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Kaien Cruz to Release NFT Music on SoundMint

South African R&B singer Kaien Cruz will be dropping a music NFT collection called “Back In Time” on SoundMint. In partnership with visual artist, Somehoodlum, the drop consists of 1,500 unique audiovisual NFTs in total. As we speak, the public sale is live. Let’s have a look at “Back In Time” before we head to the mint.

Kaien Cruz is dropping an NFT music collection on SoundMint.
Talented musician, Kaien Cruz, is dropping a music NFT collection on SoundMint. Credit: BlackBookMag.

What is Kaien Cruz’s music NFT collection “Back In Time” about?

To begin with, “Back In Time” is a collection of music NFTs curated by Cruz and Somehoodlum through SoundMint. As mentioned, there are 1,500 unique audiovisual NFTs in this collection. Out of these, the team allocated 1,250 NFTs to those on the MintList. While another 250 copies are available via a public sale which is ongoing right now, at 0.1 ETH each.

Identifying as non-binary, Cruz’s music career jump-started in 2017 when their track “Love Me in the Dark” took off. This resulted in Justin Bieber’s tour dates and attracted the attention of major labels. But instead of taking the regular path to success, the 23-year-old artist turned down million-dollar record deals and jumped into the world of Web3.

What are the perks of holding music NFTs from the “Back In Time” collection?

Firstly, NFT holders will get exclusive access to Kaien Cruz’s concerts and early access to music previews from the artist. NFT holders will also be able to access “Somehoodlum Presents” events, and receive similar perks as Somehoodlum NFT owners. These include giveaways, airdrops, and podcasts that are related to the Somehoodlum NFT Franchise.

But there’s more. SoundMint claims that all NFT holders of “Back in Time” will have exclusive access to token-gated merchandise in the future. Each NFT can be CC0 enabled. You can also commercialize your NFTs however you wish.

At last, if you believe in the power of music NFTs and wish to get a copy today, just head over to the mint page on SoundMint.

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