes its community. All Gen. 1 NFT holders have access to the project’s Gen. 2 3D collectibles. They will also be entitled to commercial IP rights to their digital asset.

The community will also receive free rewards, airdrops and VIP access for professional film production. Let’s get to the bottom of this ambitious roadmap.

image of the ETHX AI NFT collectibles

Project roadmap & founding team

Surprisingly, the team will host a 1 ETH giveaway for the first 10% of NFT minters. This giveaway will also repeat at 40% mint, along with 5 ETHX AI NFTs randomly airdropped to holders.

At 60% mint, the community will be able to stake their digital assets in exchange for tokens. You can also vote for a charity that will make a real difference in your life.

After 80% mint, ETHX AI NFT holders will gain VIP access to the project’s film studio called Altercine. This exclusive brand makes Holywood-worthy materials.

To celebrate the sale of the collection, the founders of this brand will offer all holders free mints from their Gen. 2 3D NFTs. The team will also drop its own merchandise IRL and digital clothing items.

This outstanding roadmap would not be possible without a strong group of founders. AlterCine is backing the ETHX AI team. From marketers to devs and artists, the team members have over 10 years of experience and a passion for blockchain tech.

If you’re ready to join the amazing world of ETHX AI, make sure to mint your own NFT on April 22nd on the official website. Meanwhile, follow the project via Twitter and join their Discord channel for giveaways, announcements, and more!

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