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Here are some reasons AI-equipped NFTs may be the gateway to the Metaverse.

Nonfungible Tokens (NFTs), which have been mostly acquired as proof of profile pictures (PFPs), that represent a brand, embody a culture, or reflect as a status symbol, were not originally backed by any tangible utility other than speculative value and hype. Blue-chip NFTs like the Bored Ape Yacht Club or Cool Cats were not originally backed by any tangible utility other than speculative value and hype, along with the promise of an illustrative roadmap, but in 2022, investors are looking for a little bit “more.”

However, nonfungible tokens are finding their use beyond branding and status symbols by attempting to build out an existence in the Metaverse and some are ambitious enough to start within it.

The Altered State Machine Artificial Intelligence Football Association has introduced a new concept to NFTs, called nonfungible Intelligence or NFI. The ASM AIFA tokenizes artificial intelligence and has attracted the attention of long-term investors, who are concerned about the future of the Metaverse (decentralized play-to earn) economies.

— Altered State Machine (@altstatemachine) February 6, 2022

In fusing AI features to the three growing markets of gaming, decentralized finance (DeFi) and NFTs, the ASM AIFA has the potential to be a lucrative long-term bet. These are my strategies as an investor when considering investing in ASM AIFA. I also consider the impending tokenomics which will be integrated into the new blockchain P2E game.

Follow the linear path by buying genesis boxes

The ASM AIFA genesis box collection is essentially a starter booster pack toward its ecosystem. A box contains four ASM AI agents, or all-stars, as well as an ASM Brain. This is the intelligence that powers each ASM All-Star.

Currently valued at 5. 369 Ether (ETH) ($16,768. 84), the box is a valuable bet for those who hold long-term convictions in the ASTO economy and its decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) but more so, the Metaverse as a whole. The genesis box can be used to generate ASTO, as the ASM AIFA plans to reward its early adopters and players using its play-and earn model.

According to the ASM AIFA whitepaper, each brain will be able to mine ASTO and each all-star will be able to generate ASTO through training. ASTO is not only the utility token for the Altered State Machine metaverse but also the governance token within the ASM ecosystem.

Furthermore, these brains are not only limited to the ASM AIFA collection. These brains will be available for support in NFT projects such as FLUFF World NFT. This will allow them to interoperable with other NFT projects.

ASTO tokens will be needed to train and expand the AI stars. The AI agent does not need to play soccer, but it can also be used to trade as a trading bot. It is dependent on its learned memories.

The project launched on Oct. 18, 2021, and since hitting the secondary market, ASM AIFA genesis boxes have increased by nearly 1,200%, suggesting there is growing interest and owners have recognized the value of AI.

ASM AIFA all-time average price / volume. Source: OpenSea

In the last seven days, the average sale price of the genesis boxes have been on a downward trend, dropping from 6.3 ETH to 5.3 ETH. Even with slight corrections, it seems that the genesis boxes have not fallen below the 4. 75 ETH in the last month.

ASM AIFA 30-day average price / volume. Source:


Based on the price points of the items in the genesis box, the floor for the ASM all-stars currently costs 0. 21 Ether ($654. 37) with a team of four, totaling approximately $2,617.48. The current price of the cheapest ASM brains is 3. 92 Ether ($12,214. 96) bringing the total sum of the contents in the box to approximately $14,832. 44 or 4. 77 Ether.

Essentially, at these current prices, buying a genesis box costs roughly the same as it would purchasing the items separately. Both the ASM brains as well as all-stars have seen price fluctuations which have made buying the box cheaper than purchasing the items individually. Depending on the investor’s motivations and strategy, there are other ways to get a piece in the ASM metaverse.

Genesis brains will also mine ASTO

ASM AIFA genesis brains are unique artificial intelligence-equipped NFTs and the architecture of the brain is currently under patent pending where owners will have full rights to the machine-learning (ML) model of their NFI. This adds an additional layer of utility towards the ASM economy. A unique feature of the ASM brains is that they do not need a form (avatar), and can function within the parameters of their trained memories.

ASM AIFA genesis brains. Source: ASM AIFA

The ASM brain is the most expensive piece of the collection that will also be able to mine ASTO tokens. Investors can potentially recoup their capital investment by releasing tokens from the brain. The cheapest ASM brain currently on sale is valued at 3. 92 Ether ($12,214. 96,) a 300% increase in floor prices in the last 60 days.

ASM AIFA genesis brain daily floor price. Source: NFT Price Floor

The ASM brains retain their value largely in part because of their genome matrix whose attributes enable for the brain to be integrated in other worlds outside of the ASM ecosystem. The brain can also be used in other ecosystems.

According to the ASM roadmap each ASM genesis brain will be eligible for an ASTO token Drop. For investors who want to be exposed to AI, ASTO could be a financially viable option.

Just stack ASTO?

There’s no denying that the ASM AIFA project is not the cheapest entry to the ecosystem, but for those investors who are strongly interested in the developing features of NFIs, investors could consider investing into the token or the AI all-star agents.

ASTO will be the native currency to govern the ASM ecosystem. It’s necessary to train the ASM brain as well as any AI agent. Therefore, gym owners will provide GPU cloud computing for all ML models. Gym owners will receive ASTO in return for their efforts and time.

ASM will hold an auction to determine ASTO’s price in an innovative method they call “discovery auction.” ASTO can also be staked to help mine the next generation of ecosystem brains. The ASTO token may be worth purchasing in preparation for AIFA’s launch.

As NFTs find ways to justify their worth outside of speculation, and the ways they are able to be integrated into the Metaverse expands in scope, projects are building from the inside out. It will be time before we see more projects integrating AI features. However, ASM AIFA appears to be one of the top contenders as one that is able to do so.

The views and opinions expressed in this article are the author’s and do not necessarily reflect those of Cointelegraph.com. You should do your research before making any investment or trading decision.

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