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Laurent Correira, French Reality Star, Tied To Billionnare Dogs Club Rugpull

The renowned French influencer Laurent Correira is allegedly behind the Billionaire Dogs Club $960k NFT rugpull. The reality TV star allegedly received over $400k into his digital wallet. The project’s community remains stranded.

images of French influencer Laurent Correia
The popular French reality TV star Laurent Correira is behind the latest NFT rug pull: the Billionaire Dogs Club. Credits: Instagram

Billionaire Dogs Club: a rugpull by Laurent Correira

Back in December 2021, a new project called Billionaire Dogs Club emerged on the NFT scene. The 6,500 collectibles were sold for 0.2 ETH during the public sale. Surprisingly the project included large cash prizes and luxury car giveaways. However, the promotion did not go as planned. As a result, the team reduced the NFT supply to 2,000 digital assets. The project’s social media accounts vanished by magic within a week.

Now the NFT community has presumably identified the culprit as Laurent Correira.

digital posters of the Billionaire Dogs Club NFT project
Initially, the Billionaire Dogs Club tried to attract collectors by allegedly hosting luxury car giveaways and other prizes. Credits: Twitter

Exposing Laurent Correira’s strategy

Laurent Correira is a French reality TV star, influencer, and NFT collector. Many people follow his social media feed, which reflects a lavish lifestyle.

Yesterday, though, Twitter user @zachxbt showed evidence that ties Laurent Correira to the $960k NFT rugpull.

To begin, the smart contract for the Billionaire Dogs Club has been linked to three wallet addresses. One of these public wallets received over $400k. Surprisingly, that wallet belongs to none other than Laurent Correira.

The visual representation below reveals the rug pull scheme:

Twitter screenshot of the Laurent Correira Billionaire Dogs Club rugpull scheme
Twitter user @zachxbt, renowned for his in-depth NFT projects analysis, exposed Laurent Correira’s Billionaire Dogs Club rugpull strategy. Credits: Twitter

Of course, @zachxbt went on to provide evidence that the digital wallet truly belongs to Correira. Accordingly, the wallet address purchased Mutant Ape Yacht Club, CloneX, and Doodle NFTs shortly after receiving the $400k. This information is public on the OpenSea marketplace.

Laurent Correira then changed his profile picture to show the exact MayC NFT he had purchased from the digital wallet. The impressive analysis by @zachxbt included screenshots proving the influencer’s actions:

Twitter screenshot of a message by @zachxbt about Laurent Correira's rug pull
Accordingly, Laurent Correira used the $400k generated from the rugpull to purchase MAYC, Doodle, and CloneX digital assets. Credits: Twitter

Are NFT rugpulls on the rise?

Recently, we’ve seen plenty of popular NFT projects turning out to be rugpulls. For example, the Blockverse NFT-powered PVP game devs ran away with over 792 ETH. The debut drop was a big success, selling out in 8 minutes.

The Tokyo Ten rugpull impacted more than 3.5k NFT holders. The project initially seemed like the next big thing, generating over 231 ETH on the secondary market alone. These incidents and Laurent Correira’s alleged rugpull are a stark reminder to DYOR. It’s best to be safe as there aren’t any laws regarding NFTs yet.

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