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G’EVOLs EVOLs NFT: Everything About This Quirky Collection

The G’EVOLs EVOLs collection is the newest addition to the EVOLs family. Each member of the team boasts that they are all unique and can steal your girl. Although it may be difficult to discern their disguises, let’s see the competition.

The ski mask way to live. Credit: @GEVOLsNFT

Each G’EVOLs NFT is out to steal your girl!

After the team’s successful D’EVOLs release, here comes the G’EVOLs NFT collection. G is for generative, where the 8,888 NFTs are randomly generated from 150 unique traits. EVOL is a 2,000 year-old Cherub that has been cast down to Earth after some disagreement with the management. These are disguises that EVOL may use at any time.

Presently, the project is sold out and only available on the secondary market.

One thing you should know about this project: NFT owners do not own IP rights to their NFTs. KidEight is the owner of everything, except for tribute art to your own G’EVOLs. While it might not be a problem, some in the community may not like it. They were honest about it before they released them to the public.

Who is behind the G’EVOLs NFT collection

KidEight is a digital artist and self-proclaimed disruptor and world builder. New York Times calls the artist an ‘eccentric creator with a finely honed sense of the absurd’, and rightfully so. The EVOL creator was well-known before the NFT success. He is also known for his work alongside Young Thug and Snoop Dogg among other notable celebrities. While his style and swagger might not suit everyone, many appreciate his straightforward, no-nonsense approach. You can listen to his podcast to understand more about the artist himself and also his projects. PS: He claims they are better than the Bored Apes.

Toy soldiers incoming! Credit: @_KidEight

Check out this project roadmap

First things first, G’EVOLs merch! Many holders have already received their merch packs (tees, hoodies and masks). Holders will have access to even more exclusive drops when the web store goes live. The team will also launch their own NFT marketplace with 0% fees very soon. This is done to support the growing EVOLs community.

The G’EVOLs NFT Collection is not the first to hit the market with EVOL NFTs and it certainly won’t be the last. KidEight will continue producing these amazing artworks as part of “The Story of EVOL”. The entire story will be told in a book.

Another important initiative in this project is ‘The EVOL Fond for Little Shits’. It is not surprising that KidEight is passionate about art and is now looking out for young artists in this space. They will be supported, guided, promoted, and helped to succeed by this fund. This is a great way to give back to your community.

A side note: The team will be hosting a popup at NFTnyc. You can expect special guests and unique merchandise for attendees. So make sure to stop by!

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