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Hackers Target Duppies NFT and Successfully Drain Multiple Money Wallets

The Duppies NFT community was brought to life recently when the official Twitter account was hacked. Some wallets were apparently drained by hackers who clicked on the link to the “stealth mint” link. The Solana community and DeGods NFT communities, as well as the Duppies NFT Community, have been actively tweeting to warn people not to click any links from this Twitter account.

Duppies NFT
Stay safe! Credit: @DuppiesNFT

What happened to the Duppies NFT Twitter account?

Basically, there was an announcement on the Duppies NFT Twitter account saying that there was a stealth mint going on. Users effectively lost control of their NFT wallets by following the link. This hack has already led to the drain of several wallets, according to @Helloimmorgan on Twitter.

Since then, the team contacted Twitter Support to request that the page be closed down. This is done to stop others from being exploited. Random accounts can get $DUST for reporting the hack.

Who are the Duppies?

The Duppies NFT project comes from the same team that brought you the DeGods NFT collection. Frank and his team has certainly done a great job with DeGods so far, even attracting the attention of the likes of Shaquille O’Neal. They are also sponsoring an Ice Cube Big3 League team.

Tentatively, the mint date will be on July 15th, 2022. There will be a total supply of 15k NFTs, and participants will need 375 $DUST to mint a Duppies NFT.

Duppies NFT is a 100% WL project, where 9.5k spots are for the DeadGods NFT holders. The team will also give away 3.5k scholarships spots. 1.5k spots in the WL will be awarded to DAOs based on how much $DUST they have. The team will not reveal the final artwork until the actual mint.

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