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If You Use iCloud x Metamask, Your Wallet Is At Risk Of A Phishing Hack!

In the latest phishing attack, iCloud MetaMask customers are being targeted. In recent weeks, there has been an increase in phishing attacks. This latest attack targets Apple users who use popular crypto wallets. This intelligent hack is based on the fact that users believe the scam and provide personal information.

In this instance, the phishing hack convinces iCloud MetaMask holders to divulge information, such as passwords. They can then access MetaMask data through iCloud. Apple’s automatic data backup makes this possible.

Image of a phishing hook on a computer bright purple MetaMask iCloud scam
The latest Phishing scam targets iCloud MetaMask users and convinces them to hand over personal details. Credit: Andreus – Getty Images

MetaMask issues advice to counter iCloud phishing hack.

Now, MetaMask has issued a warning to Apple users, so they don’t find themselves at the wrong end of this iCloud phishing hack.

MetaMask detailed how to remove the automatic backup function from their Apple devices. They made a statement on Twitter, acknowledging the hack. They stated that if you enable iCloud backup for your app data, this will also include your password-encrypted MetaMask vault. If your password isn’t strong enough and someone phishes you iCloud credentials, it can lead to stolen funds.

The post shows how to do this and will undoubtedly save some people’s Crypto funds and NFTs. This will be a consolation to those who have fallen for the iCloud MetaMask phishing scam.

Screenshot of a MetaMask thread
MetaMask has been quick to respond and has offered details on how to stop automatic data backup via iCloud.

This is also a reminder that you can be as cautious as possible, but you need to keep up to date with the latest scams. It is important to use the most current security protocols and to be safe at all costs. Despite all the great people working in Web 3.0, there are still some people who just want to help others and will use terrible methods.

How did we find out about this phishing hack?

Unfortunately, this complicated hack is only known because it happened to someone. Domenic Iacovone, a NFT collector, tweeted that “my entire wallet was just stolen.” “Totaly wiped out.” He was completely wiped out. The caller ID showed Apple Inc as the caller ID. He claimed that he called back the number because he suspects fraud. The next thing he said was horrifying. He stated, “They asked me for a code and sent it to me. Two seconds later, my whole MetaMask had been wiped.”

The MetaMask iCloud phishing hack allowed the fraudsters to steal numerous NFTs. These included three Mutant Ape Yacht Club NFTs, Three Gutter Cat Gang and many more.

In fact, along with the NFTs and over one hundred thousand dollars of ApeCoin, the loss adds up to over $650,000. He offered a $100,000 reward for information, but there are no leads so far.

@Serpant, the security specialist and founder of Sentinal, the crypto security firm, offered their expert analysis on the hack. This detailed thread exposes the MetaMask iCloud phishing scam and provides advice on protecting yourself. If you are unsure what to do next, it is worth looking at.

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