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Everything You Need to Know About The Coincheck Crypto Exchange

Coincheck continues to climb the ranks of the top global cryptocurrency exchanges. This platform provides a complete solution for managing your digital assets, including cryptos and NFTs. This is everything you need to know about Japan’s crypto powerhouse.

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All about the Coincheck platform

Coincheck is essentially a cryptocurrency exchange that offers pretty much everything you need to manage your digital assets. For starters, the platform allows users to buy and sell crypto assets, starting from as little as 500 JPY (less than 4 USD). The platform also allows users to deposit and transfer funds anywhere in the world.

The Trade View feature of Coincheck allows experienced traders and investors to make the most out of trading. You can also block trades at favorable rate. This is especially helpful for traders who have large transactions. A chat function is available for traders.

Most importantly, Coincheck places a high priority on security to protect their users’ assets. To protect their systems, Coincheck partners with top security firms worldwide. Two-factor authentication will be required for logins. Otherwise, they can choose to use cold wallets to secure their assets offline.

Other products include periodic purchases for consistent and low risk investments, lending, and payment features. Japanese users can even pay their gas and electricity bills through the platform. Users can also answer surveys and receive rewards in cryptocurrency. This is a great way to make extra cryptocurrency income.

Coincheck has a license to operate as a digital currency exchange in Japan. Japan Blockchain Association has also audited the company and its services. This is an important component, as government intervention is having an increasing impact on Web3 companies.

Coincheck NFT: Your one stop NFT solution

You can even manage your NFT collections

Although still in its beta version, the Coincheck NFT platform is good to go. It is currently the first NFT exchange in Japan. The sales commission is 10% of the selling price, but there are no listing fees incurred. There will be a small delivery charge depending on which fee category you are using.

Coincheck’s Android app lets users access their favorite NFTs directly from their mobile devices. This provides the ultimate convenience for those who are on the move. Buyers can also use any crypto asset to purchase NFTs, such as BTC, ETH and XRP. This is a great feature.

You can find major NFT collections via the platform. These include Meebits and Art Blocks as well as Decentraland, Decentraland, Meebits and Meebits. As a side note, users will be able to purchase their Joyfa NFT sneakers starting from 9 June 2022. The ‘Diamond Walk 1-Vitamin Color’ is my favorite.

Meanwhile, do follow Coincheck on Twitter to stay on top of the latest updates in the space.

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