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Fewocious, NFT Artist Launches a New FewoWorld Tweet Account

FEWOCiOUS created a new FewoWorld tweet account that excited everyone in the NFT community. The 19-year-old multidisciplinary artist teased about his own metaverse through several tweets.

The picture depicts a vision board made by Fewocious for Fewoworld
FEWOCiOUS creates FewoWorld Twitter account to tease his the upcoming launch of his metaverse. Credit: FEWOCiOUS on Insta

FewoWorld: What We Know So Far

As of writing, there is little information on the Web3 world being constructed by FEWOCiOUS. We can get a rough idea from the hints he posted about the FeWo metaverse.

First it is focused on art, creativity and fun, considering that “There is no roadmap to FewoWorld”, “Just ideas & art”, and “PAINT. CANVAS. FEWOS” tweets from the account.

The picture depicts a tweet by Fewocious retweeted by Fewoworld
Fashion Show and Paint Party in the FewoWorld video teaser. Credits: FEWOCiOUS on Twitter

In addition, through the video teaser and a photo that FEWOCiOUS shared on social media, we know that there will be a fashion show and a paint party for their metaverse community.

The vibrant Web3 world is expected to launch on April 3, and 4, according to the NFT artist posts.


FEWOCiOUS is an artist known for his larger-than-life paintings, sculptures, and NFTs. He is one the most well-known crypto artists in NFT.

Victor Langois is his real name. He made innovative drops of art and digital fashion via Nifty Gateway, Superare, and Superare. His auctions set new records last year. His single-edition NFT and physical piece of art fetched for $2.8 million at a Sotheby’s Auction. He is also the youngest artist ever to join Christie’s.

The trans NFT artist draws inspiration and transforms from his own experiences, making his NFT artworks some of the most sought after in the space.

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