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Evian Announces First NFT Collection with Sparkling Artist Sara Shakeel

Evian, one the largest bottled water producers in the world, now enters the NFT market. This announcement confirms that they have extended their creative partnership to Sara Shakeel, a multi-disciplinary artist who is also a crystal lover. Significantly, 100% of the proceeds from the NFTs are going to the ‘Somerset House Young Talent Fund’. This fund supports and helps artists of the future.

The pair have recently collaborated on an incredible immersive ‘evian sparkling’ art experience in London earlier in the year. This new collection of 20 sparkling NFTs will now celebrate the iconic history of evian. It reimagines mountains and water flowing out of glacial rocks deep within the French Alps. Meanwhile, this exclusive evian x Sara NFT collection is now available online at for EUR495.

Image of a sparkling mountain and moon evian
Evian is partnering with artist Sara Shakeel to create a collection of 20 sparkling NFTs.

The NFTs will live on the Tezos blockchain, created with web3 company Renaissance. Evian selected this blockchain because it was the most eco-friendly and in line with its company’s sustainability and ethos.

Evian NFT enters the digital space.

This is the first venture into the NFT space by the French company. They are well-known and one of the most important mineral bottled water companies in the world. They produce more than 2 billion bottles of water each year. Jean-Charles de Laizer first discovered that water has health benefits in 1789. It has been a well-known commodity all over the world.

The water, which contains calcium, and other minerals, is sourced from several locations in France, at the south shore of Lake Geneva. The water is then enriched with natural minerals, giving it a unique taste. Meanwhile, the minerals soak into the water for over 15 years as it travels through the rocks.

Evian logo
Evian and Sara Shakeel previously worked together to launch Evian Sparkling water. Now they are entering the digital space with a collection of 20 NFTs.

Now, the company wants to reward their loyal fans. It will also allow them to have a piece of history in the shape of evian NFTs. These NFT artworks, each individually numbered, are a beautiful reminder of the journey from source and bottle. Now you can digitally be part of this journey.

“As a life-long fan of evian, it’s like a dream come true being part of their journey in creating their first NFT,” said artist Sara Shakeel. “It’s a pleasure to continue from the amazing sparkling installation we partnered with earlier this year. It’s so gratifying to bring the spirit evian’s alpine heritage into the digital universe with my sparkling mountain artwork while supporting the creativity of aspiring digital artists.”

Supporting the next generation of artists.

All of the money from the evian NFT collection will champion the next generation of talent. The Somerset House Young Talent Fund will benefit from these NFTs. Significantly, evian and Sara Shakeel hope to fund training in digital arts and fund places for aspiring artists to work in London.

Finally, Lucille Moreau, Director of Culture & Experience at evian, said: “The alpine origins of our iconic pure natural mineral water are fundamental to our heritage. Sara’s digital representation of the evian mountains captures and encapsulates this essence.

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