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How To Earn Money Every Time A Potential Employer Reads Your CV

Undoubtedly, NFTs have come a long way since early last year. NFTs come in all sizes and shapes today. Even more interesting, job seekers are making NFTs out of their CVs. It’s a simple idea, but it can be very lucrative. You earn money each time a potential employer reads your CV.

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NFTyourCV.com lets you turn your CVs into NFTs. Credit: Unsplash

NFTyourCV.com: Earn money by turning your CV into NFTs

A new platform, called NFTyourCV.com, is what’s making this possible. The website allows job seekers to earn royalty fees by linking their CVs to a smart contract. The job seeker receives royalty fees for every time a recruiter purchases the CV data.

“This is just one of many ways that blockchain technology will change the way we do business and make life easier for people,” Sean Nugent, CEO of NFTyourCV.com’s parent firm, Blockchain Britain LTD. “Turning your CV into an NFT allows the creator of a CV to earn royalties much like an artist or musician would do. It’s also a great new way for recruiters to attract the staff they need.”

Currently, job seekers can earn in GBP by turning their CVs into NFTs. The platform will soon add a stablecoin for payment of royalties.

Turning your CVs into NFTs is yet another example of the growing capabilities of NFTs and the wider blockchain technology. Will recruiters be open for the NFT route? Alice Clarke, a Locum Personnel recruitment consultant, thinks so.

“Attracting staff has become really difficult most recently,” she said. “So, we are happy to post our positions on NFTyourCV.com as we know we will get a great response there.”

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