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FAKE Otherside Accounts Emerge

As the Bored Ape Yacht Club Otherside release draws to a close, several fake Otherside accounts appear on Twitter. Fans and members of BAYC should be ready for the week of scams.

BAYC Otherside becomes target of fake verified Twitter accounts
BAYC Otherside becomes target of fake verified Twitter accounts. Credit: @OthersideMeta on Twitter

Fake Otherside Accounts Spring Up on Twitter

Since the rise of NFTs, the space has been flooded with hacks and scams. Obviously, NFT holders falling for scam Discord links or fake verified accounts is nothing new. It is however a well-known example of a blue chip NFT project that has been subject to scams and hacks.

Numerous Otherside fake Twitter accounts pops up. Some are even verified.
Numerous Otherside fake Twitter accounts pops up. Some accounts are verified. Credit: @TAYL0RWTF on Twitter

“BE CAREFUL THIS WEEK! I can’t even find the actual Otherside account by searching on twitter. “There are many fake accounts and some of them are verified,” tweeted NFT artist and twitter user taylor.wtf.

Some fake Otherside Twitter accounts even have as many as 66k followers, making it easier to scam NFT holder. These phishing scams are easy for those who are new to NFT.

A Week of Scams For BAYC Otherside

Not long ago, hackers took control of the Bored Ape Yacht Club Instagram account, sending out an unofficial “mint” link. Furthermore, the scammers stole about 91 NFTs with over $2.8 million in estimated total value.

The fake BAYC Otherside Twitter accounts follow a wave of Twitter scams using hijacked verified Twitter accounts. The Twitter scams that were previously generated by ApeCoin also spread to other collections such as Moonbirds or Azuki.

On the bright side, the series of hacks and phishing attacks don’t seem to affect the Otherside mint. The official Twitter handle of Otherside has provided additional updates on the Otherside mint process.

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