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Everything About The Mysterious Otherside Avatars, Koda NFTs

On 4/30, 12pm ET, the Otherside metaverse will finally make its grand entrance. Everyone noticed a cute but fierce-looking creature in several scenes of the Official Otherside Teaser. The Otherside logo looks like a Koda. Also, celestial creatures can be seen in the leaked BAYC presentation deck. Here’s what we know so now.

Koda NFT
Will you be the one chosen? Credit: @LeonidasNFT

Koda NFTs: The Next Big PFP?

Based on the pitch deck, there aren’t many celestials left, and without their energy, the universe will collapse. The Kodas are one last race of celestials that remain. They used their cosmic energy and created one last microverse in our dimension. They then identified the best candidates and pulled them out, before dumping them in an unknown land. This exact scenario is shown in the official teaser video. Bored Apes and some other NFTs make their way to… The Otherside.

A few days ago, the BAYC tweet teased: ‘What the fk is a Koda?’, and did not say anything else. It’s both interesting and annoying, as everyone wants to know what it is. If there are no significant changes from the pitch deck, players can only get a Koda NFT by purchasing a plot of land in the Otherside metaverse. There is a very small chance that you will be able to score one.

There will be a total of 200k land plots, with the Genesis drop releasing half of them. 30% of the 100k land plots will go to BAYC/MAYC owners, while 70% will be for the public sale. They will be available for sale at 1 ETC per plot, according to the pitch. The best part? Every plot of land could contain rare artifacts and natural resources. If you’ve been priced out by the Bored Ape Yacht club, this could be your chance to get in at a very low price.

Nevertheless, there is only a 10% chance to get them, or maybe even lesser, depending on Yuga Labs. If all the 10k Kodas are in the genesis drop, then there will be a 10% chance. If the 10k PFPs are randomly assigned among the 200k land plots, then the chances shrink further.


Another burning question is if the land sale will be in ETH or ApeCoin. Is it just a happy coincidence that ApeCoin was launched in recent months? ApeCoin can be found on many major exchanges but most NFT enthusiasts still prefer ETH. Another note: ApeCoin’s price is at an all-time high and shows no sign of falling. Could this be due to the impending launch of metaverse? We will soon discover.

In Effie Trinket’s voice, Happy Koda Games! May the odds ever be in your favor.

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