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Everything You Need To Know About fxhash Tezos NFT Marketplace

Fans of generative art have long been flocking to the generative art platform, Art Blocks. Many users are being discouraged by Ethereum’s rising transaction fees and high energy consumption. This is where fxhash steps in. fxhash, which is built on the energy-efficient Tezos Blockchain, is an NFT marketplace that offers generative tokens.

fxhash marketplace displaying various NFTs on sale
fxhash is a leading generative art NFT marketplace on the Tezos blockchain. Credit: fxhashmarketplace

What is fxhash, the Tezos NFT Marketplace?

According to its website, “fxhash is an open platform to create and collect generative NFTs on the tezos blockchain”. Fxhash is an open platform. There is no hierarchy of curation. Artists and creators are free to upload their generative art NFTs to fxhash.

Generative artist, ciphrd launched the Tezos NFT marketplace in November 2021. In just over a month, the platform produced 170,000 mints–no small feat for a new NFT marketplace.

To understand fxhash’s significance, we first need to understand what generative art is.

What is generative art?

Put simply, generative art is art generated by an autonomous system, usually a computer code. While this art form has been around since the early 1960s, generative artists started uploading the codes to various blockchains in 2021. What is the result? The result?

Essentially, artists create a set of rules which determines the final output. These rules could be the shapes, colours or patterns used, as well as the number of iterations. These rules are then followed by the computer to create a unique piece of art. The best part is that even the artist won’t know the final result!

Artist Zancan's NFT featuring various plants in black and white
Garden, Monoliths #232 by Zancan.

How Does fxhash Work?

On fxhash, artists first upload their project and mint it as a Generative Token after setting certain parameters. For instance, they have to decide on the edition size, which is usually between 100 to 10,000. The platform stores the project on the IPFS network, and later on the Tezos Blockchain.

When the artists open their project to collectors, anyone will be able to mint completely unique iterations from it. Every mint of a Generative Token creates an “random hash” which is then injected into the artist’s project. These iterations will be stored on the Tezos blockchain by the platform as NFTs. Each token thus becomes “independent, self-contained and immutable”.

Fxhash’s primary mission is to create an inclusive platform and leave control to the artists. As the project explained, it aims to “provide a framework so that generative artists can have a space in which they can mint their pieces meant to be generative.”

Top NFT Collections on fxhash

Currently, Garden, Monoliths by Zancan is the highest-grossing NFT collection on fxhash, with a 12,500 floor. So far, it has generated 352,000 in all-time volume. It features an amazing array of elements from nature.

Next on the list is RGB Elementary Cellular Automaton by Ciphrd. The second-ever platform project, and also by fxhash’s creator, is highly sought after. Other blue-chip projects that are available on the Tezos NFT Marketplace include Dragons by williamapan and (kinder)Garden. Monuments by Yazid, zancan and SMOLSKULL from markknol.

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