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Grimes Launches Children’s Metaverse Book Project at Avalanche Summit

Canadian singer Grimes launched a children’s book project called “Metaverse for Kids” during Friday’s Avalanche Summit. The project is part of the $100M Culture Catalyst initiative by the Avalanche Foundation and OP3N for creatives to build projects on Avalanche.

Grimes presented the children's metaverse book project remotely at the Avalanche Summit.
Grimes presented the children’s metaverse book project remotely at the Avalanche Summit on Friday. Image Credit: @_PatrickSutton

Grimes’ Children’s Metaverse Book is the first funded project in the Culture Catalyst initiative

Grimes’ book project is notably the first funded project in the Culture Catalyst fund. The book is described as “intergalactic children’s metaverse book” and includes a variety of educational art for toddlers and babies. Grimes hopes to create a “deeply meaningful experience for children” through this project.

” This was the project that I was looking forward to seeing when I first started using Web 3. She hopes the project will follow the example of My Neighbor Totoro, a well-known Studio Ghibli film.

Being active in the NFT space, Grimes sold around $6M worth of WarNymph collection last year. Later, Newborn 1 & 3 from her first NFT drop was fractionalized by Otis. The artist was also featured in TikTok’s NFT collection.

About OP3N

OP3N is a self-described “web3 WeChat” app that empowers creatives in Web 3. It uses a UI that is similar to TikTok to make it easy for creators and fans to interact on Web 3. It has recently raised $10M in a seed round funding co-led by Galaxy Interactive and BRV Capital Management. Grimes is now part of the Culture Catalyst Fund and can partner with OP3N in order to develop and launch the Children’s Metaverse Book project.

The Avalanche Summit brings together developers, researchers, and makers who are interested in Avalanche. This event is taking place in Barcelona from 22 -27 March 2022. For more details, check it out in our NFT events section.

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